Sonny1 drive by: DV 7/18/11 1:50PM

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Sonny1 drive by: DV 7/18/11 1:50PM

Post by JonlyBonly on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:06 pm

kcw (Sonny1 drive by): DV 7/18/11 1:50PM

[sonny1] dont let slade or dinarks or jmw get you guys down, they are in cohoots
to burn everyone up on this site
[bjdksl] sonny1 sonny1 ,Y???
little guy] talk to us S1
[JBrookes] sonny1 Is there any exciting news for
[sonny1] i will be having a chat this week to explain what is going on,
probably wed-thursday.
[sonny1] i think everything is going smoothly, i like
we are right now, a bunny-ear isnt an option, so they should rv soon

[EagleEye] sonny1 FANTASTIC !!!! Now THAT”S what I’m talking about !!

[sonny1] the thing all the lopsters forget is that iraq will profit
trillions from this
[sonny1] allllllllllllllll financial restrictions have
been lifted from the unsc, all that is left are wmd sanctions
[sonny1] and
they wont get out of wmd sanctions for a while
[sonny1] weapons of mass
[handy] sonny1 , i agree with you but do understand why iraq
keeps comparing their plans to what turkey and brazil did with their currency?

[sonny1] handy they said they can learn alot from them, turkey was a joke
almost set them back 40 years, imf had to come in and fix turkey
the little guy dont know
[sonny1] bbl

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Re: Sonny1 drive by: DV 7/18/11 1:50PM

Post by Larrythebasige on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:15 am

it all depends on whut "soon" is,....

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