[scotti g] September 16th, 2011 ON ANOTHER SITE

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[scotti g] September 16th, 2011 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Remo_Williams on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:27 pm

[scotti g] September 16th, 2011 ON ANOTHER SITE

5:45 PM [scotti g] Thanks everyone!!!! Just got off the phone with Mayor Bear. He and several valued and trusted fellow ministers have asked me for your benefit to not remain absent from the chat room. So I come here now and present this really great news to you. I know Okie has been in the oil patch dealing with issues so I guess I am on point right now. He is still reeling from the pain of losing a dear friend yesterday…You do not need to mention it to him as it just makes it that much harder. Just tell him you missed him when you see him!

5:45 PM [scotti g] One of our Parliament sources has been able to be heard through the lock down which has been going on for awhile. Bottom line is that we were indeed on target for last night to show the RV in the banks. There has been much activity on both sides of the pond but the most significant is the removal of PM-M! You can figure out to whom I refer! He is officially out of the picture. Now mind you…this is most likely ahead of the news media and all the rumor mills.

5:46 PM [scotti g] Now that’s funny right there! As it stands right now (and you know I am NOT calling the RV), what was to transpire last night is now free to move through the system. I for one am ready. I will take two Melatonin tonight and talk to ‘the banker’ at 6:30AM to see if he wants me to give him an eye inspection!!!!!! (for those of you who don’t follow that last piece….I will not tell Okie it is complete until I see the whites of his eyes and I am able to cash in!)

5:46 PM [scotti g] OH for those wonderfully inquisitive folks who just like to demand for more proof of things…’the banker’ just advised me that the buy for KWD is up to $4.1398 today…No I do not have a screen print. If you want to verify it then call your own forex banker!

5:47 PM [scotti g] Everyone always wants a link so here is the one for the forum!!!!! http://www.okieoilman.ne ••• ar#37780

5:47 PM [scotti g] Now how the heck are ya all?

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