WHAT TO MAKE OF IT ALL? – Scotti G post OOMF Late Sat. night: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/18/11

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WHAT TO MAKE OF IT ALL? – Scotti G post OOMF Late Sat. night: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/18/11

Post by Rooster on Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:52 pm

WHAT TO MAKE OF IT ALL? – Scotti G post OOMF Late Sat. night: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/18/11

It seems I continue to be called on to be a voice of reason, focus and balance. I am aware that the information shared in chat last night caused quite a stir. I heard from people all around the country today asking my take on things. So here it goes.

I do not think anyone of us has perfect clarity on what is going on in this RV process. I can tell you that I listen to information from one end of the spectrum to the other end. All of this is coming from ‘most reliable and credible sources’. Really now!?!?!? As I mentioned the other day…I really was surprised when I did not get a call from ‘the banker’ Friday morning by 6:30 AM. I was as close to being certain that the RV was done than at any other time before, but I resisted saying anything in the chat or forums because in spite of how great the information was,…we have been here before!

I have tried numerous times to get fellow investors to take a step back from the fire….yeah take a step back. If you have ever sat in front of a campfire, you know that if you stare at the fire long enough, you will become memorized by the flames. You have to step back to be able to focus on your surroundings. We are so busy listening to the freshest, the latest and the hottest information, that we can’t see what is around us. So someone comes out and says the rate is $7.00 +/- and everyone goes nuts with excitement and then someone comes out and says the rate might be below $2.50 and everyone goes nuts with anger and confusion. Someone says ‘something’ happened and then someone else jumps on the band wagon with made up stories trying to get a few minutes of recognition and the next thing we have is a viral internet rumor of humongous proportions.

I am not here to tell anyone what to think or what to say. That is not my assignment in this journey. My place here at OOM it seems is to try to keep the truth and balance in front of everyone so we can stay focused on the prize in front of us. We are so busy trying to spend the money we do not have that we forget to take time and be rational with the facts. LOOK! We will not know the exact rate until it is in the bank. We cannot react to the rate and figure out our next step until the money is in the bank. Why is everyone burning up so much energy and emotion on supposition and speculation? Haven’t you figured it out yet? We only know what we are being told. Lately we are bringing you information that at best has been only partially right. We are at a phase in this process where the things going on behind the scenes are way above our pay grade and not readily visible. There has been a most masterful game of misinformation put out for quite awhile around here. Why? I am not certain. I can only speculate about the potential reasons.

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We have many high level contacts with great access to information from their area of expertise. Did you ever consider that these people might just be pawns in this as well? You don’t think that the Parliament of Iraq, the Treasury, UN and IMF all are monitoring our sites to see what information is coming out. I am certain they have and continue to do this. Information is across the board for a reason. They are keeping us guessing and jumping around in circles. This is why I have taken a trust but verify approach with information. I have heard things that are way out there. Do I discuss them with my fellow round table information group? Yes I do. Do I run out and share this in the chat rooms. I do at times share tidbits in order to try to help others to see a little more of the puzzle coming together. This is the most confusing and dynamically fluid event I have witnessed. I could share things with you that would make you wonder! One day Maliki is in office being read the right-act from scary people and the next day he is suppose to be living in another country. What of this should I share? What of this is real? What of this is verifiable? The information comes from ‘credible sources’ but is any of it true? This is why I endeavor to not share something unless I know the source is solid and does not have an agenda! The other day I mentioned that Maliki is no longer a problem. Do I know for certain where he is? Do I know who is calling the shots? Do I know with 100% certainty that Shabs has the trigger and has released it? To all of these I must say no. We are sharing the best information that we believe we can share. Neither I nor Okie is looking for any awards. We are not looking to be first at the expense of accuracy. Some people do not have a problem calling the RV complete or claiming it is going to be complete at …….! Why? This is not a game.

Do I think that the rate could be under $2.50? Well I believe it is entirely possible. There are numerous reasons that give this merit. Now do I think it is likely? Not really. Do I think the rate could be $7.00 +/-? NO WAY. I will not debate the issue for it has absolutely zero merit. If you want to believe this nonsense you certainly may. It is your right but please keep nonsense ideas to yourself. They are not helpful to the family here. If you want to start a speculation and conspiracy theory site then by all means go start one and good luck. I know Okie is a man of reason. When he hears stuff that is way out there (and believe me he hears it all the time) he has to step back and bounce it around awhile. Quite often he calls me and ask my opinion. I am always quite frank and honest. He knows I have a pretty good smoke detector on my back side and I can tell you the flavor or most any smoke people try to blow my way!

Why am I being so detailed? It is because I hear the calls from investors and leaders saying please help us make sense of the abundance of information. I am not the smartest. I am not the brightest but God blessed me with certain gifts and talents and I am doing by very best to utilize them so that we may all have a clearer path to focus on than trying to find our way through the endless ‘carp’ that is thrown at us on a nearly daily basis.

Do I believe this journey is nearly complete? Absolutely! I still believe we are waiting moment by moment. I do think we are that close. Looking at the verifiable signs, the tangible indicators and the elements I have received from sources indicate that this RV is as close to being confirmed as it could possibly be (by that I am referring to sources who have provided accurate information on more than one occasion), I believe we are extremely close. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. For all our sakes, I hope not! I literally have been putting at least 70 hours a week for many months now researching, networking and sharing. I hope this perspective helps some of you to quit trying to act like experts because you heard someone who heard someone else speculate on something somebody else said!!!!!!!! If you have credible sources then share what you can. We welcome the help. Guessing and nonsense doesn’t help anyone!

I hope this helps!

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