R2E2 Friend says early October thru 2012 9-19-2011 ON ANOTHER SITE

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R2E2 Friend says early October thru 2012 9-19-2011 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:09 pm

R2e2 post at OOMF

I thought I would share this with everyone, This is GREAT news!!

My best friend was an Army Ranger back in the mid 80’s to early 90’s of course he is out now but many of his buddies have gone the route of Independent Contractors in various foreign countries. One of his close Ranger buddy is a contractor in Iraq with one of the big “consulting” groups.

For future reference in this post I will refer to my friend as “Ranger” and refer to his buddy in Iraq as “Contractor” trust me, it will be less confusing this way, lol

I talked to Ranger about this Dinar and the Revalue situation. I want to get him involved because I want to see him and his family blessed! He is a bit skeptical but has nothing to back up his skepticism with. Ranger said he would try to get a hold of a friend (Contractor) and ask a few questions.

Now I didn’t give that much thought as I know how difficult it is to track someone down in Iraq especially when they don’t want to be found. So I said to myself “let’s just drop this, he is just being nice not wanting to hurt my feelings by saying no to this” So, I left the subject and never brought it up again with him.

This late morning I get a call from Ranger and he said he just talked with Contractor a little bit ago. I was shocked!! Needles to say, I never thought he would contact him, I thought he was blowing me off.
He actually asked Contractor about the Dinar, the RV and the situation on the ground. Contractor told Ranger that he himself is heavily invested in Dinar and that this is “Legit”.

Now for the bad news, I never thought Ranger would actually talk to the Contractor so I didn’t give him any specifics on what to ask so the following information is what Ranger called a “Situation Report” from Contractor.

Contractor said that Political situation in Iraq is in Chaos and full of corruption. Contractor said that the word in the street is pretty quiet on this. What intel he has been hearing varies from person to person depending on their connections. He said that the general word points to the RV taking place in early October! And maybe as far as early 2012 (I was really excited when Ranger told me this info).

That was the extent of the info that Ranger said the Contractor relayed.
I asked Ranger if he would be able to keep in touch with Contractor from here on out? Ranger said he thinks he could make that happen.

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