Franks call highlights posted OOM 09/15/2011

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Franks call highlights posted OOM 09/15/2011

Post by Rooster on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:07 am

Franks call highlights posted OOM 09/15/2011

On call tonight 9-15-11 :
The word latraga is a magic word!! In Arabic- It means there is no way back. No stopping it. No more delays. Dr. Shabibi gave the word. He did it. He notified all the world powers it is moving forward. There is no stopping it. It is done. Everything is submitted to IMF, all the Central Banks and authors of the Marshall.plan.

Delta says: Shabibi met with parliament 30 days ago without Maliki to show them the draft to RV . He needed a thumbs up- He got it. After 30 days then, Shabibi could RV. that was Aug. 15th. Maliki is mad. The CBI can legally by yesterday Sept. 15th-by law in the Constitition. CBI law. page 10 article 4. activate the RV. he is doing everything aaccording to law. noone can stop him. M tries to stop him-he could be arrested.
Maliki pulled his last fast one, his last delay. Hes about to be fired, washed up, gone. OUT OF POWER. Shabibi is stepping over Maliki.
Shabibi is fed up with him-M is doomed. M does not have the power. Shabibi does.

The lower denominations have all arrived at Warka banks. Employees are trained. The CBI doesn't care about secrecy anymore.
Delta says we can see it on any day-even holy days or Fridays or Saturdays. They can't wait anymore. Inflation is getting to high.
Inflation is our friend right now. Its a fact that why would the lower denoms be out in the banks and tellers trained, and law followed with parliament if he wasn't going to RV now.!!

In Dubai, a main transport hub of dinar out of the middle east, From Federal Express;: All who are dealing with Iraq currency-Beware because Dubai customs is confiscating Iraqi Dinar. This may dry up all supplies worldwide. Dinar may get very scarce. Deltas opinion is in Dubai, you could always exchange Iraqi Dinar everywhere. Why would they stop suddenly, unless they knew it was about to go up in value? Why confiscate them unless they do not want them to leave the Middle East right now.

Jerry comes on: The Central Banks in Europe fits that 30 day window that are helping out many countries in the EU. now. Jerry thinks it should be done tonight. he thinks it should RV a couple weeks before the last quarter in Iraq starts and the US fiscal year starts on Oct. 1st.

I had to go and missed the rest of the call. sorry about that:
The Central Bank of Iraq
latraga on deleting zeros

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