Adam Montana Chat 8-3-2011

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Adam Montana Chat 8-3-2011

Post by ToddS on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:18 pm

7:14 PM [Adam Montana] ok, I had some crazy stuff fall in my lap today
7:14 PM [Adam Montana] and no
7:14 PM [Adam Montana] I was not raided by any three letter agencies
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] so I'm going to get a couple of things out of the way
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] and then we'll talk about what is important - DINAR
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] speaking of "talking about what is important"
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] I believe STRONGLY in free speech
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] and you can verify that by going into the forums
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] and looking at the feedback from the members
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] some don't like me
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] and say so!
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] and they can still stay here
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] some talk about things we don't like - like an RD
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] or a L0P
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] but they are allowed to stay
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] other sites ban for that
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] not here
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] keep it respectful and you can say your opinion!
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] if you like that, consider supporting the site by getting VIP
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] Here's a discount, in fact!
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Discount Code: newsletter20
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] that's a 20% discount
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] you are welcome - you will appreciate it at RV time!
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] now back to freedom of speech
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] I was contacted by a couple attorneys
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] they want me to remove a few threads on here
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] one claimed I was participating in libel
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] the other claimed something else
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] I reviewed the content
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] and despite being threatened with a lawsuit
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] I am choosing to leave the content up
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] I am leaving YOUR posts up
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] I am defending YOUR right to share legitimate information
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] you won't find any other sites willing to risk their butts for you
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] but I believe it is the right thing to do
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] so I'm doing it
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] I mentioned that dinner ran late... truth is, i didn't get a chance to look at any questions before I came in
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] I knwo a few hot topics right now are the Erbil agreement
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] which is NOT concluded
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] don't listen to the clowns that say otherwise
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] it is making progress
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] another thing
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] you all know my thoughts on Ramadan
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] I've been studying Iraq for almost 8 years
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] none of that happened during Ramadan
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] I hope they surprise me and lift HCL or CH7 during Ramadan!
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] but I just dont think so
7:21 PM [Adam Montana] Like I said, I hope I'm wrong
7:21 PM [Adam Montana] it would be a great way to slip an RV out - do it when nobody expects!
7:21 PM [Adam Montana] but we will see
7:21 PM [Adam Montana] now I'll open the floor for questions, please understand I will NOT be able to catch them all - I usually miss 12 when I'm answering 1!
7:21 PM [Adam Montana] but I'll do my best
Topic: open floor
7:22 PM [fastarnie] Adam Montana Thanks for protecting the freedom of speech!!!!
7:22 PM [Adam Montana] fastarnie my pleasure
7:22 PM [Matt] Hi
7:22 PM [New Beginnings] Has O signed EO to revalue
7:22 PM [Matt]
7:22 PM [RodandStaff] Have they seated the security ministers yet?
7:22 PM [bigdogg] What was suppose to happen in the 10 days?
7:22 PM [Adam Montana] screw em - I came into this world with my honor, and I'll leave with it as well
7:22 PM [Adam Montana] bigdogg lots did happen, but not the HCL
7:22 PM [Adam Montana] RodandStaff we're missing ONE
7:22 PM [Matt] Adam Montana - I usualls say "I was born in this world with nothing, and still have most of it"
7:22 PM [Matt] usually*
7:22 PM [Adam Montana] Matt very true!!!!!
7:23 PM [Adam Montana]
7:23 PM [RodandStaff] TY
7:23 PM [Adam Montana] RodandStaff yw
7:23 PM [Terry Ritz] Adam why all the differnt talk of the RVrate?
7:23 PM [Spiff] What about the articles releasing coins?
7:23 PM [Adam Montana] There's about 800 people in here and so much respect
7:23 PM [Adam Montana] thank you all
7:23 PM [dinarsoulmate] Adam, take care of yourself. I get concerned about YOU!
7:23 PM [rico] Would any recent surge in violence there put off an RV?
7:23 PM [Adam Montana] Terry Ritz nobody knows the rate, it's all speculation
