Fresh from People Invested Thursday Morning Chat: 9/22/11

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Fresh from People Invested Thursday Morning Chat: 9/22/11

Post by Rooster on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:21 pm

Fresh from People Invested Thursday Morning Chat: 9/22/11

[Fresh] Talked to GeorgiaBoy briefly just

[DINARHOPES] Fresh what did he

[Fresh] He’s feeling worn out as he’s been really busy
this week. Feeling a little under the weather right now. I mentioned gold was
way down and we shared a little mutual excitement. This could be the beginning
of a GOOD day. More updates to come later. Still before 9am here on the east

[Fresh] One thing I have been following closely all
week is the UN meetings – obviously the one’s that have to do with Iraq. It
seems they are still making a lot of progress and expect to see more fireworks
with Talabani even into Friday. If they have all their ducks in a row we could
be looking at the new International rate for Iraq any

[deaconfuzz] Fresh didnt talabani go back to iraq
this morning?

[Fresh] deaconfuzz I don’t believe

[keepsake] Fresh you are so right

[Lady Sarah] Fresh that would be a refreshing change,

[hopeful2&2] Fresh that sounds

[keepsake] Talabani i think no one knows ,,,about were
he at ,,did not see anything on that

[hopeful2&2] Fresh
no that sounds really really good

[Fresh] I’m pretty sure he
will be giving an important speech Friday with the UN … I haven’t looked
around in the news Today… I’ll see if there’s anything official. I was
following leads on the UN most of Yesterday so last I heard he’s still in town
rocking and rolling!

[Fresh] I’m also keeping an eye on the
markets – gold is down about 3% and silver is down almost 7% … Definitely a
surge in the dollar – could be the FED announcement Yesterday – could have
something to do with a BIGGER event

[Fresh] I’ll keep
ya’ll posted on any updates I get Today – Yesterday was pretty busy and a lot of
stuff was coming in! Like I said keep looking for big things coming out of the
UN and let’s get this RV done!

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