countryroads (Humtington Bank): DV 9/6/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

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countryroads (Humtington Bank): DV 9/6/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:38 am

countryroads (Humtington Bank): DV 9/6/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

While at my local Huntington bank today I asked the teller about cashing in forign currency. A few months my wife asked another teller about cashing in and she said yes they would cash in all foriegn currency. Now back to today. When I asked about cashing in foriegn currency (I didn’t mention any country) she said they would cash them in. I asked if their were any limits as to how much we could cash in at one time. She stopped for a minute and then asked if we were going to cash in Iraqi Dinars. We said yes. She then told us that they had a notice from the Columbus office instructing them not to sell or buy any dinars. I suppose they were getting bombarded with people comming in all the time and waisting their time asking questions they had no answer for. Please people, give these teller a brake and stop asking them about the Dinars Now i have to open an account at another bank and hope that they don’t get “Flash Mobed” GO RV

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