DebTarHeelGirl (PTR call 1pm 9-19-11): OOM 9/19/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

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DebTarHeelGirl (PTR call 1pm 9-19-11): OOM 9/19/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:24 pm

DebTarHeelGirl (PTR call 1pm 9-19-11): OOM 9/19/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

Dan says LOTS of info coming
out of ME – TONY is not here may pop in and out –

We found out lots of
calls from ME from Lebanon, Kuwait, confirming what we are hearing from
Kurdistan right now – and what they are doing to M is good news for us- Kurd
vote put him there and the news articles I have seen not that I have full faith
in them to me it’s really good news of what we have… TONY
states good info hearing all kinds of good stuff – week being a good week – TONY

Dan says that there are rumors and we get this a lot…
Rumors of vote of no confidence putting a new PM in would be 2-4 months – so we
are going to discuss rumors out there…we get these a lot…because of what the
Kurds are doing…not going to let M …Kurds talking about pulling their vote
and if they decide to put in another Gov…so important for our investment for M
and others to take the Kurds seriously Friday we heard that this does need to
take action NOW according to Dr. Todd and with Italy and other countries this
really needs to take place… talked with Dr Todd and others names I won’t say,
lots going on behind the scene, Italy etc., and that’s even more detrimental to
our world economy…

TONY is hearing excellent news he
decided to pick by Friday as a day out of the hat – GOT lots of good
explanations – the blue DOTS have turned green now – and that is good… some
activity on Friday that 100% that they did try to RV on Friday and it did not go
through and we will see some more attempts again this week… Facts is its
being set up in order and countries are doing what they are to do and Just maybe
the ones we heard had RV’d over weekend that is a new process they are doing
instead of doing it all at one time – who really knows – something is happening
and folks on the other side are very happy and I know some thought about selling
their dinar and getting out I am telling you DO NOT SELL YOUR
DINAR _ ITS ALL GOOD NEWS….We are getting all kinds of info overseas right now
we are all trying to put it together…

Dan shares a call that just
came in….Verify articles from a PDF we got and that stuff and corresponds with
the news – these 4 people I get info from and it’s amazing about their care for
YOU and the public – they said this is real extremely close ad Telebani and M
meeting and Telabani shared with M that this is serious and there is some other
things going on and Dan says it’s really good news and we are on the timeline
for this happen before the Month of October… or there will be issues…and me and
TONY had a call earlier and we got info about Diff currencies changing and I
strong believe being the IQD is about to hit the international market they are
not going to happen UNTIL POST RV…

When the IQD RV’s they will all hit
the baskets at the same time… these countries forgave the debts, oil credits,
dollars and what they will gain when iqd revalues means their own currencies
will revalue… not really Rv’ing but changes in these countries currencies….
TODAY is a good time says DAN and tomorrow and the texting and call you will
receive from us… hypothetically..let’s say that the iqd rv’s today thru
wed…the text message i understand how that goes out…not for those who have
not paid…get phone call email and text

DAN states that
the next 72 hours are very important so be on stand by…I think the news
about the Kurds is good and I do believe we are getting some things out of the
way and today I have to say I try to low key myself I am NOT curbing myself but
I am stoked… Still DO NOT go and do not put your rent money etc. on Reserves…Dan
states Maliki is in severe danger/trouble & if he steps down he will be in
prison if he even lives as if he steps down–he has been warned-he took Billions
of dollars, he has hidden artifacts if he does not pay attention now he has a
short life span…

TONY says do not put too much emphasis
on the M thing – Shabibi has more control of the RV at this point and with
Bernanke saying “this is what we are going to do” this means that we have to
have this done…WE are way too far into this to start over – removal of anyone of
those people would mean a start over and would put us into another year and look
around at the world economy can you serious think this can wait another year?
Let them to what they are doing and you will see some things as we are
TOO CLOSE… Dan stated Dr. Todd said Maliki could stop this but Shabibi is the
one that makes these decision and the PDF I got that states today that the
raising the IQD rate will be staged from the government and it’s what Shabibi is
pointing to the Gov. changes will affect the dinar exchange rate according to
this translation…

TONY says Shabibi came out of the weekend stated this
would be done… my opinion based on all the pieces of the puzzle that i have
believe that Shabs can do this … don’t see M being removed and starting the
process all over… DAN He will decide, not much other options for M ..not that I
don’t think it can’t happen, just not at this point in time…

Dan says the reason I am excited today is due to individuals giving
us PDF docs to us today and seeing it is in the news articles too and the
validation there is not saying this week but folks smarter than me say it’s upon
us…pushing it is looking at TUESDAY & T meeting with IMF Tuesday they
have so much to do they have moved it to two days. I do see this happening
before end of Sept.

Dan say folks smarter than me say it’s upon
us…pushing it is looking at TUESDAY & T meeting with IMF Tuesday they have
so much to do they have moved it to two days

Tony states that he is
getting good news RIGHT NOW got calls the banking systems are being worked &
they see the screens changing & with the info we got this AM they are
excited. WAIT also as God is my witness there are things going on that we can’t
say …but you guys are going to love it!

TONY just got
a Call from Iraq NOW will verify this –Lower denoms are being passed out in
banks today -Shabibi came on TV 45 min interview shown all weekend speaking on
how to re LD’s & NOW CALL from IRAQ our sources went to bank today lower
denoms are out all over -trying to confirm some more -he says they are excited
as almost every bank has given them out over there-we are looking for that

Tony states got a call again Banks has gone to green dot from
blue now & we are waiting to hear back from them – green dots are at the
banks they are seeing a series of green dots which they state are preparing for
final rates to drop in…TONY STATES [size=24]Things will happen
at the banks before FOREX

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