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[BondLady] ok lets get started

[BondLady] after posting 70 articles

[BondLady] we have a lot to go over

[BondLady] mainly
involving a lot of reading
[BondLady] but its good for ya

[BondLady] Economic reason to activate the action tariff alkmerket
and specialist traders leave Date: Sunday 18-09-11 11: 18 am Baghdad
(newsletter). The Economist said on behalf of the beautiful, that causes
disruption of the Iraqi economy is due to the lack of clear strategic plans and
frequent indiscriminate importation of the goods of others disciplined, calling
for the need to activate the work and give alkmerket tariff specialist holidays
for Iraqi businessmen. Beautifully reporter (News Agency news) Sunday: the
disruption of the economy resulting from the lack of clear strategic plans
import random others disciplined, so put non-conforming goods to specifications
and consumer and non-productive and this creates chaos in the Iraqi economy.

[BondLady] And invited the Government to activate the work beautiful
tariff alkmerket for goods entering the country, stressing the entry materials
of all kinds of global production companies known to benefit citizens, and give
specialist holidays for traders to regulate the import operation is not allowed
to import food dealer medicines and vice versa. Economic expert stressed the
need for accurate census by the Ministry of planning required by the needs of
the citizen and the amount consumed in quantity, and continued there are
currently no import permits and the quantity imported causing conflict and this
leads to a big mess in the economy. This House voted in June to alkmerket tariff
law and was for a period, and as a result of higher prices, the Government
decided to postpone the legislation early next year./finished/8 n. y..

ok this tax article

[BondLady] its talking about getting more imports in
and giving them special prices to get the products in
and the kind of
products that fit the peoples needs

[BondLady] because of this like what
happened to them at ramadan which caused huge inflation spikes

they need to do some regulating to keep the merchants from being so greedy at
the expense of the poor people who had to buy things

[BondLady] ok let me
go grab the next one

[BondLady] but

[BondLady] before i

[BondLady] the WTO and the world bank

[BondLady] both have told
iraq they need to do the tariff taxes

[BondLady] it supports the state
and the economy

[BondLady] also helping with infrastructure projects an
maintenance of them roads, bridges etc gov .salaries

[BondLady] like
taxes here for us and what they support

[BondLady] ok let me go find the
next 1

[BondLady] Attorney Al-yasseri: Iraq suffers from accumulating
the money supply.Warns of counterfeit currency during delete zeros Date: Sunday
18-09-11 10: 49 am Baghdad (newsletter).He is a member of the Finance Committee
and the National Alliance Deputy//Abdul Hussein Al-yasseri, a delete zeros from
the currency will impact negatively on the Iraqi economy if it is carefully
studied by specialists in financial and monetary matters, saying that the money
supply would remain unchanged, the value of deleting zeros. He added Al-yasseri
(News News Agency) Sunday: draft delete zeros or the so-called monetary reform
would be a negative impact on the Iraqi economy if it is being studied by
experts and specialists in financial and monetary matters and to know its
effectiveness and how to get rid of the money supply, saying that the money
supply would remain unchanged, no value to deleting zeros from the currency

[BondLady] Al-yasseri said that Iraq suffers from accumulating
the money supply that arrives (3) trillion dinars, likely that accompany the
process of deleting zeros set of problems, most notably between the creditor and
the debtor when the other one million paid by him to 1,000 dinars, then does not
satisfy, and continued: forgeries also contribute to this project as in (2004)
when switching the currency broke with many problems, he said the Central Bank
to carefully in this project and not speed up the application, And the need to
explain in detail and put the results to the economic and credible Iraqi
citizen. Finance Committee member commented on statements by Prime Minister
Counsellor for Economic Affairs Abdullah al-Husayn Al-Anbuge, who warned that
the process of money laundering, during the process of replacing the currency
and delete zeros by saying: I don’t think that size speaking counsel about
corruption and money laundering where very extremist against this process (in
his words), indicating to him that each group face risks must be the Central
Bank to clarify his view to queries posed by economists so we can Get the full
conviction that this project will serve the Iraqi economy./finished/8 y. n/…

see this line

[BondLady] Al-yasseri said that Iraq suffers from
accumulating the money supply that arrives (3) trillion dinars, likely that
accompany the process of deleting zeros

