Sonny1 drive by chat on rd/lop DV 8/29/11

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Sonny1 drive by chat on rd/lop DV 8/29/11

Post by Rooster on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:14 pm

Sonny1 drive by chat on rd/lop DV 8/29/11

[sonny1] ghost town?
[catwood55] yo sonny1
[kcw] sonny1 yep
[kcw] sonny1 very quiet today
[sonny1] so whats up with you all?
[kcw] sonny1 it is interesting that there has been a lot of talk in the news about their currency and monitary policy
[sonny1] i was reassured again by my guy at the kheleez times that there will be no bunny-ear-rd
[sonny1] kcw yes, everyday, atleast it gives us something
[gakman] sonny1 Good nes on the bunny ear! Thxs
[gakman] news^
[sonny1] this whole thing, and all the dinar sites are turning into a sad joke.
[gakman] sonny1 All the BS right?
[sonny1] these lopster are kinda ruining the whole experience
[sonny1] it was fun, til you get these guys who over sell there point[gakman] sonny1 Do you have an opinion on the Malike Allawi stuation, will these 2 ever agree to form a full Govt.?
[kcw] sonny1 yep and I just think NO one knows it’s all speculation but the lopsters and rd’ers talk as IF they KNOW
[sonny1] its like, i know you think its going to l o p, so go away now, i dont need an hour read on your l o p points, its sooo sad
[kcw] sonny1 or the same post on every news article
[sonny1] gakman they will never agree, one of them has to go away
[gakman] sonny1 Yep
[gakman] Sept through December should be interesting!
[sonny1] kcw i know, its like…. ok gtjunkie125467 i know what you think, sell your dinar and buy a dog
[kcw] sonny1 yep
[sonny1] if i see another 6 hour read by dinark on why were all idiots, i might jump of the golden gate bridge…
[sonny1] thats why i dont come on any more, i have found 3-4 article stating they were rv’ing not rd’ing
[sonny1] gakman i think right after ramadan, we should see some movement, only if the hcl news comes true. imo
[gakman] sonny1 I just wonder if these different factions cannot agree on a Security Minister, how are they going to agree on the allocation of future oil profits? Some outside influence will have to “urge” them!!
[sonny1] gakman if the hcl news is true, like in the passing of it article, i would have to believe that someone stepped in and helped them on it
[sonny1] desimo hey
[gakman] sonny1 Oh by the way, thanks for stoppng by. Always a pleasure to read your posts, insights and opinions!!
[desimo] morning sonny1…always nice seeing you around
[sonny1] gakman thank you, i dont post anymore, it used to be fun, but it aint that fun anymore, to many people thinking there right
[VIZIOIRAQI] He added that the “delay the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency is very wrong and should speed up the process to delete the zeros for the advancement of the economic reality of Iraq Read more: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ••• WQSHmsW4
[sonny1] nice article, when they say delay, that means full speed ahead
[Dinarkicker] tap tap tap ok RD people here you go someone to talk RD vs RI/RV
[RDP_62] Dinarkicker
[sonny1] desimo my hearts not into it anymore, i do think 100% it will happen, i just cant do this computer thing anymore a on a daily basis[desimo] understand
[sonny1] who wants to talk rd?
[Pat H] sonny1 Still, it is a treat when you drop in. Just ignore the idiots.
[sonny1] Pat H its not the idiots. lol. because anyone who comes on here to argue that it wont happen (though there on here) shows me that they need a dog-girlfriend-pack of life savers-a friend, they dont bother me so much, as the sure bordem of this whole thing.
[sonny1] later all.

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