11 Bravo (Guru with a Gaurantee): DV 9/18/11

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11 Bravo (Guru with a Gaurantee): DV 9/18/11

Post by Rooster on Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:56 pm

11 Bravo (Guru with a Gaurantee): DV 9/18/11

Well many called it this week, but nope!

Relax everyone. I do not feel this is just around the corner.

Here are some things that I do know from first hand info.

Maliki stil there, BS about him being removed are all lies. At this point.
There have always been talks about his removal, and they have never been true.
I asked about The reported TV announcement, and did not get confirmation.
I would say that this is a lie, but I can not disprove for sure.

I find it hard to believe that the Erbil Agreement has not been completed.
I feel that this is the starting point for everything to go global.
This agreement would do a ton to help stabilize Iraq.
Believe me the Kurds feel that they are not represented fairly, and
we are on the verge or having some major issues because of this.
Iran is doing everything they can to rock the boat too.

I said last week that I thought this agreement would get done, and it wasn’t.
That to me is not a good sign. I know where this agreement was in the process, and having not been passed
says quiet a bit. You must have an understanding of the past sectarian relationships to
understand the importance of this agreement. Plus it jump starts developement.

Here is another little bit of info.
Obama is not holding this up!
Having this Rv would solve all of his problems, and allow him to
develope programs to define his legacy.
He is not holding this up.

Sorry Folks, but here it is. 0% chznce of RV this week.

Now lets get to the good stuff.

Make yourself a millionaire.

Pick one game against the line. (with a legal gaming establishment)
Start at twenty dollars, and let it ride the next week.

Last week I picked the Eagles and won.
Up 20 dollars

Letting it ride with the Jets-8.5



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