9-21-2011 Adam Montana ON HIS SITE

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9-21-2011 Adam Montana ON HIS SITE

Post by Rooster on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:21 pm

9-21-2011 Adam Montana ON HIS SITE

This is my opinion, to sum it up: "If Iraq RVs too low, the big investors will come in strong and make all the profit." This is an understandable assumption, but it is WRONG. yes, the big investors will come in and buy it up if they feel it is going to continue to rise and if the rate SHOULD be $1, but it comes out at .10 then of COURSE they will come in and buy it up! but at that point, no more large denoms will be being printed. the CBI has already accounted for the currency in circulation at that point. follow closely here, I know many people want to hear it will RV to $3 or $4. I think it will come out much lower, then climb up to that range because if they come out high, then they have an IMMEDIATE LIABILITY - a LOT of money owed to cash in the dinar currently in circulation but if they come out low, like at .10 - then they can grab up a bunch of the quick sellers, and resell at a higher rate, remember, the CBI makes money on every transaction, so the more times they can get people to buy and cash in, the more money they make. if they come out at .10, then raise to .15, then raise to .20. all the way to $3.00... they make MUCH more than if they do a straight RV to $3. HOPEFULLY we will be able to hold our currency and...just wait until it hits $3 to sell. if they place a limit on time to cash in the big notes, then we just take our profit and be happy. I hope I'm wrong!


Adam Montana my opinion of it EVER rv'ing is absolutely yes. in my opinion
Thanksgiving is PLENTY of time to get this thing done. So the surrounding months are close too. HCL was not passed today. The agreements are in place but it is not officially lifted...don't buy into the hype unless you see it on a legitimate news site. if you are a dinar investor, you will hear a lot of crazy things from bank rumors to alien takeovers, all of them claiming the RV is done...if you hear it on the street or on another site... I'm sorry, but most of the time those turn out to be 100% false.


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