Adam’s Chat DV 9/7/11

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Adam’s Chat DV 9/7/11

Post by Rooster on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:21 pm

Adam’s Chat DV 9/7/11

11:12 AM [Adam Montana] then I’ll go approve the rest of the commenst
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] I love the new topic
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] ok chat in progress, please no typing
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] chat in progress
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] chat in progress
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] chat in progress
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] everyone has now had fair warning, correct?
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] ok
11:12 AM [Adam Montana] man what a crazy week… I hope everyone had a good holiday
11:13 AM [Adam Montana] I know a lot of you are new
11:13 AM [Adam Montana] so I’ll try to go over a few important terms
11:13 AM [Adam Montana] then I’m going to give my OPINION, which I rarely do
11:13 AM [Adam Montana] the only reason I’m going to do it, is because I was woken this morning at 2:30 by a call from Dubai
11:14 AM [Adam Montana] which led to a conference call at 3AM with those same people
11:14 AM [Adam Montana] I bet you’re waiting for a date and rate now, aren’t ya?
11:14 AM [Adam Montana] not going to happen
11:14 AM [Adam Montana] but I will say the call was very positive
11:14 AM [Adam Montana] and even more positive for anyone planning to invest with my group after the RV
11:15 AM [Adam Montana] listen, some people scream you will not be taxed
11:15 AM [Adam Montana] some say it will be income level
11:15 AM [Adam Montana] which, at $350,000, is at least 35%
11:15 AM [Adam Montana] at least
11:15 AM [Adam Montana] some say it will be cap gains, 15%
11:16 AM [Adam Montana] some believe you are going to pay an “extra” tax, which is supposedly already sitting on Obama’s desk
11:16 AM [Adam Montana] waiting to be signed
11:16 AM [Adam Montana] if he signs it before the tax year is over
11:16 AM [Adam Montana] you owe it, no matter what. I hope everyone here is prepared to deal with that
11:16 AM [Adam Montana] that’s part of what my VIP group handles
11:17 AM [Adam Montana] anyhow – I hope, for all of our sakes, that it truly is capped at capital gains (15%) and we’re able to go about our merry life
11:17 AM [Adam Montana] unfortunately…
11:18 AM [Adam Montana] I don’t have that kind of faith in our president – his name is not Santa, he doesn’t give gifts. Especially not to the wealthy
11:18 AM [Adam Montana] speaking of our president, a big item in the news
11:18 AM [Adam Montana] well, two big items
11:18 AM [Adam Montana] the removal of the 0′s
11:18 AM [Adam Montana] and the removal of the TROOPS
11:19 AM [Adam Montana] let me just say real quick: GOD BLESS our troops, and I don’t care which God you worship – you better respect our troops!
11:19 AM [Adam Montana] there is a ton of news right now about these two things
11:19 AM [Adam Montana] 1. Remove the 0′s
11:20 AM [Adam Montana] come on, people! for those of you that worry about this… do you really expect Iraq to publish news stating that they plan on tripling, quadrupling, or MASSIVLY increasing the value of the Dinar?
11:20 AM [Adam Montana] they have to pay that money!!!!!!!!!
11:21 AM [Adam Montana] they would be STUPID to announce it!
11:21 AM [Adam Montana] guess what the smart move is, if the intention is to revalue?
11:21 AM [Adam Montana] EXACTLY. Use sleight of hand, get people to sell, and then profit more.
11:21 AM [Adam Montana] So, how about the removal of the troops?
11:22 AM [Adam Montana] I personally think this is a horrible idea at this time, for the safety of all Iraqis
11:22 AM [Adam Montana] unfortunately, I think pressure is coming on a lot of people to revalue the dinar – the value should be higher
11:22 AM [Adam Montana] and unfortunately, that pressure is growing
11:23 AM [Adam Montana] I am prepared to wait a bit longer to cash in, for the safety of our troops and also for the safety of all Iraqis.
11:23 AM [Adam Montana] if you’re wondering why I am saying “safety”, I wrote about it this morning
11:24 AM [Adam Montana] it’s on my blog here:
11:24 AM [Adam Montana] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
11:24 AM [Adam Montana] people are commenting on that post like mad… I sent out the email an hour ago and I think there are over 100 comments so far
11:24 AM [Adam Montana] but I’ll give you my opinion here too:
11:25 AM [Adam Montana] pulling the troops out of Iraq right now is dangerous because Iraq can’t defend itself
11:25 AM [Adam Montana] they have a semi-operational military, but we all know the US is what is holding the country together
11:25 AM [Adam Montana] the US and the other countries that have troops in Iraq
11:26 AM [Adam Montana] if we pull out now, we have a baby government with a crippled military and an economy with one arm tied behind it’s back!
11:26 AM [Adam Montana] crippled military = Chapter 7
11:26 AM [Adam Montana] economy handicapped = HCL
11:27 AM [Adam Montana] baby gov’t = newly formed and incomplete!
11:27 AM [Adam Montana] llike I said on my blog post, you may not like this… but I’m not here to give you fluff
11:27 AM [Adam Montana] there is a silver lining here though
11:27 AM [Adam Montana] with the US withdrawing
11:28 AM [Adam Montana] Iraq is going to be in danger BECAUSE OF the Chapter 7 sanctinos
11:28 AM [Adam Montana] which will ultimately lead the UN to remove this danger, aka lift the Ch & sanctions
11:28 AM [Adam Montana] I’m hearing STRONG evidence that 3 things will happen soon:
11:29 AM [Adam Montana] hcl, ch7, and rv
11:29 AM [Adam Montana] one will be announced first
11:29 AM [Adam Montana] likely HCL or CH7
11:29 AM [Adam Montana] then the other two should follow within a week
11:29 AM [Adam Montana] I SINCERELY hope that we see one of those three things THIS WEEK… things are falling in place fast!
11:30 AM [Adam Montana] that’s my chat, friends… I know it’s hard to follow in a chat room sometimes, so feel free to comment at this link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
11:30 AM [Adam Montana] and I see we have a full room, so I am going to open the floor, but I need to take a break real quick

