Adam's Chat 10/05/2011 From another site

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Adam's Chat 10/05/2011 From another site

Post by Rooster on Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:42 pm

[Adam Montana] I hate to kick people out
[Adam Montana] but right now it's "official" chat time
[[kcw] jas428With so many circular arguments on-going regarding the "deletion of thezeros," could you please give your take on how this will play out?
[Adam Montana] so please save any comments or questions until I open the floor, thank you
[Adam Montana] let's get right into it then!
[Adam Montana] many people dive into the Dinar investment because they were told by a friend that the value is going to go up, a lot
[Adam Montana] then you start reading and realize that there is a lot of contradictory information out there
[Adam Montana] for example, the "lifting of the 0's" or the "raising of the value"
[Adam Montana] Nobody can tell you FOR SURE which will happen
[Adam Montana] either is possible
[Adam Montana] so in the process of doing YOUR due diligence you need to evaluate what YOU think the Dinar should be worth
[Adam Montana] I base my opinion on a few things
[Adam Montana] historical value
[Adam Montana] natural resources
[Adam Montana] WHY the dinar dropped in value
[Adam Montana] WHERE Iraq has gone since then
[Adam Montana] IMO the value could easily be where it was in the past - over $3
[Adam Montana] they do not have to drop the 0's, a l0p is not NEEDED because there is no hyperinflation and they have a very stable monetary system right now
[Adam Montana] additionally, Iraq LOST a ton of wealth when Saddam was taken out of power and the country was placed under all these restrictions
[Adam Montana] now they have a stable government, the restrictions are almost completely removed
[Adam Montana] and I see a valid path to RECLAIM some of that lost wealth, by raising the VALUE of the Dinar
[Adam Montana] dropping the 0's would not raise the value