[BondLady] 3

[BondLady] likely that accompany the process of deleting

[BondLady] so is this saying they’ve printed up 3 trillion lower

[BondLady] and that there worried about crooks coming in
with a huge amount of paper to rip off the merchants with

because we’ve already seen in articles from like a month ago

how these crooks already knew because of shabibis efforts to tell the people
what the ld’s would look like

[BondLady] and have the 3 languages on

[BondLady] the crooks already made there own ld’s an would wait till
merchants or gas station attendants had long lines an they couldn’t check the
money very good

[BondLady] so the merchants knew also the ld’s were

[BondLady] but they hadn’t seen them yet

[BondLady] so they
took the counterfeit thinking they had been released

[BondLady] this
should have in itself speeded up the things from the cbi

[BondLady] that
was in june when those arts came out

[BondLady] but the cbi was slow
played by bickering politicians who dont seem to have any thing better to do
than to watch there economy an country go down

[BondLady] but still
shabibi worked on it

[BondLady] let me go get the next

[BondLady] brb

[BondLady] Economist: inflation and taxes than
deal with Visa card. And instruments limited Date: Sunday 18-09-11 10: 55 pm
Baghdad (newsletter).Economic expert considered Salam smism difficulty taxing
wealth to reduce the deficit and reduce inflation in Iraq, because of market
crises such as unemployment. She said samim (News Agency for children) Sunday:
taxation may recession adversely affect inflation, Government advocate to
withdraw cash from the market and provide Visa card walkridt card and
instruments. Smism explained that the financial authorities, tax Department
possesses can reduce inflation and alleviate disability as an instrument of
public revenues is a key element of its components, and followed up, when you
want the State to reduce import tax, but Iraq cannot impose taxes to deal with
inflation and that there are crises and problems such as unemployment coincides

with “”, in the case of taxation will economic recession adversely affected by
inflation. “

[BondLady] Smism invited government loan relief because it
will increase the availability of funds in the market and by reducing the
monetization and use instruments & visas card wekridt card, these are things
that reduce inflation “. This was count Economist Ahmed abrihi in the earlier
statement (News News Agency): to achieve control over inflation (5%) 2012 place
only by taking two directions, one to increase the supply of goods and services
and to restrict government spending as soon as the offer. Abrihi said: “can
control inflation as Finance Ministry was able to avoid inflationary pressures
through followed two directions, one to increase the supply of goods and
services and to restrict government spending so it can display.” Abrihi said:
“that controlling inflation begins by controlling aggregate demand and improving
supply, so that the total aggregate demand is on the extent to which the goods
and services are available in Iraq, noting that the role of the Ministry of
Finance directing Government expenditure until the laitgaz view. The annual
inflation rate in Iraq to (7.1%) In July (6.4%) In June, driven primarily by
rising rents of houses, “./finished/12

[BondLady] this is a great article

[BondLady] its talking
about several things

[BondLady] taxes again

[BondLady] saying how
at this time it would be hard to tax the people the way there economy is right

[BondLady] and they could have used these tariffs to combat

[BondLady] but they cant do that to the people right

[BondLady] with an exchange rate of 1170 basically

but they do say how the taxes would help the economy a lot if the government
wouldn’t spend or steal all of the money brought in by these

[BondLady] then they go on to talk about e money

visa cards an other forms of debit an credit cards

[BondLady] how these
will also support the fragile economy and also cut down of thieves stealing from
the people

[BondLady] put it on a card an u have less of

[BondLady] also it would cut down on the currency also in the

[BondLady] and thats what the cbi is trying to do remove the 000
from the markets while at the same time support the economy , banking sector and
the private sector

[BondLady] so putting this program in place is a
really good step for them and the people will have to carry less money and have
less fears of being robbed

[BondLady] and this also would help curb
inflation as there goal for 2012 is to keep inflation around 5% something it
sure isnt right now

