Sonny1 afternoon drive by 7/19/11

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Sonny1 afternoon drive by 7/19/11

Post by Dr. Manhattan on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:05 pm

[sonny1] whats up gang
[yodamom] sonny1 how are you today?
[sonny1] i am good, thanks, you guys?
[sonny1] the un meetings are all b.s on the outside, all the good stuff happens behind closed doors
[sonny1] i will admit, i am baffled at why they havent rv'ed yet
[EagleEye] GA sonny1 hows the computer
[sonny1] EagleEye it keeps shutting off
[sonny1] i am looking for the hcl to become law in the next few days to a week
[sonny1] then everything should fall like dominoes
so that is good
[EagleEye] sonny1 make sure you fan is cooling properly...that can cause shutdown
[EagleEye] sonny1 during ramadan isnt that a first ??
[sonny1] EagleEye i need a new computer, i wholesale them and i have a crappy computer
[sonny1] EagleEye n/s
sonny1] if anyone has any questions, ill be happy to answer them
[oogie] sonny1 have you been hearing about the "pinging" on some forex sites?
[yodamom] sonny1 when you say hcl that is the Erbil agreement correct?
[sonny1] oogie from what i am hearing from bank peeps, pinging is total b.s
[oogie] sonny1 hmnnnnn...ty
[sonny1] yodamom hcl is disbution of oil wealth, it is different
[oogie] It still makes ya wonder when some of the sites are doing some crazy things though
[EagleEye] sonny1 what was your take on today's UN meeting ?
[yodamom] sonny1 thanks for the clarification
[sonny1] soryy for spelling, my computer is burned up
[sonny1] EagleEye didnt have time to look it over yet.
[sonny1] the hcl getting signed, is the biggest thing to happen to iraq since we got saddam
[oogie] sonny1 do you think that doing the census (again) will have any impact on the waiting for RV?
[sonny1] it means they all get along, and are all on the same page
[sonny1] oogie no i dont, the rv in there mind is done, the plan is in place, and the monetary change should come soon
[oogie] sonny1 ty I like that answer!
[DesertEagle] sonny1 do you think the us has anything to do with a "hold up" of an rv?
[DesertEagle] sonny1 or do you think it is all in iraqs hands?
[sonny1] DesertEagle i dont know why, were broke, you would think the us would speed it up
High Nassif: The UN and the U.S. remove Iraq from Chapter VII resolution 833
2011-07-19 11:40:37 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[bubbie] sonny1
[sonny1] read bubbie's post...........................................
[yodamom] sonny1 do you think they'll find the switch now?
[bubbie] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ••• %3D41027
[Blyane] sonny1 - your take on today's events?
[sonny1] yodamom i think after hcl, this whole investment is situational, and the hcl is very big. imo
[yodamom] sonny1 ty
[bigboy] I dont remember who said earlier that they missed not seeing any rumors well all they need to do is go to forums now and they are everywhere
[sonny1] Blyane if chap 7 has been fully lifted, it would be huge, bubbies post says it has been lifted, i would like to see it somewere else, the financial restrictions were allready lifted, but full freedom for iraq would be great
[oogie] not sure if that article is actually stating that they have removed ch 7 ....sounds like they are saying US & UN will be the positive influence to getting it done
[tgar] Hi sonny1 long time on see.
[sonny1] tgar hey there
[EagleEye] sonny1 it seemed the Iraqi rep was asking for the lifting in today's UN meeting IMO
[Blyane] sonny1 - I agree with oogie. and EagleEye
[sonny1] i think they need some more work to get fully out
[Blyane] It seemed that they were seeking approval for sure during the conferance
[EagleEye] Blyane I thought so to
[Blyane] It was like they have to update the UN on everything that was accomplished and all that they had done for the year
[Blyane] Just trying to sell them on the fact that they were ready
[chopper2245] hey does anyone know what they said at the meeting? i fell asleep man i hate that
[sonny1] imo, i believe the rv is completely done, but there is some trigger that we dont know that has to be pulled