[Adam Montana] by the way - I know a lot of you are "Veterans" to this investment.
[Adam Montana] and a lot of you know everything there is to know about the Dinar
[Adam Montana] and some of you even have very complex and GOOD questions
[Adam Montana] I don't do these chats to address COMPLEX issues - I come in here to help out the new investors, the ones that need help with the basics
[Adam Montana] if you want to ask the complicated questions, please start a new topic in the forum. The message board is MUCH more conducive to detailed and in-depth conversations!
[Adam Montana] next Q please
kcw] steveflex7 Adam, I have heard many people statethat rising inflation levels are pointing to Shabbibi RVing the currency soonerthan later. How do you feel about the current inflation levels, and isinflation our friend right now? Thanks for all you do
[Adam Montana] steveflex7 I agree
[Adam Montana] and yes, I think inflation is our FRIEND right now!
[Adam Montana] if inflation is allowed to get out of control, then the value of the Dinar will also get out of control
[Adam Montana] the only way to raise the value is to completely control it
[Adam Montana] so with inflation threatening, I think they have more reason than ever to act quickly
[Adam Montana] this is one of the main reasons I believe we should see the value raise soon, as in pre-Thanksgiving
[Adam Montana] allowing it to get out of control and possibly devalue is completely unacceptable, and would be backwards
[Adam Montana] I don't see them going backwards after so much steady forward progress
[Adam Montana] unless they were to elect Brett Favre as PM, of course. Then they could lose it all at the last minute Laughing
[Adam Montana] sorry
[Adam Montana] football season
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] TVdinar Why are the Kurds holding up the HCL? Whatam I missing?
[Adam Montana] TVdinar Have you read my book, RV Intel? The HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) is centered around the Kurdish people, their territory, and the rights to the oil
[Adam Montana] it accounts for a LOT of the resources, and they are fighting for power over it.
[Adam Montana] power = money.
[Adam Montana] they are blocking things because they don't want to lose that wealth
[Adam Montana] they are making progress, though - I don't see it lasting too much longer
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Alex38 Hey Adam - Ya think this will happen beforeI pass away in say 50 to 60 years or should I leave my 9 year old son the keyto my safety deposit box?
[Adam Montana] Alex38 good lord I hope so!
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] wpsmit Adam - When is the date? What is the rate?Just couldn't resist - It's Monday!
[Adam Montana] Last week I thought it was Monday at $17, but Possum convinced me to hold out for $20
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Monielynn Hi & Good Morning Adam WhenPurchasing Dinar From Bank The Teller Stresses That This Currency Can BeReplaced With New Currency Making Our Dinar Worthless Can This Possibly Happen?
[Adam Montana] Monielynn I addressed this above - it definitely COULD happen. I don't think it will, though.
[Adam Montana] Every other country that has replaced currency has always given at least a short time to cash in the old notes
[Adam Montana] this means your Dinars wouldn't
[Adam Montana] be "worthless", but you may have a limited window to cash (trade) them in
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] donnydoright Hi adam, It seems people are unaware of the actual text andmeaning behind Executive Order 13303......
[Adam Montana] donnydoright I explained this very thoroughly in my book as well. Honestly, I think everyone should read it! It's free to VIP members and there's an 80% off offer in the "Announcement" section here on DV. If you've invested $100 or more, you're kind of silly to not spend another $10 so you can actually understand the investment!!! Laughing
[Adam Montana] Anyway - EO 13303 gives us the right to invest in Iraq. It doesn't specifically state currency, but I believe the currency of Iraq is included in the Order, otherwise it would have specifically stated otherwise
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] gyarbrough Hi Adam. I read somewhere that theminister of finance and Shabibi could pull the trigger wont that have to bedone after the HCL is passed? Thanks for all you do.
[Adam Montana] gyarbrough you are absolutely on the right track here. We need to see the HCL resolved or Chapter 7 released before the "trigger" is pulled.
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] sweetlightHello Adam, once the RV happens (sooner rather than later I pray) do you knowif you will have clear information on any "window" we will have tofully cash-in before the current denoms will be invalid or worthless? Will yourintel be able to tell us how fast we have to cash everything in or if therewill be "drop-dead" date for our dinar? Thanks for you diligence andhonesty!
[Adam Montana] sweetlight Absolutely. I'll be sending VIP members constant updates with banks that are cashing in Dinars, at what rates, and how long they plan on doing so. The main forum here at DinarVets will remain open, so the members can share as much information as possible.
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] RodandStaff Hey Adam- Saw an article that Iraq hasplaced an order for fighter jets. Does that give us a clue as to the ending ofChapter 7 soon? ... or can they just own giant "authentic looking"airplane models for the heck of it?
[Adam Montana] RodandStaff I don't tie this specifically to the RV, or even Chapter 7, but we know they would not waste money on something they could never use! The fact that they are investing in their own defenses tells us that they are also confident that they will not be under Chapter 7 sanctions forever
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Caye98 Hi Adam, QUESTION: As of Monday 10/3 there has been quite abit of discussion (over the weekend) that Erbil has been completed. Yourthoughts?
[Adam Montana] Caye98 I think the "Guru's" are recycling last weeks rumors - Erbil is still exactly where it was 10 days ago. We have agreements in place, everyone seems to be on board, but it is not "done".
[Adam Montana] soon, though!
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] psdon Hi Adam,Just Hi
[Adam Montana] Hi
[Adam Montana] Laughing
[kcw] Rossenbos Last week I asked "how long canIraq without RV" and the answer was "forever". Am I missingsomething? Doesn't it mean.....
[Adam Montana] Rossenbos no, you're not missing anything. There are people who insist that it "must" be done - that's not 100% true. If Iraq wants to delay forever, they can. I don't think they will, it would be foolish - but there is no absolute date that it "must" happen by.
[Adam Montana] wish I could tell you otherwise, but that would be false - I'm not going to do it. :tiphat:
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Russell MHi Adam could you tell me 3 other investments you have that have increased inthe last 5 years? thanx... look forward to your counsel on the other side as Iam a VIP...thanks for all you do.
[Adam Montana] Russell M thanks for being a VIP! Your support keeps this place here for everyone else, and you are appreciated!
