Frank/Delta: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/20/11

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Frank/Delta: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/20/11

Post by Bandit1 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:05 pm

Frank/Delta: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/20/11

CBI website is back up. Frank finds it interesting. If the
approach is 7% inflation, that is a dangerous warning sign. It is not the red
zone, but it is the yellow zone. It would trigger for this all to move a lot
faster. As of August, inflation was 7.61%. If it gets into double digits, that
is RED zone. We are IN the double digits now, according to Frank and his Team.
The M2 figures grew. That is at 15+%. Frank is not shocked by this. The lower
denominations have been distributed into the banks. The huge numbers in the
auctions were the lower denominations going into the banks.
Frank voiced
his respect for our government and leaders. President has said he will pay for
the jobs program through a “tax plan”. Obama and Warren Buffett are using a very
interesting phrase, called “the right thing to do” about taxing people who make
more than 1 million per year. They want to tax the rich in order to pay for this
Two days ago there was a media “blackout” – there was an attempt to
do so, anyway. Between Friday and Saturday, NO articles. Today, the articles
started coming out again. More deleting 000s articles. They are focused on one
thing and one thing only. Nothing will stop them. Shabibi was NOT at this
meeting with the media. The 3 advisors sat in front on many media people and
ALSO the USA media. Have you heard anything yet? No. Bluestar asked
Shabibi point-blank about raising the currency. He said “very soon”. He also
mentioned high inflation would be the time for him to trigger it. We have that
NOW. Inflation is our ally. It is our friend.
It is forcing
the RV to go forward. Shabibi’s 3 advisors were asked again,
“When do you plan to add this value that you speak of to your IQD?” We plan to
do this at the beginning of the financial fiscal year 2011 of the GOI.”
Reporters specifically asked about October 1 – yes. Will you leave it at the
program rate? NO. We will put it at its “true rate”. What is that true rate?
Answer: Smiles. Question: Will it be added to the budget? Answer: We will add it
to the salaries. It looks like they want to start the salaries on October 1.
Frank does NOT know that for a fact, though. It will be the lower denominations
that they will use to pay the salaries. “We want to open the new books with the
lower denoms and the new rate”.
Condor sent a message to Bluestar
with the following: Monday, Sept. 19, 2011, Talabani left Baghdad Monday morning
for New York. General Assembly UN will convene Thursday. Condor believes this
could be the precursor for the final asking for release of final sanctions of
Chapter 7.
Delta: New currencies are already in the banks. Nadia’s
sister went to several banks looking for lower denoms, and they said “yes”. The
Financial Committee from Parliament was not giving any details. They just
pointed to Shabibi and his advisors to give all the answers. Shabibi answered
questions, and he answered 70-80% of the questions. He said that the banking
account will never change. Whatever happens is going to be permanently done in
the system. They will be able to use the ATMs. He said that every citizen will
be able to keep their money, and they are NOT GOING TO LOP. He was responding to
the people who were concerned (in the country) and worried that they would lose
their money. They assured the people that their money is safe and that they
would not be losing it. They reported that what they are doing would actually
really help the “power of purchase” – of course, we know this is a revalue.
Shabibi was asked about the time limits…they answered that the higher
denominations will NOT be canceled…they will coexist. They will use both
together. They are hoping their citizens will have all higher denoms cashed in
by 2013. Delta said their body language indicated that they are very comfortable
with this whole situation.
Delta talked about Shabibi being asked about
the problems. Shabibi told the Iraqi citizens to be very comfortable because he
said even though the GOI has issues with politics, but the CBI has NO issues
with the economy. The economy and the money is stable. Shabibi told the people
they are “under the umbrella of the IMF”. Who controls the IMF? The USA!
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Here’s the last little bit:
Talabani speaks to the UN
this Thursday. Delta says this particular trip to the UN has no bearing on the
RV. Delta reiterates that the CBI is independent of the GOI. They do NOT need
the approval of the GOI in order to release the rate.
Delta reiterated
that the whole Team believes that this should happen before October 1, because
this would be the first of the fiscal year. All of the lower denominations have
been delivered.
Frank mentioned earlier in the call that the question had
been asked about the rate, but there was no answer – only smiles. They did NOT
answer that question. The reporter was given the understanding that he needed to
go to another question without an answer to that one. No one gave the rate
during that interview.
Delta feels that we should see something
at any moment, and that they have to do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday or
Thursday. He believes it needs to be done before the 29th in order to be active
on the 1st of October.

Delta says we are really in high alert from
Tuesday-Thursday this week and then again next week from Tuesday-Thursday. Keep
your eyes open!

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