dman13 (One more time): DV ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

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dman13 (One more time): DV ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

Post by Rooster on Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:54 pm

dman13 (One more time): DV ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

Well, I don’t post on these sites much any more but having just read a post titled ‘the nails in the coffin’ or something like that, I felt compelled to respond. The ‘n/coffin’ post was about as negative as one can get without resorting to violence Wink I mean, he didn’t leave much doubt that he believes the RV is a joke and will never happen. I hope that’s not true, but- and here’s the point of my post- who knows??? IF anyone really knew there would be an RV, then of course he/she would buy up all they could and simply wait for the sun to shine over the horizon. Right?? But we don’t and that’s the point of speculation.
Howerver, I would say that is true of any investment, whether talking of mutual funds, DOW, Nasdaq, real estate or whatever- we simply don’t know in this market environment so you have to look at the logic of the situation. My logic goes something like this: Iraq can’t maintain an international relationship, can’t pay for huge contracts with foreign investors, can’t build an infrastructure, and can’t claim to be a soverign nation without having an international currency… are they going to use the USD for the rest of their existence? I don’t know but don’t think so… So, in my mind’s eye, there is a reason for their currency to increase in value.

The next step in the logic sequence is can I afford to invest? I put 5000 into this program and stopped. Now, I understand 5k might be a lot of money in some circumstances; however, in my life of 57 years, 5k simply won’t make a difference either way. I take that much to Vegas and normally come home with memories of shows, cards, dice, and drinks… but, the money normally stays there. Point is- 5k isn’t really that much in the larger scheme of things: so, yes… I can afford to play this game without remorse or fear.

Translation: I’m invested and if I lose it all, it simply won’t have a major impact in my life; however, on the other side of the coin- if it were to RV at say 3:1, then that would impact it in a major way… so what other choice was there.

Having said that, I would also like to state that people shouldn’t be naive- these so called gurus from Oakie to Adam don’t seem to have much knowledge about this RV. Not one prediction has been true, not one benefit has manifested yet… for those doing post-RV stuff, if the RV doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter- does it? For those making predicitions of date and rate-if you aren’t reading them for entertainment and to kill time until the ride is over, you’re putting your emotions through a difficult time- aren’t you?

I simply don’t think there’s anyone you can trust about this event… and, before I’m asked why am I here- let me explain that to you quickly: I like the discussion that some of the members have pertaining to other material, I read the ‘rumor mongers’ for entertainment, and I am invested so the insights of the members are intriguing; however, I don’t expect Adam to provide any great bonanza; nor, do I anticipate any brilliant insights from him… guy/girs- this is just like any other website so don’t get so angry about what’s conveyed. Everyone has an opinion- just like me… some will be right, some will be wrong- but, we won’t really know until it’s done.

I’ll close with saying: don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, because you might lose it; don’t expect it to happen tomorrow regardless of who says it will, but if it does, rejoice and give thanks to whatever higher deity you defer to; and don’t think you have to read every post and research every item because Iraq is a dynamic situation and things change often. Just relax, play with the kids, kiss the spouse, pet the dog… enjoy life and let this play out. It will come to an end sometime and what will be, will be- we don’t have any control except over our own actions. Be smart and remember simple courtesy… time will handle the rest. Oh yes, I believe it will RV so Go RV.

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