[BondLady] ok let me go grab the next one

[BondLady] Parliament calls for the creation of laws governing
electronic trade in Iraq Date: Sunday 18-09-11 10: 44 pm Baghdad (newsletter).
He is a member of the Commission services and the reconstruction of the
Parliament and the National Alliance Deputy//Ihsan Al-Awadi, the need for laws
regulating e-commerce work in Iraq, stressing that Iraqi ministries are unable
to apply the principle of e-Government in their constituencies. He said Al-Awadi
told the reporter (News Agency news) Sunday: there should be laws governing
commerce and control organs prohibited for the purpose of combating piracy and
electronic breaches that lead to great danger to citizens and the State.
Al-Awadi said: that the topic fell within the working draft of e-Government and
ministries that are still unable to applied in services as a result of lack of
knowledge and a thorough understanding of this technology. And invited the
Government to find Al Awadi, mechanisms and methods appropriate to revive
Commerce and which is considered vital to the world’s paragraph, but to say but
the current situation in Iraq is still too early and takes time to bring it into
line with developments in the world.

[BondLady] He said Al-Awadi was the
first reading of the topic electronic signature and adoption by global
corporations and the Government of Iraq, saying such a step to good although
they come too late. He is a member of the Commission services and reconstruction
in Parliament that the Ministry of planning a global companies contracted to
audit and examine relevant equipment on the border, indicating that this company
is starting to take its oversight through a short period in the past failing to
allow the entry of prohibited electronic devices such as eavesdropping or spying
devices or cameras are prohibited as well as shoddy appliances and others
conforming that what hurts a lot to the Iraqi economy./finished/8 n. y..

[BondLady] this is pretty much saying a lot of what i had just said
prior to this article

[BondLady] that they need to get this law done

[BondLady] and for the safety of the people an the

[BondLady] from thieves an counterfeiters

[BondLady] so
its good to see all these things headlining the news today

they are a must for Iraq

[BondLady] which is so corrupt from the top to
the bottom

[BondLady] so this is a really good thing an makes it a less
cash society like it is now and will cut down on a lot of big shots taking
bribes and such e trading is where its at and there also encouraging the people
to trust in the banks and the banking system

[BondLady] to show them they
can have plastic money and they will be safer for using it

[BondLady] ill
brb gonna go try to find the next 1

[BondLady] Postpone work to keep
Iraq’s economy by lame and a viable market for goods bad .. Resan: neighboring
countries and the pressure behind the postponement of customs tariff law Author:
the future of Iraq 18/9/2011 0:00 Baghdad / Iraqi future revealed to the economy
and investment representative for the presence of pressure from the governments
of neighboring countries contributed to the postponement of the law of customs
tariff and attributed that to it is the sole beneficiary of the non-application
of this law. A member of the Committee Deputy Abdul Hussein Resan: The
application of this law will result set benefits, but he also said at the same
time is not without drawbacks. He Husseini: The postponement of the law and not
applied to keep Iraq’s economy is lame and a viable market for goods bad,
causing obstruction of industry and agriculture LAN’s after the cessation of
hundreds of laboratories and factories after 2003, noting that Iraq a signatory
to the Convention on Customs in Brussels of the United Nations issued a law of
customs tariff number (77) of 1955 in force until 2004 when it was canceled by
the head of the Government of CPA, Paul Bremer, No. (9354) and replaced by the
fees the reconstruction of Iraq, noting that this led to stop dozens of
industrial plants and still lose the facilities for the same reason, and
materials available on the market, mostly anonymous. Husseini said that there is
to use the policy of flooding the Iraqi market for the elimination of Iraq’s
industry with the knowledge that the average fee starts from exempt to 20% and
the proportion of fees on food is 0.1% meaning it does not have much impact on

