Adam Montana Chat 7-27-2011

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Adam Montana Chat 7-27-2011

Post by Rooster on Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:16 pm

Adam Montana Chat 7-27-2011

5:53 PM [Adam Montana] ok I know this is early
5:53 PM [Adam Montana] one of the downfalls of my "job" here is I have to be up at all kinds of crazy hours
5:53 PM [Adam Montana] no, not reading rumors
5:54 PM [Adam Montana] I actually have conference calls with people all over the world, Iraq included
5:54 PM [Adam Montana] and you all know
5:54 PM [Adam Montana] Iraq is on a different schedule than we are here in the Good Ol USA
5:54 PM [Adam Montana] so even though I *think* I'm kind of important...
5:55 PM [Adam Montana] I still have to arrange my schedule around other people
5:55 PM [Adam Montana] good news is the call was so good I couldn't get back to sleep
5:56 PM [Adam Montana] I was up at 2AM to attend this call, and there were some important people on it
5:56 PM [Adam Montana] not naming names
5:56 PM [Adam Montana] I already stuck my foot in my mouth enough this week
5:56 PM [Adam Montana] I was hoping for some amazing news
5:56 PM [Adam Montana] and we *kind of* got it
5:57 PM [Adam Montana] there has been a RUSH of news related to the HCL
5:57 PM [Adam Montana] but it has not been resolved - and if it's not done by tomorrow,
5:57 PM [Adam Montana] In My Opinion
5:57 PM [Adam Montana] IMO
5:57 PM [Adam Montana] it won't happen until after Ramadan
5:58 PM [Adam Montana] it COULD happen tomorrow! But even if it does
5:58 PM [Adam Montana] that doesn't leave enough time for an RV before the 1st, so again IMO
5:58 PM [Adam Montana] IMO it won't happen until after Ramadan. That means Sept 1 at the EARLIEST
5:59 PM [Adam Montana] I know that's not good news for most, but I'm not here to pump, inflate, give false hope, or anything else
5:59 PM [Adam Montana] This is a long term investment and I hope you are all here with me till the beautiful sweet end
5:59 PM [Adam Montana] (I also hope I'm wrong and it happens this weekend...
5:59 PM [Adam Montana] because there is talk that August 2 is a deadline)
6:00 PM [Adam Montana] (and that would be great!)
6:00 PM [Adam Montana] (but I'm a realist, and these things are not a simple walk in the park.)
6:00 PM [Adam Montana] Sorry to be a downer, I have to keep it real though
6:00 PM [Adam Montana] I hope I'm worng
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] but like I said - if we don't have an RV by the end of July
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] forget about it till Sept 1.
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] on that note
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] (Now that you all hate me )
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] I'll open the floor

