PTR Evening Call 8 16 2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE

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PTR Evening Call 8 16 2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE Empty PTR Evening Call 8 16 2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:17 am

PTR Evening Call 8 16 2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE

Dan: this is a last minute call… heard your request on the board… there has been more information today but can’t tell a lot of it…. Because of where it comes from and what is being said… because of the confidentiality etc.

A lot of good information out there that speaks to this being concluded. Will give you a really quick update and then Q and A

Information from 3-4 sources today and the punch line is that it is supposed to happen before Friday. Some of you get frustrated with that. I do to. Really liked the call we did on Monday with Dr. Todd, Tony and Gary to get the credible side of why this will take place and why this has to take place pretty quick. Dr. Todd said before the end of the fiscal year, the end of this month. And them wanting to have a good quarter.

A lot of people cause we have gone on so long start checking themselves. Dr. Todd brings us down to earth. Dr. Todd is very excited about this time.

Gary: That is correct.

Dan: When we hear it from the boards, the members etc. and then from him we do get more confidence in this. No one person wrote the Marshall Plan. Let’s not disrespect the guy. Not that you can’t ? guests and members but I would like to leave that one alone.

Each one of the members that comes on – I hope you are BSP members. They’re the ones that are helping us move forward.

? With the call we just had with Dr. Todd, as far as the trigger puller is it Iraq or the powers that be?

Dan: None of us know who is pulling the trigger or who is holding it up. One of the things we are seeing is the price of gold. Don’t think that oil has much to do with it. Gold is depicting a currency meaning the usd. Watching the usd fall this fast makes sense. Watching gold rise this much makes sense. Are there things that need to be done, probably. If it was time they would snap to it and get it done. About $ and power. They just care if they control everything and they certainly are.

Some of those dips are done intentionally as well… that gives further hope that it will hit that high number as well. Think that gold will drop so fast don’t thin k people will buy on the way down. Those that don’t believe that it will don’t believe in the rv or think it will come out at one or 2 cents… This will push the usd up. I have never seen gold go up along with the usd. When the USD goes up it will go where they want it to.

? Do you still think $3.22 plus some adjustments?

Dan: Everyone has heard me say $3.22… what was put out there by the G20 a little over a year ago and was speculated on the American dollar in 2009. So for it to come out at that would be impossible cause the usd isn’t the same as 2009 and the iqd gbp is higher…. Could it cross $4 sure but we should be comfortable with $3.22 and go from there. Right up there around Kuwait plus.

Those people that we hear on calls… that say under a dollar, 1.50, .86, if you believe that then you have no concept of why this took place or who controlled it. This was done to fix a really horrific situation that we see around us. At least it will be brought back to what it was. I believe it will be reinstated. If that happens it can be lower. How many more dollars will be raked in by the Iraqi govt at first when we all cash in and then they raise it up? The Iraqi dollar will go up as will the usd.

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