[Blyane] sonny1 - UN approval IMO
[sonny1] chopper2245 its like watching paint dry
[chopper2245] sonny1 i know man put me to sleep.thanks and i look forward to your opion
[bubbie] chapter 7 has no bearing on the rv imo !.. the only thing left is the beef between iraq and kuwait, there are countries that are getting there foot in the door for investment purpose they don't care about there beef!
[sonny1] Blyane i dont know, financial restrictions were lifted, i think its more shabbs waiting for something.....hcl, is what im thinking
[RDP_62] sonny1 isnt inflation on the rise in iraq,dont you think that is driving shabbs bonkers having to wait?
[EagleEye] bubbie isnt that why the rep spent so much timing saying HOW they were dealing with the Kuwait issues ??
[sonny1] RDP_62 shabbs has bi-polar inflation syndrome, i would think its killing him
[chopper2245] sonny1
[EagleEye] sonny1 BPIS !! Hilarious
[Blyane] sonny1 - so the rumors to the HCL being completed isn't true then!
[bubbie] EagleEye imo kuwait want's a bigger piece of the pie they want money!!
[bubbie] more money!
[sonny1] kuwait needs to move on, saddam has been dead 5 years, and iraq pays them 500 mil every few months, and kuwait was angle drilling and stealing saddam's oil, seems unfair to me
[Blyane] bubbie - Don't they deserve it?
[EagleEye] bubbie yes I think so too
[bubbie] more money!
[gakman] sonny1 Good to see you
[sonny1] gakman hey there
[gakman] sonny1 I like your directness!
[sonny1] Blyane the guidelines are approved by all parties, but it hasnt been signed-put into law yet
[Blyane] sonny1 - gotcha
[bubbie] Blyane maybe not in iraq's eyes maybe they feel there getting enough what is it 5% on the oil
[RDP_62] sonny1 at what point does one consider inflation to be hyper? and if it reaches hyper inflation,could we see a l o p ?
[sonny1] i voted for obama (i know bad move) if we had a strong (obama is weak sauce) president, we wouldnt be on our computers right now, if you all know what i mean
[EagleEye] sonny1 isnt that what they have been expecting from parliament these last few days
[sonny1] RDP_62 they will make trillions off of this rv, dont let the loppsters fool you
[sonny1] EagleEye i thought so
[sonny1] gakman my guess is anywere under 1.00
[RDP_62] sonny1 thanks
[sonny1] Blyane i dont think so too, but a good pres would of forced the issue
[gakman] sonny1 Thxs- I "guessed" you do not like Kool AID!
[armcandy] sonny1-what did Kuwait rv at?
[Blyane] sonny1 - I think so - especially if he had something to gain from this influx of money that would occur
[sonny1] armcandy at first .10 then it went to over 2.00
[Blyane] sonny1 - I think so - especially if he had something to gain from this influx of money that would occur
[armcandy] thank you
[whitelions] we have more to gain i n the rv thean we do to lose
[gakman] sonny1 Do you remember the time period it took- .10 to 2.00?
[sonny1] the us has bad leadership right now, reagan would of gotten this done
[whitelions] USA has GREAT Leadership
[sassyk] sonny1 Amen --to that ----
[sonny1] gakman i dont, and my numbers could be a little flawed,
[Blyane] sonny1 - if your assuming that the RV hold up is by the US
[sonny1] Blyane no, im just saying there may not be the pressure from our side that could have allready forced the rv
[DaterDood] sonny1 did you make money off the kuwaiti dinar?
[sonny1] DaterDood no, i was a young punk back when that hit
[bubbie] sonny1 do you think they would do this.... they call in the large notes on a given time limit at the current rate... and say the large notes will be null and void after the time limit is up .. then they rv!
[sonny1] bubbie a lopp, not a chance, how does iraq profit off of that
[DaterDood] they wouldn't profit but they wouldn't have trillions to pay out
[bubbie] sonny1 ty!
[sonny1] iraq has more in-house dinar than whats in circ, the loppsters seem to forget that when it rv's iraqs in-house money rv's as well, which in turn turns into a profit, its actualy easy to understand
[Blyane] now I do agree with Sonny1 - that if the US would force this issue then it would move along alot faster

