Adam Chat 9/21/11 11:00am

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Adam Chat 9/21/11 11:00am

Post by ToddS on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:25 pm

Adam Chat 9/21/11 11:00am

Adam Montana] change of chat schedule
[Adam Montana] hi all!
[Adam Montana] ok, I just posted a new Announcement
Topic: Adam is here in Chat - Be respectful
[Adam Montana] Hi all. I just made an announcement in the announcement section
[Adam Montana] regarding the change of chat time and format
[Adam Montana] we've had issues with people not able to get onto the site or able to get their questions answered
[Adam Montana] so from now on, the chat Question thread will be started on Monday
[Adam Montana] I will close it Wednesday before doing the weekly chat
[Adam Montana] and then the chat will be added to the Q&A thread
[Adam Montana] and it will be available by Wednesday at 7PM
[Adam Montana] so if you can't make it here Wednesday at 7, no problem! Just post your question
[Adam Montana] and then check back when you can
[Adam Montana] my goal here is to make this as easy as possible for all
[Adam Montana] and convenient
[Adam Montana] kcw, can you give me the questions one at a time?
[kcw] Yep
[Adam Montana] Awesome!
[Adam Montana] everyone please stand by while kcw gives me the questions that were asked this week
[Adam Montana] everyone thank you for your patience, kcw is also copying the chat for those that aren't here
[Adam Montana] talk about some mad copy paste skills!

[kcw] ok ready Butterbean - Adam,Do you still think our dinar will rv by Thanksgiving?
[Adam Montana] that question was from Butterbean - butterbean, thanks for the question

