Chat from sonny1 9-13-11: DV 9/13/11

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Chat from sonny1 9-13-11: DV 9/13/11

Post by ToddS on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:02 pm

Chat from sonny1 9-13-11: DV 9/13/11

9:05 AM [kcw] bigboy
9:06 AM [sonny1] good morning
9:06 AM [kcw] sonny1 good morning
9:06 AM [bigboy] sonny1 gm
9:06 AM [EagleEye] sonny1 GM what’s the good news today ?
9:07 AM [sonny1] i just read that they want to delay the 3 zero project
9:07 AM [bigboy] sonny1 did not want to hear that. Try something else
9:07 AM [sonny1] imo, shabbs wants to l o p, but maliki doesnt want this to happen
9:08 AM [sonny1] if they were going to rv then imo everyone would be on board
9:09 AM [sonny1] i dont know how much say the goi has in this situation, but i hope they do the right thing
9:10 AM [sonny1] if they release the notes in early 2012 like the articles state, you would think they would have to have a rate different than 1170
9:11 AM [sonny1] the good news is the fact cbi has been buying dinar back for 18 months now, and have sucked trillions back in to the cbi
9:12 AM [sonny1] imo, a l o p now kills iraq internationaly
9:12 AM [Linda Bower] sonny1 I agree
9:13 AM [behaviorkat] agreed
9:13 AM [Linda Bower] sonny1 Did you see bondlady’s article about ch 7?
9:13 AM [sonny1] a l o p 2-3 years ago might of made sense, but now it would be bad
9:14 AM [leggman24] there have been so many conflicting articles out that i wouldnt be suprised if they turn around and get this done within the next week.
9:14 AM [behaviorkat] bingo
9:14 AM [sonny1] Linda Bower no, but chapter7 doesnt matter, they were released from financial sanctions when there dfi was returned to them. hcl is alot more important to us than 7
9:14 AM [jon29] what was that rumor about Kuwait Rv’ing yesterday.
9:15 AM [jon29] and here I thought it would bode well for the iraqi dinar.
9:15 AM [Flash101] jon29 its not on 4x
9:15 AM [jon29] good morning all.
9:15 AM [sonny1] jon29 it went down .3 yesterday, that was that idiot okie claiming that
9:15 AM [VIZIOIRAQI] jon29 that ones easy look at the rate of kuwait 3.62
9:15 AM [jon29] sonny
9:15 AM [Linda Bower] the article said that in turn for Kuwait getting to complete the port of murburik, Iraq would be released from ch 7
9:16 AM [VIZIOIRAQI] Linda Bower bargain chips I love it
9:16 AM [jon29] looks like I came in at a good time in here.
9:16 AM [jon29] just got off work.
9:16 AM [sonny1] Linda Bower iraq wont budge, they will demand more for that port, the hatred between those two is high
9:17 AM [Linda Bower] it sounded like the agreement was already struck
9:17 AM [sonny1] this whole thing is very confusing, iraq will never tell us what they will really do before it happens
9:17 AM [sonny1] Linda Bower that would be great for iraq
9:17 AM [Linda Bower] yesssss
9:18 AM [jon29] they’re holding us hostage with hopes of this rv.
9:18 AM [Linda Bower] now they can defend themselves
9:18 AM [EagleEye] Linda Bower is there a link for the ch 7 article
9:18 AM [sonny1] 3 years ago the imf told all countries to not talk openly about re-devaluing there currency, so iraq hant revealed there true intentions yet.
9:19 AM [Linda Bower] its in the what’s new area
9:19 AM [kcw] EagleEye
9:19 AM [EagleEye] kcw Linda Bower ty
9:19 AM [sonny1] hasnt

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Re: Chat from sonny1 9-13-11: DV 9/13/11

Post by Larrythebasige on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:34 pm

why is this clown treated like deity in that room? as far as I seen, the silly bastige has been wrong left and right about almost everything he predicts and the lemmings still adore him,... must be the name or somethin,. I got no use for him cept as a boat anchor.

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