Adams Drive By Chat This AfterNoon: DV 9/23/11

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Adams Drive By Chat This AfterNoon: DV 9/23/11  Empty Adams Drive By Chat This AfterNoon: DV 9/23/11

Post by Bandit1 on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:22 pm

[Adam Montana] here’s the one thing I know
[ngodstust2] let Adam talk
[VIZIOIRAQI] sit on fingers please
[Adam Montana] and I’ll be keeping you updated as more CONCRETE evidence appears
[Adam Montana] but you all heard Talibani is insinuating that they are out of Chapter 7
[Adam Montana] at least I hope you did. I hope you’re not all in here just sharing cookie recipes
[Adam Montana] it’s a Dinar chat room, you know
[Adam Montana] anyway
[Adam Montana] what I know is that things are looking HOT right now, I have been waiting for the Chapter 7 announcement
[Adam Montana] unfortunately it has to come from the UN
[Adam Montana] not sure if Talibani is blowing smoke or jumping the gun
[Adam Montana] but I’m inclined to believe he is jumping the gun
[Adam Montana] and talking about stuff he should really be holding off on
[Adam Montana] either way
[Adam Montana] this is a good thing
[Adam Montana] and I’ll let you know more as I find out
[Adam Montana] but I’m not going to spread rumors
[Adam Montana] or unsubstantiated fluff
[Adam Montana] I’ll only be in here when I have CONCRETE news to share
[Adam Montana] and so far, all we have is Talibani’s word
[Adam Montana] which is better than nothing
[Adam Montana] but it’s not enough to cash in on
[Adam Montana] keep the faith, friends!
[Adam Montana] that all I had to say at the moment, more to come later. SOON, hopefully!
[Adam Montana]
[VIZIOIRAQI] Iraq has gained its sovereignty on its finances!!! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT TALABANI JUST SAID at the UN Meeting
[Adam Montana] VIZIOIRAQI we need to hear it from the UN
[romello901] what does that mean?
[Adam Montana] I know what he said
[Monielynn] As Always Thanks & Have A Great Day Adam Montana
[Adam Montana] romello901 that means we’re super close, that’s what it means!
[romello901] kool
[romello901] thanks
[ngodstust2] Adam Montana any news on the VND??
[rockhound60] Adam Montana thank you adam
[Adam Montana] I’m going to do some digging, will be back as soon as I have something CONCRETE
[VIZIOIRAQI] I knew you knew that was for everyone else ty Adam
[Adam Montana] I won’t pop in for every rumor and leaf falling out of a tree, I don’t like to get people wound up over nothing
[Adam Montana] VIZIOIRAQI ty
[Adam Montana] ok all have a great day, I’ll be back!
[VIZIOIRAQI] Thanks Adam have a great day

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