[sonny1] whitelions im saying he is doing an awful job of being president, i voted for him, that was the dumbest decision i ever made. un-emp is up, he drove debt up 4 trillion in 3 years, the stimulus was a joke, and every major city in america is broke, i think that sums up an awful president-bad leadership
[Blyane] so it's hot outside here!!!
[whitelions] but what did he have to work with nothing
[sonny1] whitelions no dispespect
[whitelions] you have your opion and I have mine thats what makes this country great
[sonny1] whitelions amen to that...
[Blyane] sonny1 - okay you so believe that the HCL is the issue?
[whitelions] you and I will never agree
[beancounter8] probaly not the best place to get into politics
[Blyane] that it needs to be signed off
[Blyane] any chance of seeing this happen soon?
[whitelions] I think the banking is the last rung in the latter and in about a week we will see
[sonny1] Blyane i think it will be huge for iraqs financial future, my 3 week prediction a while back was said, because i was told that the hcl was to be done by then
[Blyane] sonny1 - I understand why you predicted that
[Blyane] was there an original due date for the HCL to get accomplished?
[sonny1] my prediction had nothing to do with the dfi, i was told that the hcl was to be signed by then, so i am now being told that the hcl is the trigger, we shall see
[sonny1] ive been wrong before
[sonny1] lol
[Blyane] sonny1 - It's all good
[Blyane] with this investment - who knows?
[RDP_62] sonny1 wife says im wrong all the time
[sonny1] its my understanding that the hcl has been agreed to, but agreed to and signed into law is totaly different when it comes to iraq
[Blyane] makes sense
[gakman] sonny1 You made the call. That's what counts!!
[sonny1] they have had a gentlemens agrreement on the oil funds for over 1 year, but they werent getting those funds anyway (dfi) but now there is a huge sense of urgency to get this done, so they can stake claim to there money
[chopper2245] sonny1 imo i think your opion and intell are man im wrong when i wake up in the mornin
[gakman] sonny1 Does seeting of all ministers really matter- Seems like no.
[gakman] seating^
[bubbie] sonny1 what are the chance's this goes into next year!
[whitelions] there seated
[sonny1] i have heard, and i could be wrong (hoping to stave off the vulchars if i am) that the hcl should be done in a few days to a week, and that means signed, put into law, and being acted upon
[fastarnie] sonny1 do they have a new census done for the hcl to even come into play, or are they still working off old numbers?
[sonny1] gakman i would say no, not now atleast
[gakman] sonny1 TY
[sonny1] fastarnie not sure
[fastarnie] sonny1 ty
[sonny1] fastarnie though i dont think anyone moved there, so the numbers should be close to the same.
[fastarnie] sonny1 hahaha
[fastarnie] good belly laugh
[Blyane] if you look at the history of the law - it looks like the US has pressured them to get this new law passed and put into play. Am I correct?
[sonny1] bubbie i dont think it will go into next year, sorry trying to keep up
[EagleEye] just curious does anyone know what year Kuwait rv'd ?
[sonny1] EagleEye i think it was 1991
[beancounter8] it was an RI not an RV
[EagleEye] sonny1 ty
[EagleEye] beancounter8 ty
[sonny1] Blyane hcl?
[Blyane] sonny1 - yeah
[jeepguy] hello folks was told of the conversation ,,,
[EagleEye] without saying TOO much I think a few of my neighbors got in on Kuwait
[bubbie] sonny1 ty!
[jeepguy] sonny1 nice too have finally meet ya
[sonny1] dont know, i did see they were trying to have the parties involved get along to get a deal done, but i dont know how much pressure was put on them from outside
[sonny1] jeepguy hey, nice to meet you too.
[sonny1] EagleEye sweet
[EagleEye] sonny1
[jeepguy] how vast , is the coinage that is being distributed,,,?
[viking2184] hello room
[sonny1] jeepguy hey, nice to meet you too.
[sonny1] EagleEye sweet
[EagleEye] sonny1
[jeepguy] how vast , is the coinage that is being distributed,,,?
[viking2184] hello room
[jeepguy] 5`s and 10`s maybe?
[average joe] howdy yall
[fastarnie] sonny1 iread a artcle yesterday that said they are pressured by the US for the political
[sonny1] jeepguy alright... currency..... i do believe, and have been told that the new currency is there, but it is a total lie that it has been released
[fastarnie] can't spell today
[sonny1] fastarnie political?
[fastarnie] sonny1 GOI
[average joe] sonny1 heard alot about you sir
[fastarnie] trying to talk like they do
[sonny1] well all countries involved want iraq to have a decent security min. i thought obiedo was the guy they should choose, but today i see there is another guy they like now
[sonny1] average joe its not true
[average joe] sonny1 not so all good sir
[sonny1] average joe not so all good, im not that bad
[sonny1] lol
[viking2184] sonny1 hi are you staying cool
[fastarnie] sonny1 when chap. 7 is lifted will the imf put them into art.8 automaticlly,so thely can go international
[average joe] my self some true some dang skippy
[sonny1] viking2184, i like it this hot.
[viking2184] sonny1 u are nuts
[rv for now] sonny1 were you ;
[rv for now] live
[RVIP] Good to see you sonny1. Thanks for swinging bye, I apreciate your input tremendously (one of the few)
[bubbie] sonny1 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ••• d%3D9721
[EagleEye] bubbie another good find wow !!
[sonny1] fastarnie from what i have read the financial restrictions have been lifted
[bubbie] EagleEye
[sonny1] RVIP thanks
[roxyredhead] Sonny1, big THANKS.... To you Dear sir..!!!!
[fastarnie] sonny1 tyuvm
[RVIP] yw
[chopper2245] sonny1 that sounds great
[sonny1] roxyredhead hey there
[sonny1] im trying to cut and paste an article about chap 7 financial restrictions, but it wount let me with my new java, if you go to my profile and go to posts, go to second page, and under chap 7 lifted, it states that all financial restrictions have been lifted
[RVIP] salute
[fastarnie] sonny1 ok ty
[jeepguy] sonny1 thanks you buddy
[EagleEye] sonny1 that is major imo
[sonny1] hey guys gotta bail, be safe, and just remember...why would iraq l o p when they will make trillions.
[Lacey] sonny1 TY
[rvwisher] sonny1 -Been here a long time - your input has always keeped me grounded with this investment -Thank you for all your time and info
[jeepguy] sonny1 thanks buddy have a safe one
[chopper2245] thanks sonny1
[viking2184] sonny1 later thanks
[turner561] sonny1 thanks for all the info

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