[BondLady] stressing that the imposition of this law encourages
the private sector to absorb unemployment, as the statistics the ILO for the
operation and the World Bank for ages confirm the operation of more than 60% of
the workforce from the private sector, and that these statistics confirm that
the plants small and medium-produced 7080% of industrial production in more
advanced countries. Revealed a member of the economic and investment commission
for the postponement of this law is the result of pressure from the governments
of neighboring countries because it is the sole beneficiary of the
non-application of this law, called al-Husseini the government to the need to
apply the system of quality control and start a law customs tariff, refusing to
postpone work with him again. The prime minister, announced on 24 July last,
near the application of tax law and customs tariff to include primarily the
goods and imported goods, which can be manufactured locally, as indicated to the
exclusion of goods and goods in direct contact with the lives of citizens. The
Government announced in the 21 of February, they decided to suspend a law
increasing taxes on goods and imported goods, which was expected to apply early
last March, and noted that the law will be suspended until further notice. And
the Government has already issued, the end of the month of January, a decision
to apply the system of customs tariffs on imported goods, starting from the
month of February, as he emphasized the Legal Adviser to Prime Minister Nuri
al-Maliki, that the government may slow down implementation of the resolution,
fearing higher prices in local markets, He explained that the decision needs to
be legislation by the Council of Representatives.

so we see the taxes more here

[BondLady] and how not allowing the tariff
taxes right now is causing them to go backwards in industry and economics
instead of growing and moving forward

[BondLady] when a lot of the

[BondLady] could be made at home instead of being

[BondLady] so important to build up there private

[BondLady] they had so many factories and businesses but the
government owned most of them

[BondLady] and they’d rather put the money
into there pockets than into the economy

[BondLady] as all of these
things imported has greased the hands of many in Iraq

[BondLady] from
docking at the docks to government

[BondLady] they all took

[BondLady] when they could have had these taxes

[BondLady] and letting them support the economy and get these
factories up an running dairies an agriculture

[BondLady] the pocketed
the money instead

[BondLady] leaving the citizens to basically fend for
themselves the best they could

[BondLady] and with imports come higher

[BondLady] these taxes would help support every thing and be able
to put the people back to work thru government jobs and

[BondLady] these taxes are very important especially to

[BondLady] ok brb with the next 1

[BondLady] Firm action in
granting licenses for the establishment of private banks .. Expert calls for the
government to facilitate and support the work of investment companies Author:
the future of Iraq 18/9/2011 0:00 The future of Iraq / Sudan minimum The
experience of private banks in Iraq’s modern in its dealings banking and because
of the wrong policies that were followed before, where the scaling of the
private sector in the economic process by giving minor roles does not exceed
some light industries, including banking sector, which was prior to 2003
monopolized the government banks only , while the note is the emergence of large
and diverse number of private banks, including Islamic, including investment and
trade, which led to these banks run their money through investment by the
housing and the establishment of plants variety, (the future of Iraq) met with
an expert banker to talk about the phenomenon of private banks and the role of
economic development of the country. member of the Finance Committee in the
House of Representatives MP Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri said that the banks in the
Iraqi civil divided into three sections, the banks have a high potential,
possible and banks are needed to support the third section of the banks is not
suitable for the deposit, indicating that the first banks suitable for the
deposit and the second serve that if the set Financial and other banks should be
reviewed by, to put it is not appropriate.

[BondLady] The Yasiri: that
there is an estimated 40 banks it is necessary to unify and integrate them,
stressing that there are some of them merged and support by foreign banks and
this type of integration to make it be to have the quantity, capacity and speed
to absorb the work well and fast, and the World Bank had allocated $ 10 million
to restructure the Iraqi banks and activate their dealings as the central bank
announced the restructuring of Iraqi banks and it has been the extension of unit
banks for a period of one year because of security concerns. Iraq had decided in
early 2006 restructuring of the banks in order to get rid of the heavy debt,
with the Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced a quest over the next year to
develop an integrated plan for the development of banks and activating the
financial relations in this aspect, and that the government is still limited in
its financial transactions on the government banks approved by 85%, and called
on the Ministry of Finance Central Bank of Iraq to take firm action in granting
licenses for the establishment of private banks. As for the investment
environment and capacity of government institutions at dissolving these
difficulties Yasiri said: first to those who regard its investment it must
support through the facilitation of existing capital by, confirming the absence
of problems on land to investors, as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and after
obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers to give land allocated for
the establishment of residential communities to promote sector investors in the
housing sector and move the economy, noting that the prices of industrial,
agricultural, recreational and commercial will be the rates reduced or almost
symbolic to encourage investment and the entry of investors in the various
forums of the national economy.