11:30 AM [jercache] Adam, Are the deals you made with the banks still good as of this date or will they change due to the tanked economy or will you have to reneogatie ?
11:31 AM [Adam Montana] be back shortly

Topic: open room

11:36 AM [Adam Montana] ok back
11:36 AM [gakman] Adam Montana Can you clue us in on your 3 AM CC this morning?
11:36 AM [Adam Montana] sorry I had to run, little boys room was calling
11:36 AM [Adam Montana] didn’t catch any questions until now
11:36 AM [Francie26] Unless someone takes out Sadr. I may volunteer for that one, myself, He is a worthless dog.
11:36 AM [Adam Montana] gakman i’ll be sending a VIP email on it shortly – it doesn’t really apply to anyone except VIP anyway
11:36 AM [scottch] first time I have sat in on Adams chat, just one question, do you think it will RV this year? or will we be waiting until spring or summer of 2012?
11:36 AM [delta22] Adam Montana thanks for your opinion but what about the call
11:37 AM [oneremedy] Where in WI are you? I would like to take you out for a beer when this is over.
11:37 AM [Adam Montana] delta22 see above
11:37 AM [Adam Montana] oh
11:37 AM [gakman] Adam Montana TY
11:37 AM [Adam Montana] wait, I was going to talk to the people that want a date and rate
11:37 AM [RDP_62] Adam Montana Laughing
11:37 AM [Bumper64] Adam Montana Laughing
11:37 AM [delta22] Adam Montana 10/4
11:37 AM [Adam Montana] $11.70, happening on november 7
11:37 AM [absolutezero2382] deal
11:37 AM [behaviorkat] Adam- What do u think about the new CIA director ~ Petraus ? How is this poignant at this time? Nice chat btw
11:38 AM [oneremedy] Sounds like adam doesnt need a beer
11:38 AM [Old Constipate] Adam Montana , You said had to go to little boys room. Then- Topic SIT ON Hands.-
11:38 AM [brbrlocke] u r funny adam
11:38 AM [Lanceman_1] oneremedy
11:38 AM [RodandStaff] …. holding ya to it Adam!Wink
11:38 AM [wealthbytrade] Kurds are up in arms over new HCL draft. Thoughts?
11:38 AM [Adam Montana] behaviorkat poignant indeed
11:38 AM [EagleEye] Adam Montana Smile
11:38 AM [Bumper64] Adam Montana oops!! There it is!! Oops!! there it is!
11:38 AM [Old Constipate] Any corrolation?
11:38 AM [Adam Montana] Old Constipate oh jeez Very Happy
11:38 AM [behaviorkat] Adam Montana Smile
11:38 AM [Adam Montana] wealthbytrade love it
11:38 AM [10SGURU] Adam Montana TY You said it yourself, “Why would Iraq announce it.” So why, in your opinion, would Iraq announce the HCL, GOI and Chapter 7, which would then point to an RV?
11:38 AM [wealthbytrade] love that they
11:38 AM [Adam Montana] 10SGURU no no no
11:38 AM [sandraed1963] Adam Montana your joking right
11:38 AM [absolutezero2382] Adam..was your cc this morning pertinent to any intel?
11:39 AM [Adam Montana] I said “why would they announce an RV”?
11:39 AM [wealthbytrade] love that they’re p.o’d?
11:39 AM [Adam Montana] the RV will be IN PLACE by the time they announce it
11:39 AM [Adam Montana] wealthbytrade yep
11:39 AM [10SGURU] Adam Montana TY
11:39 AM [Lanceman_1] Adam Montana I will be there when I get there
11:39 AM [TonyDownTheShore] any news on the VND?
11:39 AM [Adam Montana] wealthbytrade Kuwait has been angling for a “share” of Iraq, not a buyout
11:40 AM [jetsetann] Adam Montana.. awesome chat today!
11:40 AM [Adam Montana] the HCL is being written without Kuwait being a major part
11:40 AM [Adam Montana] hey all
11:40 AM [Adam Montana] I know some of my chat was a downer
11:40 AM [Adam Montana] I’m sorry about that
11:40 AM [Lanceman_1] Adam Montana Need a new coupon code to renue my vip ?
11:40 AM [Knuckles] Adam… will they not freeze selling of dinar by traders before the RV announced to avoid a run on buying?
11:40 AM [DesertEagle] is there any new solid intel out there pertaining to the growth of the dinar based on facts??
11:40 AM [Adam Montana] I’m not here to give fluff though, sorry
11:40 AM [wealthbytrade] interesting…ty!
11:41 AM [Bumper64] Adam Montana speaking of going to the bathroom, have you heard anything more about the VND??
