10-2-2011 Guru TonyTNT from another site

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10-2-2011 Guru TonyTNT from another site

Post by Rooster on Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:20 pm

10-2-2011 Guru TonyTNT [via alreadyblessed] all of our information looks GREAT... We are moving forward...there is no bad news!...let's see what happens in the next 24 hrs!

10-2-2011 Guru TonyTNT [via wycoffjul] update ::: from all the info that i am hearing...they are trying to put this thru tonite...we should see this tonite or tomorrow!

10-2-2011 Guru ScottiG We have no control over the activities of Iraq. I have two sources confirming that Erbil has been acomplished and released as well as some other necessary things! Many events have lined up this last week that I believe are critical to the activation of the adjustment of currency! I believe we are still in a very good place. I am hopeful to see some activity tomorrow. Well if we have an RV in the banks,,,,,I will be dancing a jig outside!!


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