[Adam Montana] You're asking about my personal investments?
[Adam Montana] well, my Dinar has almost doubled in the last 5 years
[Adam Montana] but other than Dinar
[Adam Montana] I'm still investing in Real Estate - if there was ever a time to do it, now is it!
[Adam Montana] My Google stock did pretty good over the last 5 years!
[Adam Montana] I don't go into too much detail about my other businesses - this community is huge and I really don't need 50,000 people snooping into my personal life Laughing
[Adam Montana] thanks for asking though
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] TimS Is it POSSIBLE that the IQD never RV's andthey just plow through life with a currency worth squadush, while continuing tosell oil and gas for US dollars? After all, they can just pay for imports andother services with those same dollars?
[Adam Montana] TimS like I said above, it is possible.
[Adam Montana] I don't see why they would do that, so in my opinion it is unlikely
[Adam Montana] but anything is possible
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] ems I read that right now, Talibani has 1/3 power,and Maliki has 2/3 power. Once the Erbil agreement is put into law, it will beTalibani 1/3, Allawi 1/3 and Maliki 1/3 power. Is that true? If Maliki is given a vote of no-confidence, whatdoes it do to the Erbil agreement and how much of a delay can this mean to theRV?
[Adam Montana] I don't exactly agree with those figures, but for a laymen I suppose they are close enough
[Adam Montana] the thing to remember is that Iraq isn't built on Maliki, Shabibbi, Allawi, or any one other person
[Adam Montana] the COUNTRY earned its way to the current situation when the citizens went to vote
[Adam Montana] when they risked their lives by walking home with purple dye on their finger
[Adam Montana] the country will continue to move forward, despite all of the temporary roadblocks and hiccups
[Adam Montana] the people of Iraq fought for it, worked for it, and will continue to do so
[Adam Montana] I believe that to be the foundation of Iraq's progress - not any one political figure
[Adam Montana] so, to answer the question - no, this little matter will not kill the increased value of the Dinar
[Adam Montana] how much could it delay it?
[Adam Montana] weeks, months.
[Adam Montana] not years
[Adam Montana] next question please!
[kcw] colts469Adam whats your take on the increasing amount of money in the currencyauctions???
[Adam Montana] colts469 the amounts are pretty steady if you check the history
[Adam Montana] but next week give me a specific date range and I'll give you my personal analysis
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] MattIYO, do you think if I dress up like Sadaam and sneak into Maliki's house atnight and scare the crap out of him..... do you think that would speed up theRV? I could tell him to speed up the RV process or I'll haunt him forever. lolJust a suggestion. Thanks
[Adam Montana] Matt try a Barney costume.
[Adam Montana] Laughing
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] fox A long time ago you had mentioned somepamphlets or brochures that would be used for training immediately before theRV. Have you heard any more about that training material?
[Adam Montana] fox that WAS a long time ago
[Adam Montana] !
[Adam Montana] As far as I know, they are in the same place they were originally delivered to
[Adam Montana] but since we're almost a year after that, they may be slightly outdated and definitely covered in dust
[Adam Montana] regardless, the procedure will be the same
[Adam Montana] when the Dinar is RV'd, they will need to educate all Iraqi's
[Adam Montana] flyers is a great way to do this, since not all watch TV
[Adam Montana] so I still think we will see this type of strategy by the CBI when the Dinar changes value
[Adam Montana] good question!
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Danneedsrvnow Adam, Maybe you can answer thequestion I have been unable to get an answer for. As far as inflation goes, I admit I am at a loss. Many claim that the inflation cannot get intodouble digits, & it will way before the end of year. First off, do youconsider this to be true in your opinion? I see core inflation on CBI, many talk of hyper inflationbeing the cause for a very soon to be rv. Where do we track (for lack of knowledge) hyperinflation figures? What is it at now? Thanks
[Adam Montana] Danneedsrvnow good question
[Adam Montana] it's based on opinions, though.
[Adam Montana] there is no solid PROOF that Iraq's inflation will hit any certain % by any certain date
[Adam Montana] and hyperinflation is not in the picture
[Adam Montana] so I am not worried about the potential being speculated on here.
[Adam Montana] it's simply not based in reality - it's based on fear.
[Adam Montana] I believe Iraq is moving in a positive direction, so my speculation is based on the positive aspects of Iraq
[Adam Montana] not the ugly and remote negative possibilities
[Adam Montana] heck, if we speculate negatively - let's open that can right up
[Adam Montana] what if Iran nukes the entire M.E. - then what's our Dinar worth?
[Adam Montana] nothing!
[Adam Montana] but I don't see that happening either, so I'm not going to worry too much about it Laughing
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] brbrlocke What are you going to do with your freetime when we don't have to do these chats anymore ?
[Adam Montana] fish
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Texas2step Have any tax bills been introducedrecently that would cause higher tax rates than the current 35% short-termcapital gains?
[Adam Montana] Texas2step not specifically addressing the Dinar
[Adam Montana] but don't be so fast to assume we will get ANY kind of capital gains rate
[Adam Montana] you can call the IRS and talk to 100 different agents
[Adam Montana] and you'll only hear that answer about 7 or 8 times
[Adam Montana] of course, the people who insist this will be a Cap Gains scenario will actually call 100 times
[Adam Montana] and when they hear the answer they want, they will stop there and insist that it is right
[Adam Montana] realistically, all of the legislation currently in place leans towards calling this regular income
[Adam Montana] which means 35% fed, + your state, plus AMT if you make over a couple hundred thousand
[Adam Montana] Laughing
[Adam Montana] this question reminds me of a friend
[Adam Montana] He insists that you can write off soooooooo much stuff, and he makes about 200k - so he enjoys doing that
[Adam Montana] "saves" him some money every year
[Adam Montana] my wife shakes her head, and says
[Adam Montana] "Yep, you can write off everything you want, and the IRS will even accept it! Right until they audit you."
[Adam Montana] and that's the truth - it's all good until you're at the audit table
[Adam Montana] then if you insisted on paying cap gains, you will REALLY find out if you were right
[Adam Montana] good luck, that's all I have to say! Laughing
[EagleEye] thanks Adam
[Adam Montana] I'm using my attorneys to guide me - I don't care what those 7 IRS phone agents say
[Bumper64] Great chat Adam!!
[Adam Montana] thanks all, good questions this week!


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