11:41 AM [ssmith] Adam. how does raising the zeros help us?
11:41 AM [New Beginnings] thoughts on SADR
11:41 AM [Adam Montana] DesertEagle good question! There isn’t a specific article that I can think of – you have to put the pieces together in a speculative article
11:41 AM [Adam Montana] Bumper64 you’re llucky you’re a mod
11:41 AM [Bumper64] Adam Montana
11:41 AM [Adam Montana] I’d flush you from the room
11:41 AM [kcw] Bumper64′s in trooooooooooooouble
11:42 AM [Adam Montana] ok stop it right there, that one is going downhill fast
11:42 AM [Bumper64] sotrry, I had to do it!!
11:42 AM [RodandStaff] Opps there he goes… cya bump!
11:42 AM [Adam Montana] down the drain
11:42 AM [mqchau] just have to stay positive fellas, lets hope for the best
11:42 AM [RDP_62] back to the vnd please
11:42 AM [mqchau] thanks for the chat Adam
11:42 AM [Holdinout] Adam Montana so you’re saying there is a good chance we could see the HCL and/or Chap 7 lifted this week?
11:42 AM [nannab] Time out for Bumper64!
11:42 AM [Bumper64] nannab
11:42 AM [RodandStaff] Adam… kurds and Oil and Gas/HCL… problem?
11:42 AM [jercache] Adam, Are the deals you made with the banks still good as of this date or will they change due to the tanked economy or will you have to reneogatie
11:42 AM [Spiff] When you say removing the troops is this the articles that reference by the end of this year?
11:43 AM [Adam Montana] Holdinout please read my post on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
11:43 AM [ssmith] Adam, I don’t understand how raising the zeros helps us, please explain. Thanks
11:43 AM [Spiff] Or is this happening sooner Adam?
11:43 AM [Adam Montana] I broke down my most current thoughts on it
11:43 AM [trabby] Adam Montana will they not freeze the selling of dinars before the rv ?
11:43 AM [mqchau] ssmith good question
11:43 AM [Old Constipate] Bumper64 Does the VND have anything to do with the topic?
11:43 AM [mqchau] Old Constipate
11:43 AM [Bumper64] Old Constipate
11:43 AM [Adam Montana] trabby that’s another point… until they stop selling, we are at least a couple more days out
11:44 AM [delta22] Old Constipate only if your sitting on your hands
11:44 AM [Adam Montana] if today was a scheduled auction, and it was interrupted… LOOK OUT!
11:44 AM [trabby] Adam Montana thx!!
11:44 AM [Adam Montana] but until that interruption, we have at least 3-5 days
11:44 AM [olivesman] ssmith I believe he was saying that they were just blowing smoke to keep ppl from buying more and costing Iraq more money
11:44 AM [EagleEye] Adam Montana awesome
11:44 AM [Straightshot] so when cbi stop selling… we will know RV is three days off?
11:44 AM [Nadita] Adam Montana you are saying we still can buy dinar at least 3 – 5 days before they stop selling…?
11:44 AM [Adam Montana] Straightshot that’s a pretty good indicator in my opinion
11:45 AM [Straightshot] ty
11:45 AM [Adam Montana] arrrrrrrrg…. when I came in, there were 40 comments pending approval on the blog post
11:45 AM [Adam Montana] now there are 88
11:45 AM [Nadita] Adam Montana should I load up…? to offset my taxes..
11:45 AM [Adam Montana] friends, stay cool!
11:45 AM [Lacey] Adam Montana Thanks so much
11:45 AM [Bumper64] Adam Montana thanks Great Chat !!
11:45 AM [olivesman] Nadita you will be able to “buy” just different rate.
11:45 AM [EagleEye] Adam Montana TY sir
11:45 AM [delta22] Adam Montana you doubled your investment
11:45 AM [Adam Montana] VIPs, look for an email tomorrow
11:45 AM [jcfraggle] Yes sir! Will do!!!!
11:45 AM [Adam Montana] and everyone else – well, I wish you well also
11:46 AM [RVme asap] Great chat Adam!!!!!!!
11:46 AM [jercache] ty
11:46 AM [nannab] Thanks Adam and Mods. Have a great day!
11:46 AM [Old Constipate] It is already tomorrow
11:46 AM [RodandStaff] Thks. Adam!
11:46 AM [EagleEye]
11:46 AM [Adam Montana] thanks for the good chat, have a great day!
11:46 AM [olivesman] Thanks A.M.
11:46 AM [behaviorkat] Thanks Adam!

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