[Adam Montana] I hate to give dates, you know that!!! Laughing
[Adam Montana] but in my opinion
[Adam Montana] Thanksgiving is PLENTY of time to get this thing done
[Adam Montana] so I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] cooked - With all the recent talk about the HCL law being passed, can this help trigger the rv if it is true? Thanks
[Adam Montana] cooked, thanks for the question - but the HCL isn't passed.
[Adam Montana] If I can give everyone one bit of advice - PLEASE scroll down to the bottom of this page after the chat and enter your name and email in the boxes below
[Adam Montana] if you are a dinar investor, you will hear a lot of crazy things
[Adam Montana] from bank rumors to alien takeovers, all of them claiming the RV is done... if you get it from me in an email, you can celebrate!
[Adam Montana] if you hear it on the street or on another site... I'm sorry, but most of the time those turn out to be 100% false
[Adam Montana] at this time the HCL is not resolved, but it is NEAR
[Adam Montana] keep the faith, but don't buy into the hype unless you see it on a legitimate news site.
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] teddyjay If you could put a percentage on the possibility of an RV happening in Oct...Nov...Dec...what would that percentage be? What percent would you put on this ever RVing? In Your Honest Opinion...Please
[Adam Montana] I always give my honest opinion teddyjay
[Adam Montana] (It gets me in trouble more often than not! Laughing But I don't have to worry about what I said to whom... I just tell the truth and let a higher power take care of the rest )
[Adam Montana] like I said above, I think Thanksgiving is plenty of time! So the surrounding months are close too.
[Adam Montana] not going to give "percentages" unless we're betting on the odds
[Adam Montana] but my opinion of it EVER rv'ing is absolutely yes
[Adam Montana] I can't give you a rate, but I'll get into that later in the chat on another question
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] DinarThug Adam, what's ur take on the Shabbi TV Interview ?
[Adam Montana] DinarThug - to be blunt, I don't trust a word he says.
[Adam Montana] Half of what he says is smoke, 25% of it is obviously designed to keep people (us and the Iraqis) confused, 15% of it is impossible to read because it's translated, and maybe 10% of it is true...
[kcw] lightfigher - I'm not a crustacean! What is your opinion of bunny-ear, rd , RV?
[Adam Montana] Laughing lightfighter!
[Adam Montana] for those that don't get the "crustacean" reference
[Adam Montana] a lobster is a crustacean, and those that can't understand how the Dinar could possibly go up in value are generally called "L0psters"
[Adam Montana]
[Adam Montana] anyway, my opinion on if it could l0p or not - of course it could!
[Adam Montana] Will it? I don't think so
[Adam Montana] Could it RD?
[Adam Montana] it HAS to
[Adam Montana] they can't raise the value of the dinar without coming out with new denominations
[Adam Montana] how else will they get change at the store?
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] gamblinkid - Better to take only one bank deposit slip at cash-in, let it simmer for 3 days & then write checks out for investments, charities, etc??
[Adam Montana] gamblinkid - I think there's a good question in there but I'm not sure where you are getting the "3 day simmer".
[Adam Montana] let me do this, I'll explain a little about cashing in
[Adam Montana] first, if you haven't read the free "Cash In Guide" PLEASE go get it immediately! It's free, afterall!
[Adam Montana] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[Adam Montana] let me grab a smaller link so it copies better, one sec...
[Linda Bower] Hi Adam, What's your take on chapter 7?
[Adam Montana] Linda Bower was kicked. Please do not interrupt
[Adam Montana] cash in guide short link:
[Adam Montana] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[Adam Montana] there, that's better
[Adam Montana] ok back to the question - I'm not sure who said to let it "simmer" for 3 days, but I know of no such rule or requirement. As soon as you are able to begin wisely investing, you should
[Adam Montana] for the VIP members, I have organized specific strategies - both offshore and domestic - to reduce tax liabilities and reinvest the dinar or the profits on the dinar
[Adam Montana] I've spent MANY dollars finding the right professionals to guide us in these matters.
[Adam Montana] and I'll release those names, categorized by area, as soon as the RV is announced
[Adam Montana] for anyone that is NOT VIP, I am simply going to tell you when it has happened (by email), and I'll advise you to immediately get professional advice
[Adam Montana] thanks for the question
[Adam Montana] next please?
[kcw] leanonme - The United Nations annual assembly that is going on in New York this week seems like a good platform for Iraq to have chapter 7 sanctions lifted. I havn't heard of Talbanni going to have a face to face with Obama. I don't know if it would be neccessary either. I hope you may know something about this and can elaborate on it during your chat. Thank you
[Adam Montana] leanonme I AGREE! It would be a great platform, and I'm always hearing rumors so I don't put much stock in them... but I believe there is a push to get Chapter 7 done ASAP, and this is a great opportunity
[Adam Montana] regarding Obama, I don't see him going "face to face" - it's not a negotiation between Iraq and the US
[Adam Montana] it's a steady progression and a calculated series of moves between Iraq and the world, in particular the IMF and the UN
[Adam Montana] once the UN agrees to lift those chapter 7 sanctions, I don't see how the IMF can or would stop the rate from rising
[Adam Montana] thanks for the question. Next please?
