asells (VIC1 POST): OOM 9/5/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

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asells (VIC1 POST): OOM 9/5/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:54 pm

asells (VIC1 POST): OOM 9/5/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

[vic1] A Friend called me and asked
me , what I was talking about in comparing this Dinar Mountain with Mt.Everest!
Diana, played a song before we started yesterday! No mountain high enough, no
valley low enough, No River Wide enough to keep YOU away from me! We are at a
moment in TIME and READY to SUMMIT this GREAT Mountain, called MT.DINAR!
Please relax your minds, Read what OKIE has told us! Why are we here? WE LOVE and
RESPECT OKIE! I said, his INTEL is like a F4 Phantom! The Phantom was called a
Phantom because you could not see or hear IT, UNTIL IT WAS RiGHT ON TOP OF YOU!
The Man and I say, OKIE is A MAN amongst MEN! He has taught all of us so much!
Why, complicate matters! He will tell us more when he get’s more,Right? So why
not take TODAY for what it is! To LABOR ourselves on LABOR DAY with anything
other than LOVING and SPENDING time with Family is NOT FAIR to OUR LOVED ONES!
Please, remember what I said, never a rate or date Guy, however my FRIENDS from
CHINA, said IRAQ is HOT! Big MEETNGS between them! China, is GOING to START
BUILDING 1Million homes! Where is money coming from! They are the Largest
Multipliers in the WORLD! Gold backed SWF. They are ready! Listen to OKIE,
Please! GOD IS GREAT! ALWAYS! BBL, Love you all,Brother Vic.
[vic1] Sorry, SWF means Souvreign WEALTH

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