Topic: open floor
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] fire at Will
6:01 PM [Adam Montana] (WILL! Not Adam )
6:02 PM [brbrlocke] we don't hate you at all....thank you for all you do
6:02 PM [joedee2004] whats this about obama signing off on r.v.??
6:02 PM [StevieH] What about the ministers meeting on Saturday?
6:02 PM [dinarsoulmate] Thank you Adam for being real. I doubt you are hated.
6:02 PM [average joe] as always thanks for all you do
6:02 PM [Priscilla] Sept 1st...we will take that..thank you for all you do..
6:02 PM [Miss Peg] this is not what we wanted to hear but necessary so thank you
6:02 PM [whitelions] wht about the Aug to Aug letter the iraqi project letter?
6:02 PM [Adam Montana] joedee2004 that doesn't change the date, regardless of how legitimate it is
6:02 PM [bubbie] what was the wonderful news that kept you up!?
6:02 PM [Adam Montana] Miss Peg thanks Miss Peg, I just try to keep it real
6:02 PM [Wayne1955] God bless you, and thank you.
6:02 PM [Spiff] Adam, Have you heard anything about releasing the lower denoms? And thank you for keeping it real.
6:02 PM [Adam Montana] bubbie
6:02 PM [joedee2004] ty adam..
6:03 PM [Adam Montana] Spiff I know they are out there, but I don't see them released until the RV is announced
6:03 PM [bubbie]
6:03 PM [Adam Montana] people would BURN them
6:03 PM [bobbidoll] Adam Montana Thank you so much for your time and effort!
6:03 PM [Spiff] adam ty.
6:03 PM [minichaser] Adam Montana How does Sept 1 fit in
6:03 PM [Adam Montana] hang on one second please - I think this is important, and I want it to be shared
6:04 PM [Adam Montana] did anyone copy it?
6:04 PM [bobbidoll] yodamom .... 6:01 she showed up
6:04 PM [TexasGranny] I have the chat so far Adam
6:04 PM [Bumper64] TexasGranny did I think Adam
6:04 PM [Adam Montana] Thanks TG!!!!
6:04 PM [Adam Montana] ok
6:04 PM [gaybeth] Thank you Adam for you have done for us.
6:04 PM [nannab] Thank you Adam
6:04 PM [Adam Montana] on that note, let me move forward!
6:05 PM [Adam Montana] I had an AMAZING conference call this morning, and I'm not discouraged at all on this investment
6:05 PM [Adam Montana] but I have to say in all reality - I don't think it can happen until Ramadan is over
6:05 PM [bobbidoll] Adam Montana Do you think it will happen this year? In your opinion?
6:06 PM [oogie] this feels like dejavue
6:06 PM [oogie]
6:06 PM [Adam Montana] Ramadan is like our Christmas, or Fourth of July - except it's a MONTH long. What do I mean by that? On our Christmas, NOBODY works. Especially not the government! How can they have a currency change without a working government?!?!?!
6:06 PM [Adam Montana] oogie unplug your time machine
6:06 PM [joedee2004] any news is good news so keep it coming adam we all need ur info goods or bad ty..
6:07 PM [Adam Montana] gaybeth yw
6:07 PM [Adam Montana] nannab yw
6:07 PM [Happy Man] Adam, I worked in Morrrowcow for 2 years and they worked during the day during Ramadam
6:07 PM [Adam Montana] joedee2004 this is indeed "any" news - not good, not bad. But we are moving forward
6:07 PM [Adam Montana] Happy Man I've been invested for 7 years, NOTHING happens in the gov't of Iraq during Ramadan
6:07 PM [rico] Moving forward is good....I can wait
6:08 PM [yodamom] Adam Montana still don't want your job but ty for your words
6:08 PM [joedee2004] keep it comming you have my ty..
6:08 PM [mazinman61] I read somewhere parliment was going to continue working through ramadan,,,
6:08 PM [Happy Man] ok
6:08 PM [StevieH] Any comments on the ministers working on Saturday?
6:08 PM [Miss Peg] maybe they will work considering their situation
6:08 PM [bobbidoll] Adam Montana Try and get some rest tonight sir
6:08 PM [Adam Montana] if you can show me an example of a significant ANYTHING happening in Iraq during Ramadan over the last 7 years I will give you a million Dinar!
6:08 PM [whitelions] there was an arctical in the walls street news that said there were going to be a lot of instant millionars because of the IDQ very soon did you read that?
6:08 PM [whitelions] today
6:09 PM [Adam Montana] And I am a man of my word, as all the VIPs and many others know!
6:09 PM [Adam Montana] whitelions I read an article on FORBES today
6:09 PM [Adam Montana] not WSJ
6:09 PM [whitelions] what did you think of it
6:10 PM [sassyk] And that was an openion -article ----
6:10 PM [Adam Montana] but it was an article from a CPA who had a good view on the Dinar - and his point was that we are not going to pay LT TAXES no matter what, it will be INCOME TAXES at the bare minimum
6:10 PM [mazinman61] I tatally agree with you Adam Montana ,, Just seems so crazy as I too have been here since 04, and nothing gets done during the sleepy month of august and ramadan
6:10 PM [Adam Montana] I agree with him
6:10 PM [Adam Montana] that's why I've done so much ASSET PROTECTION work in the VIP room
6:10 PM [Adam Montana] mazinman61 ty for your comment
6:10 PM [saphire] I wonder if they are ging to try to screw the small speculators
6:10 PM [Adam Montana] they don't do much during Ramadan
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] saphire if you are a "small" investor
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] you have what? $500 invested?
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] and you see a 1:1 return
6:11 PM [TexasGranny] they do a lot of partying at night after dark and before sunrise
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] that's $500,000
6:11 PM [Happy Man] Adam, I missed the first part is there anything done on HCL or chapter 7
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] and 50% tax
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] you get $250,000 on a small investment
6:11 PM [Adam Montana] I don't think you got screwed
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] sorry pal
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] that's an AWESOME return
6:12 PM [Munsch] Adam did you see the ID. Congressman written response to Dinar RV?? I personally thought it was interesting they talked about Ch 7 being a key factor
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] Munsch ab so lutely
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] absolutely
6:12 PM [Munsch] i know politician is a politician so hard to trust
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] Ok I know TexasGranny is copying this
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] so I'm going to bounce on out
6:12 PM [Adam Montana] to make her job easier
6:12 PM [joedee2004] no complaints here ill take more than i ivested any time..:}
6:13 PM [k98nights] Thanks Adam!
6:13 PM [Bumper64] Thanks Adam and get some rest!!
6:13 PM [Adam Montana] Thank you all for making this chat the best there is
6:13 PM [Adam Montana] WOODY thank you sir!
6:13 PM [Happy Man] thx
6:13 PM [saphire] Thanks Adam
6:13 PM [brbrlocke] thank you
6:13 PM [mazinman61] Thanks Adam always great seeing you
6:13 PM [k98nights] Adam Montana most welcome sir
6:13 PM [wpsmit] ty, adam, the truth is all i seek
6:13 PM [Miss Peg] hope to hear from you again soon!
6:13 PM [average joe] as allways thanks
6:13 PM [Priscilla] thanks Adam
6:13 PM [Adam Montana] Bumper64 man I need it, I hope I don't snore. My wife elbows the heck out of me when I snore
6:13 PM [Dumped On Joe] Thanks for keeping it real and honest, Adam.
6:13 PM [debandlv] Thankyou Adam for all your work.
6:13 PM [Adam Montana] and then I get less sleep than I need
6:13 PM [Bumper64] Adam Montana Adam Montana Adam Montana
6:14 PM [gold miner] Adam Montana ge
6:14 PM [Adam Montana] good night all, I'm done for now
6:14 PM [joedee2004] ty for every thing adam keep us informed cant wait for your text..:}
6:14 PM [Miss Peg] gn
6:14 PM [Adam Montana] joedee2004 can't wait to send it!!!!!!!!!!


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