[BondLady] He added, will be awarded to
facilities many other investors, Vsttbak all exemptions contained in the
Investment Law No. 13, as amended, relating to tax and customs tariff and the
protection of legal and administrative environment, and continued Yasiri: that
there is cooperation with the municipal districts and provinces to allocate land
to them , and states that the Iraqi parliament approved in October 2006
investment law, but he did not give investors the right to ownership of the
property the project, and equated the Iraqi investors and foreign investment in
each concession, with the exception of real estate ownership, while giving
foreign investors the right to lease land for 50 years, renewable for , the
Council amended the House of Representatives on 13 October 2009, the Investment
Law so that gave the right of the investor Iraqi and foreign ownership of land
and property belonging to the state allowance determined in the accordance with
special regulations, as well as giving them the right to own land and property
belonging to the mixed and private sectors to establish housing projects
exclusively. The member of the Finance Committee : it was supposed to receive
the investing companies that enter the country well and work on the development
of banks because it is the body that develop through them and that promote all
business events and economic and investment fields. and annoyed Yasiri of front
companies that enter the country, where he must make sure that gravity and the
reputation and history company through the disclosure of potential financial and
morale high and the potential of the process to avoid what happened in the
Ministry of Electricity by signing with fake companies.

see this goes back to all I have been saying up there

[BondLady] support
the banks thru the private sector an from the people and big business who wish
to help rebuild iraq and its economy

[BondLady] they dont want foreigners
to own land

[BondLady] and the banks wouldn’t give guarantees to big
businesses when they’d come to town to do major projects they wouldnt guarantee
they would get paid for there work

[BondLady] so the world bank stepped
in an said they would guarantee that in most big projects

[BondLady] i
mean something had to give here cause the gov an parl sure wasnt doin what they
needed to to get the ball rollin here

[BondLady] an iraq was losing
literally billons and billons every month because they just cant seem to find
there way out of a paper bag

[BondLady] to be so greedy that they cant
seem to see what they need to do to make money

[BondLady] they have to
spend money

[BondLady] and they dont wanna do that

[BondLady] they
feel like there country is so rich u ought a pay them just to come in an do
something for them

[BondLady] pretty ate up mentality

[BondLady] so big economic leaders and banks an wto and imf they
have all stepped in to try to get this going

[BondLady] and they need to
get the smaller banks up to par so they can also play there part in restoring
iraq to its glory

[BondLady] ok let me go grab the next

[BondLady] brb

[BondLady] Economic parliamentary: failure of
the Iraqi economy is due to administrative chaos Sunday, September 18 /
September 2011 13:08 Hits: 41 User Rating: / 0 PoorGood Twilight News / The
Commission on the economy and investment in the House of Representatives,
Sunday, that the most important reasons for “failure” of the Iraqi economy back
to “administrative chaos”, warning that the continuation of this mess will push
the economy into serious decline. A member of the parliamentary Economic
Committee Nahida Daini’s ” Twilight News “that” the most important reasons for
failure of the Iraqi economy back to the administrative chaos that pervades all
the ministries that have a link in economic affairs. ” It is said that an
adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge had
called earlier, to rearrange the economic file format, which provides payment of
the economic wheel with increased frequency away from the confusion that
prevails in the Iraqi economy currently, indicating that the file of the Iraqi
economy is going now hands non-economic and can not promote him to the level of
it in a good position.

[BondLady] Dani explained that “there are many
ministers and ministries are running is not their specialty, and there are many
managers do not have sufficient experience and some of them come out in recent
years, and got the job through the quota system.” Daini and warned that “the
continuation of the administrative chaos will push the economy into serious
decline.” Download Economists all Iraqi political responsibility of the
deterioration of the Iraqi economy after 2003, argued that the political
orientation and visions are not clear to successive governments in Iraq after
2003 led to economic recession and the deterioration of industry and
agriculture, and the lack of clarity of vision as a result of political chaos
and social and economic led to a administrative and financial corruption.