7:23 PM [truckdriver] Adam Montana whats lift to do
7:23 PM [Adam Montana] Spiff they HAVE to release coins when the rates go up!
7:23 PM [goldengoose] TY for taking time.....Does your CBI contact have any additonal news?
7:23 PM [Sekhmet] I think I can say we ALL have the greatest respect for you and all that you and your family do for us
7:23 PM [Spiff] TY
7:24 PM [Adam Montana] Sekhmet TY for the nice comment
7:24 PM [Elexander] ty ADAM
7:24 PM [average joe] thanks for all you do
7:24 PM [Adam Montana] average joe my pleasure
7:24 PM [Matt] Adam Montana I was in Franklin, WI last night.... Nice storm!
7:24 PM [socko] Do you think the coins and lower notes will be out soon
7:24 PM [joedee2004] adam i like you keep up the good work....Smile
7:24 PM [gakman] Adam Montana Any opinion on the recent news article that RV process seems to be in process? Is CBI pusging the GOI?
7:25 PM [bevy29] Do you think US is holding things up?
7:25 PM [gakman] pushing^
7:25 PM [doublek52] How soon after Ramadan do you think we might see some positive movement?
7:25 PM [HappyVegas] Adam Montana Have you had time to look through the thread containing emails and an attachment from the US Treasury?
7:25 PM [Adam Montana] gakman I don't think CBI will push - I think they are happy controlling the rate. They have a STELLAR record for controlling
7:25 PM [Adam Montana] the rate, auctions, etc
7:25 PM [uncs] Adam any truth to the freedom for information act that was posted that said the US has 20 trillion dinar
7:25 PM [Adam Montana] and I think the CBI is more likely to keep the status quo
7:25 PM [gakman] Adam Montana TY
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] but they can't do it forever
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] something has to change, and they want things to change, they just move SLOW
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] uncs I didn't see the article, sorry
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] hey all!
7:26 PM [Texasknightwind] Adam...seems like alot of contries are getting in line to do business there,,,won't this cause the RV to happen sooner rather than later?
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] that discount ends soon - here's the info:
7:26 PM [uncs] I think it was here say anyway
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Discount Code: newsletter20
7:26 PM [ezymoney] just got in the room...mood kinda somber...did I miss something important
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] Texasknightwind in my opinion YES!!!
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] ezymoney everyone cashed in and spent it all
7:27 PM [myst]
7:27 PM [Spiff]
7:27 PM [ezymoney] figures ha ha
7:27 PM [linda56]
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] couple more then I'll go answer questions on the forum
7:27 PM [HappyVegas] Adam Montana Any comment on the thread containing emails and attachments from the Treasury?
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] already pushing a half hour here!
7:27 PM [doublek52] Adam do you feel there will be some positive movement after Ramadan?
7:27 PM [paydirt] Will we be able to get a lifetime after the rv if we are VP's befor...
7:27 PM [viking2184] Adam Montana thanks!!
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] HappyVegas I missed that one too, sorry! If it's not in the VIP section I dont always see it
7:27 PM [HappyVegas] Adam Montana It seems to lean towards an RD.
7:28 PM [bodeen] Adam Montana I had a over/under of 3 getting the boot during chat tonight and the only one has been me... Thanks Bump
7:28 PM [Matt] Adam Montana My, how time flies when your having fun
7:28 PM [shunshine] do you think China will rv before Iraq
7:28 PM [Matt]
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] viking2184 as long as you are VIP BEFORE the RV yes
7:28 PM [goldengoose] Adam, TY for you time.....Does your CBI contact have any additional positive info????
7:28 PM [Bedroom Allstar] 18 mins
7:28 PM [HappyVegas] Adam Montana TY, please check it out. Very legit
7:28 PM [is it Monday yet] Adam Montana i COULDN'T find where to put the code in si I didn't get the discount.
7:28 PM [uncs] Adam, Many "mods" have left your site to try their own start up and they keep failing! thanks for providing us a great place to gather and have good discussions. You always have a good team.
7:28 PM [socko] Adam Montana do you think the coins and lower bills will be out son
7:28 PM [JWJW11] Adam how is Iraq performing naval operations while under chap 7?
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] shunshine no. China keeps their rate low on purpose, they have more to gain that way. Iraq is the opposite
7:28 PM [HappyVegas] is it Monday yet That happened to me. Just send an email and they will credit
7:28 PM [Bumper64] uncs uncs ty
7:29 PM [Nadita] Adam Montana agree with you...
7:29 PM [is it Monday yet] HappyVegas Thank You :0
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] JWJW11 are they using WMDs or carrying them? They are not. They are also not employing anything with the capability to do massive damage
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] which means they are also not capable of defending against massive attacks
7:29 PM [uncs] Bumper64 I am being sincere Have fun tonight I am out. Make it happen team
7:29 PM [Munsch] is it Monday yet send Adam an email to VIP@dinarvets explainig what happened to see if he can do anything
7:29 PM [JWJW11] Adam TY
7:29 PM [linda56] is it Monday yet , hello...i was thinkin who is YET
7:30 PM [Bumper64] uncs ty and gn
7:30 PM [Matt] The only WMD Iraq still has is they haven't RV'ed yet and it is doing MASSIVE damage to my bank account
7:30 PM [preacherman] Did O sign the agreement like it was reported?
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] ok I'm heading to the forums to answer some Qs. Thanks for being here, thanks for keeping it real, and have a good night all!
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] - Adam

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