Adam Montana. 10.10.12

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Adam Montana. 10.10.12

Post by J&D on Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:15 pm

10:18 AM [Adam Montana] I know! I am here now because I have about 15 minutes... is anyone available to copy my chat?
10:18 AM [linda56] Adam Montana , good monin sir
10:19 AM [Adam Montana] vietnam1969 I messed up the numbers
10:19 AM [Monielynn] good ? ........... Mods
10:19 AM [Adam Montana] *crickets*
10:19 AM [vietnam1969] Adam Montana yes I saw that
10:19 AM [Monielynn] where is a mod when we need 1
10:19 AM [Dinarkicker] GO for it sir
10:19 AM [Adam Montana] monielynn
10:19 AM [Adam Montana] DK thank you!
10:19 AM [Adam Montana] ok everyone, official chat in progress
10:19 AM [Monielynn] ready set GO!
10:20 AM [Adam Montana] Hey everyone, another week another Dinar, right?
10:20 AM [Adam Montana] no RV yet, and depsite some awesome news last week on the HCL - it's not quite done yet
10:21 AM [Adam Montana] nothing I can do about that, nor is there anything you can do about it... but we can all see that things are still good and there's no reason to be discouraged
10:21 AM [Adam Montana] impatient, maybe.. but not discouraged
10:22 AM [Adam Montana] There are some GREAT questions in the weekly chat question thread this week, and I am going to address them if possible - but I don't see it happening today. I have some incredible things happening on the VIP side of this site, and my schedule is just packed to the brim today and also tomorrow.
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] These chats generally take a couple hours, believe it or not... they can be quite intense. So I just want to apologize in advance if I have to skip this week's chat
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] anyway! Here's the latest
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] the HCL is being discussed in national news more and more
10:23 AM [Adam Montana] many of you have noticed that, and I see a lot of excitement about it... and for good reason
10:24 AM [Adam Montana] there is also talk that the new currency, and thereby the RV, may be delayed until the new calendar year
10:25 AM [Adam Montana] I don't expect them to announce the RV in this fashion, so this information may or may not be precisely relevant... but if they are truly delaying releasing the new currency until the new year, then we can plan on waiting that long to see the RV announced
10:25 AM [Adam Montana] of course, they could just be full of "it" and announce it tomorrow (SURPRISE!) and also release the currency then too
10:26 AM [Adam Montana] it makes the most sense to do it that way, to prevent a huge run on the currency from speculators
10:27 AM [Adam Montana] the bottom line is this: 1. We are waiting for a resolution on the HCL, and they are making headway. Lots of good news there this week and last. 2. We don't expect them to give us a legitimate "heads up" when they are going to RV - it will happen as "unexpectedly" as possible to preserve their profit margin. If you don't know what their profit margin is, you need to read the "Cash In Guide". 3. There is no bad news right now! And for that, I give our situation a :twothumbs:
10:28 AM [Adam Montana] and on that note... I am officially late for my next meeting, so I have to jet. Thank you all for understanding, I will definitely try to get the weekly Q&A done by the end of the weekend.
10:28 AM [Dinarkicker] Ok I will post this in the forum
10:28 AM [Adam Montana] Cheers everyone, stay sane and be well :tiphat:
Topic: open floor
10:29 AM [vietnam1969] Great news Adam and as usual you are always on top of things.
10:29 AM [Monielynn] Adam Montana Laters
10:29 AM [Adam Montana] thanks DK, glad you were here!
10:29 AM [jon29] thanks Adam.
10:29 AM [powerpager] Thanks Adam
10:29 AM [Priscilla] thanks Adam
10:29 AM [Dinarkicker] Adam Montana I try
10:29 AM [Adam Montana] PS everyone owes DK a dollar
10:29 AM [Monielynn] Adam Montana
10:29 AM [Dinarkicker] yessssss

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