[BondLady] pretty much all i touched on up there

[BondLady] its
a bunch of political bs that keeps iraqs economy in a strangle

[BondLady] and from all of these articles they have out today and
for the last 6 months

[BondLady] it shows it clearly the government and
parliament is the biggest cause for things to not be better by far than what
they are now

[BondLady] so in seeing all these arts today it tells us
they are addressing all of these things

[BondLady] Iraq resumes work
system crossing with Jordan and demanding activating “Orange Card” Sunday,
September 18 / September 2011 10:44 Views: 274 User Rating: / 0 PoorGood
Twilight News / source revealed, Sunday, on the agreement of Iraq and Jordan on
the activation of the system crossing the Iraqi border crossings, as called for
Baghdad to initiate the system of “Orange Card”. The source said the ” Twilight
News “,” The Joint Committee to facilitate transport and trade between Jordan
and Iraq confirmed in a meeting yesterday in Amman, the importance of the
railway link between the two countries, and implementation of the memorandum of
understanding signed between the two sides as to link the railway is important
to develop and facilitate the movement of transport and trade between the two
countries. ” . He added that “the Committee discussed a number of topics of the
most important unifying visa fees for drivers of public transport and their
assistants between the two countries, and the file of air transport in terms of
increasing the number of flights and the removal of various constraints faced by
the airlines in operation to and from the two countries.”

Iraq had signed a memorandum of understanding with Jordan this month included
the initial start the necessary procedures for the mutual recognition of
certificates for products and goods between the two, which will start it next
year. The source indicated that “Iraq demanded the restoration of the orange
card, between the two countries, and a memorandum of understanding provided by
the Jordanian side on the recognition of certificates of civil marine and
facilitate the passage of Jordanian goods transit through Iraq.” It is
noteworthy that the card system, the Orange means by finding insurance card
standard for all cars across the country through an international agreement to
promote tourism and facilitate trade and movement of citizens in their cars on
various types of other countries under a system of compensation for accidents
caused by cars when crossing and walking in territory of the Member States. And
the countries were part of the orange card system are: Jordan, UAE, Bahrain,
Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen. MVA———-q-q.html

[BondLady] so this is a good thing also

[BondLady] as it connects
the rail ways to surrounding countries so imports and exports will be easier and
a lot faster than coming and going by sea and air

[BondLady] this will be
much cheaper and it will really really help iraqs economy

[BondLady] not
only in trade but people riding the trains too

[BondLady] so its a win
win for iraq iffffffffffff

[BondLady] they can keep as shabibi has said
government spending down and the crooks off the profits long enough for it to do
iraq a lot of good

[BondLady] ok let me bring in the next

[BondLady] CBI confirms the use of modern methods to support monetary
policy in the country 09/18/2011 12:59Economyno comments Adviser to the Prime
Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge “Gate of Iraq” BAGHDAD
- The Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, he used the best means to support monetary
policy and raise the level of development of the Iraqi economy. The Iraqi
government has described the cross-chancellor of economic Abdul Hussein
Al-Anbuge yesterday political central bank yesterday, Saturday, as deflationary
and Atsem in support of economic development projects and to achieve real value
of the Iraqi dinar. The Iraqi government is seeking to annex it independent
bodies including the CBI claiming to reduce the differences between monetary
policy and finance.

[BondLady] The deputy governor of the Central
Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that
“the Iraqi Central Bank uses the best economic means to support monetary policy
and raise the value of the Iraqi dinar and maintain the exchange rate and
economic development desired by coordinating with fiscal policy of the
government.” He added that ” the central bank has to coordinate with all
government financial institutions and Ayaana of economic isolation as he runs
monetary policy according to economic measures to prevent contraction of
monetary policy. ” He pointed out that “the central bank was able to develop a
mechanism under the umbrella of the International Monetary Fund to tackle its
debt finance and maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar” .