[kcw] SurfingThe DinarWave - Adam would you define the connection with CH VII and the HCL, Erbil, and the RV if any? I feel we are mislead at times by those who say the RV can't happen do to CH VII when each sanction in CH VII can be lifted with or without the others, and since the only stipulation is internationally traded currency knowing with the passing of the HCL today they would now need that sanction lifted?
[Adam Montana] Thanks Surfing.
[Adam Montana] One key point - HCL was not passed today. The agreements are in place but it is not officially lifted.
[Adam Montana] With that said,
[Adam Montana] the Chapter 7 sancions CAN be lifted independently, and they have been lifting them regularly for some time now
[Adam Montana] There are only a few left, and they are the big ones
[Adam Montana] I listed all of the relevant sanctions in my book, which I don't have open
[Adam Montana] but I can paraphrase
[Adam Montana] the final sanctions remaining prohibit Iraq from possessing any kind of WMD.
[Adam Montana] This would be fine if the entire world was under those sanctions, but that'
[Adam Montana] s not the case
[Adam Montana] to allow the value of the Dinar to rise at this point in time, when Iraq basically has a hand tied behind it's back, would be foolish and irresponsible
[Adam Montana] until Iraq is fully able to operate it's military
[Adam Montana] and the HCL is lifted, allowing Iraq to fully function as a BUSINESS rather than a criminal on house arrest
[Adam Montana] it cannot and will not RV
[Adam Montana] when we see the final Chapter 7 sanctions lifted, which could and SHOULD happen soon (if not any day now!)
[Adam Montana] then we will see the HCL SHOVED through, and THEN the dinar shoudl be completely free to skyrocket
[Adam Montana] next please, I think we're getting to the rate question soon? I'd like to explain what I mean by skyrocket
[kcw] AWLINK- A freind of mine keeps telling me that the dinar can not rv untill some type of agreement or contract with the imf is concluded, and that is not untill feb.2012. The rate has to stay the same {1170 } untill then. Do you know of anything like this?
[Adam Montana] AWLINK I've seen a few things that would suggest that, but in all my research I have always found ways Iraq could get around it
[Adam Montana] basically, I disagree with that opinion
[Adam Montana] next please
[Adam Montana] uh oh aliens have kidnapped kcw
[kcw] edbeach- My question is you had indicated RV your opinion was between $.10- $.30 (cents ) Should this RV come in this low first would not the big boys on Wall Street start investing Millions heavily on the dinar and flood the market which in turn should cause the dinar be worthless again causing the inflation to rise more because of this. Whereby if at least come in $1.00 would be equal 1:1 being more easily to grow from this point where they want to be equal with Kuwaite. Thank you for your time Read more: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ••• YbZwIsSU
[Adam Montana] there we go! The rate question!!!
[Adam Montana] disclaimer: This is my opinion, and I could be completely wrong
[Adam Montana] edbeach that is a GREAT question
[Adam Montana] it's actually where most people get confused, sidetracked, and lose sight of the big picture
[Adam Montana] to sum it up:
[Adam Montana] "If Iraq RVs too low, the big investors will come in strong and make all the profit."
[Adam Montana] This is an understandable assumption, but it is WRONG
[Adam Montana] yes, the big investors will come in and buy it up if they feel it is going to continue to rise
[Adam Montana] and if the rate SHOULD be $1, but it comes out at .10
[Adam Montana] then of COURSE they will come in and buy it up!
[Adam Montana] but at that point, no more large denoms will be being printed
[Adam Montana] the CBI has already accounted for the currency in circulation at that point
[Adam Montana] follow closely here
[Adam Montana] I know many people want to hear it will RV to $3 or $4
[Adam Montana] I think it will come out much lower, then climb up to that range
[Adam Montana] because if they come out high, then they have an IMMEDIATE LIABILITY - a LOT of money owed to cash in the dinar currently in circulation
[Adam Montana] but if they come out low, like at .10 - then they can grab up a bunch of the quick sellers, and resell at a higher rate
[Adam Montana] remember, the CBI makes money on every transaction
[Adam Montana] so the more times they can get people to buy and cash in, the more money they make
[Adam Montana] if they come out at .10, then raise to .15, then raise to .20. all the way to $3.00... they make MUCH more than if they do a straight RV to $3
[Adam Montana] I hope that makes sensde
[Adam Montana] HOPEFULLY we will be able to hold our currency, watch all the crazies cashing in, buying, selling, etc... and just like a great stock, just wait until it hits $3 to sell
[Adam Montana] if they place a limit on time to cash in the big notes, then we just take our profit and be happy
[Adam Montana] That was a GREAT question though, and like I said - I hope I'm wrong!
[Adam Montana] I'd much rather take a huge gain immediately
[Adam Montana] but I am prepared to invest wisely and ride this bull any way it needs to be riden
[EagleEye] Adam Montana thank you so much for your time and input as always !
[Adam Montana] I'm done, open floor
[pluMmet] thanks!
[Adam Montana] thanks everyone

11:35 AM [Sheree] Adam Montana Adam Montana how long do you think it will take to climb to $3? 4-5 years maybe?
11:35 AM [jimbobcookie] Adam Montana say hi to sonny1
11:35 AM [kcw] let me edit and I will post it
11:35 AM [Adam Montana] Sheree a few years
11:35 AM [Sheree] Adam Montana ty
11:35 AM [Adam Montana] jimbobcookie sure thing bud
11:35 AM [babycakes61] Adam Montana Thanks Big Guy!
11:35 AM [gp49] Thanks Adam
11:35 AM [Monielynn] Adam Montana Thanks Adam That Was Much Better Than The Usual Chats With All The Silly ?'s
11:36 AM [Adam Montana] Monielynn I agree! Ok I have a ton of work to do
11:36 AM [Adam Montana] thank you all for a pleasant and respectful chat

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