[BondLady] The
central bank says it has succeeded in raising the level of economic development
because of the stability of monetary policy as the unemployment rate dropped
from 52% to 15% and the level of the poverty line from 54% to 23% and inflation
declined overall level of 65% to 6% and higher output power of 3500 MW to 8000
MW The main tasks of the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain price stability and the
implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies, and
management of reserves of foreign currency, and the issuance of currency
management, as well as to regulate the banking sector ..

isnt shababy awesome

[BondLady] hes saying so the government thought my
monetary policy was wrong

[BondLady] see look at all i did with my
monetary policy

[BondLady] this goes back to shabibi saying to the people
to trust him and the cbi as he never let them down before and wont

[BondLady] and he says he is using modern means to support his
monetary policy

[BondLady] like all the articles i have just shown

[BondLady] banking

[BondLady] visa credit and debit

[BondLady] electronic trading

[BondLady] and that hes now
ready to go to his next monetary policy

[BondLady] and work to bring in
the lower denominations and give a new rate to there money which all of it
supports the economy

[BondLady] unemployment and loans to small

[BondLady] and with the taxes a lot of government projects in

[BondLady] and it will also bring down

[BondLady] shabibi knows the plan and how to do

[BondLady] the government just needs to work on setting the government
and let shabibi do what shabibi does and get the country back in order

[BondLady] brb with the next one

[BondLady] Central:
able to manage economic development in Iraq if it failed to other institutions
09/17/2011 18:42Economy , Uncategorizedno comments Baghdad, “Iraqi gate”
economics editor Deputy Central Bank Governor Dr Saleh said that the appearance
of “the central bank is able to manage economic development in Iraq if they
failed to other institutions of that.” Saleh added, “The claim by some people on
the failure of central bank policy in dealing with the monetary situation in
Iraq, not only out of envy and malice on the success of the reform process
achieved by the Central Bank during the past years”, describing it as “just talk
cheap,” according to his opinion. It quoted “Alsumaria News” for the benefit on
the sidelines of a seminar hosted by the Institute of economic reform, on
Saturday, that “the Central Bank exercises its policy in coordination with
fiscal policy and government agencies around the entire treatment indebtedness
of Iraq’s foreign, who arranged it signed agreements with the International
Monetary Fund,” explaining that ” What he was talking about some work on the
isolation of the central bank and Tbaeidh for other state institutions, is false
and the evidence that everyone is still operating under the umbrella of the
International Monetary Fund to deal with debts and loans obtained by Iraq. “

[BondLady] The World Bank has called on Iraq to conduct a number of
economic reforms, including raising subsidies on oil derivatives, and the ration
card against the cancellation of foreign debt, estimated at more than $ 120
billion. Saleh said, that “the central bank has achieved its objectives through
the balance sheet and build large reserves supported the Iraqi dinar and created
a stable him,” pointing out that “the Iraqi dinar exchange rate has witnessed
stable, as well as low inflation, the level of prices to the level of one
decimal place.” He continued that “the development policy of Iraq is not the
responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq, as well as with the establishment of
projects, because it is the responsibility of fiscal policy,” and wondered about
“the ability of fiscal policy in building production plants or power stations or
hospitals.” It quoted “Alsumaria News” at the same meeting, Adviser to the Prime
Minister for Economic Affairs, Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge, “The monetary policy
of the Central Bank of Iraq in addressing the economic situation” wrong “because
it should be adapted to other policies and development programs”

[BondLady] He added that “the central bank used a deflationary policy in
the reform of the Iraqi currency, relying on monetary reform without economic”
and that “the central bank should not address inflation alone to ensure the
stability of the Iraqi currency and repair, but it must mean addressing economic
recession and unemployment in Iraq because this would contribute to the
development of the country economically. ” The Anbuge that “the central bank
does not coordinate policies with other economic system in the country to
address the situation,” noting that “there is a misunderstanding of the issue of
independence by the bank.” He said that “independence does not mean that
decisions are never taken by the bank away from the interests of the economy,
which is supposed to be ruling in that,” he continued that “monetary policy
should be adapted to other economic policies.” It is noteworthy that this is not
the first time that the attack on an adviser to the prime minister for economic
affairs, Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge, the central bank, as it was considered in
the twenty-fifth of August last, to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency is “the
biggest corruption” in Iraq if it had been done in this period, pointing out
that they fall under the rubric of “economic absurdity,” warning “mafias
currency” is preparing to rig the trillion Iraqi dinars to replace them in the
light of the planned changes

[BondLady] this is shabibi telling the goi off an telling it to butt out
of cbi business

[BondLady] government control over every thing has proved
to be the downfall of there economy

[BondLady] as it just sits an

[BondLady] shabibi doesnt procrastinate

[BondLady] he
gets things done

[BondLady] and he has a huge amount of very smart and
important people all over the world as u can see in this article to advise him

[BondLady] and shabibis record is untouchable

[BondLady] he knows
what hes doing just let him do it an stop interfering

[BondLady] he wants
to make there currency a proud currency again

[BondLady] and make a
flourishing iraq again
[BondLady] and he will

[BondLady] cbi is
independent of the government

[BondLady] but it doesnt stop the goi from
throwing rocks at shabs an the cbi when they get a chance

shabibi wouldnt allow maliki to have any of the reserves

[BondLady] if
he’d have spent all the money they had an spent it wisely on the projects like
electricity just to name 1 then he would have extra money

[BondLady] to
build the port fao or to fund the 2012 budget or to move the people associated
with article 140

[BondLady] but he wasnt a good steward over iraqs

[BondLady] an shabibi will make sure maliki nor the gov or parl
can get there hands on the reserves as that backs the lower denominations and
the dinar in circulation

[BondLady] and the new exchange rate

[BondLady] ok let me go get the next one


[BondLady] Abawi: Iraq will call for the respect of sovereignty and
support out of Chapter VII in New York 18/09/2011 – 20:15 Baghdad / Justice ,
said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abawi, Iraq will call
during his participation in United Nations meetings in New York to respect the
sovereignty and support out of Chapter VII. The Abbawi that “Iraq will
participate in meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations at its
sixty-sixth session in New York In the delegation headed by President Jalal
Talabani, accompanied by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari at the head of a
delegation from his ministry, “without specifying a date to go

[BondLady] He added that President Talabani,” will address
Iraq and include what we achieved and the tasks they are facing and put the
political process, Iraq’s external relations “, referring to the that Iraq “will
invite the world to further solidarity with him in the economy, development and
respect for its borders and sovereignty, and how to support its efforts to
emerge from Chapter VII,” unlikely to include the word threads Port Mubarak or
Alqsfin Iranian and Turkish. and the complexity of the General Assembly of the
United Nations in September of each year, a session in the presence of all
members of the international organization’s 192 members, and receive all the
hearing her state, and then makes recommendations to other United Nations organs
according to the jurisdiction of international security, such as the
International Court of Justice and others.

huge chance iraq will come out of chapter 7 at this meeting

very huge chance of it

[BondLady] all they have to do imo and from all
the articles I’ve been reading lately

[BondLady] is leave kuwait alone
and stop with all the stupid threats against there port

[BondLady] cant these dummies remember what put them into ch
7 to begin with?

[BondLady] they were a threat to

[BondLady] what have they been doing

[BondLady] threatening

[BondLady] sayin they were setting up rockets to bomb there ports
an things

[BondLady] i mean how stupid can u get

[BondLady] even
after the un and the imf and the usa and britain an many other

[BondLady] told Iraq ,kuwait has done nothing

[BondLady] they are entitled to build there port

its on kuwait property

[BondLady] iraq is such a jealous

[BondLady] afraid some 1′s gonna get more than

[BondLady] for 2 yrs iraqs been talking about building there own
port fao

[BondLady] whats the hold up

[BondLady] the goi an
parliament is

[BondLady] because instead of getting things done pass laws
set the gov do what they should be doing and serve the people in there positions
that the people voted them in to do because they thought they’d have a better

[BondLady] what happened

[BondLady] the goi would rather
fight and barter than get any real thing done

[BondLady] so kuwait goes
on with there project

[BondLady] an all the gov an parliament have to do
is just shut up

[BondLady] stop the threats


[BondLady] good chance if they do this

[BondLady] an im so
glad its talabani heading for the un meeting

[BondLady] he does love iraq
an the people

[BondLady] and it would be a awesome thing for iraq to come
out of decades of sanctions

[BondLady] anyways i know this was

[BondLady] hope u all leave feeling like u learned something

[BondLady] and i hope ive been accurate and ty all for ur

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