Kar/Admin (The IQD Team Thursday(9/15/11) Night Conference Call

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Kar/Admin (The IQD Team Thursday(9/15/11) Night Conference Call

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Kar/Admin (The IQD Team Thursday(9/15/11) Night Conference Call Transcripts): One Dinar 9/16/11

This is abbreviated information and the articles from the Call Last Night…Listen to the entire call above to hear

all the News shared last night…….All about Iraq & the Dinar

Some Great Intel shared during the Q & A from several of our listeners….

DIANA Starts by Sharing that Its International Day of Democracy
Reads the message from the UN site:

Welcome to the United Nations. It’s your world
International Day of Democracy | 15 September
“On this International Day of Democracy, let us redouble our efforts to support all people, in particular the young – the drivers of this year’s momentous events – in making democracy a working reality. This Day belongs to them. Let us honour their commitment to a lifelong journey in democracy.”
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the International Day of Democracy 2011
Democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives.
While democracies share common features, there is no single model of democracy. Activities carried out by the United Nations in support of efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate democracy are undertaken in accordance with the UN Charter, and only at the specific request of the Member States concerned.
The UN General Assembly, in resolution A/62/7 (2007) encouraged Governments to strengthen national programmes devoted to the promotion and consolidation of democracy, and also decided that 15 September of each year should be observed as the International Day of Democracy.

DIANA: shares an article about this day
House of Representatives live tomorrow to celebrate the International Day of Democracy
On: Wednesday 09/14/2011 15:43
Baghdad (news) .. live the House of Representatives on Thursday to celebrate the occasion of International Day of Democracy.
A statement of the Council received the Agency (news) copy of the “celebration held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council and in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme and under the banner of the House of Representatives and the citizen.”
The statement added that “Ahtphalbh tomorrow will be the presence of the Council of Representatives and the participation of a number of ministries and government institutions as well as civil society organizations.” Finished / p. M /

JOEY: Has So many articles tonight with 3 or four OFF the charts…wants to start with the best one about the zeroes
lay the basis for the evening with this article of where we are really going with this

Project restructuring the Iraqi currency is facing a heavy legacy of inflation, which is fighting any possible economic reform.

Middle East Online

By: d. The appearance of Mohammed Qasim

In light of economic conditions and volatile financial pressure and monetary inflation that has befallen our country before, and led to negative effects on the regularity of the commercial market and the labor markets and production and living standards of citizens, it has generated distortions many structures, economic relations, among which was the Activity block cash many zeros of little value and way that is not commensurate with the future developments in the present and the future of the Iraqi economy, which requires a solution to these conditions and offal, and these solutions reform the management of currency cash through the structure and the deletion of zeros to control the flow and management of the cost of the cash block optimally.

The trading bloc cash exporting more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars to the various groups and reflected by the number of securities traded $ 4 trillion paper money is the product of a long period of inflation and economic decline, rising, for example, the index of consumer prices Bassas 1993 from 100 to 200,000 in the midst of the year 2003, which means that the item that was sold for 100 dinars became sold for 200,000 dinars … And so on. Under such circumstances, the deterioration of the value of the coin currency rose greater than 25 dinars to 25,000 dinars, which means that inflation is added, these zeros

Categories do not fit with the current currency of the current economic situation and the next. For example, before the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war was the category of 25 dinars equivalent to $ 75 purchasing power of the time or the equivalent in the present 300 thousand dinars. I said inflation in the country over three decades of zeros to the currency, although this did not raise those zeros of the purchasing power of the largest category of the coin is 25 thousand dinars, which is equal to today’s $ 21. We need today to restructure the currency. Valasfar mean large cluster of large cash in circulation today of about 30 trillion dinars, which requested the circulation of cash directly and significantly to the cost of sorting and counting and it takes time and spatial properties and security. In the price system, is the price is expressed in exchange value and thus the structure of costs and payments of salaries and the Cubs and eventually become Akiem all transactions not commensurate with the needs of the country into a cash management system consistent with the restructuring of the real sector and price levels reached. The country needs a monetary system is easy to handle small groups and large reflect the real cost of that structure.

Especially if we know that inflation means self-rising prices of cash money price of goods and services (ie, how much money we need in exchange for package of goods and services .. the more increase the amount of money allocated in exchange for the package itself means that there is inflation or a rise in the price of money) . note that the value of money is inversely proportional with the price of money, especially if Maalmana that price is the value of goods and services expressed in cash. Since the money is anything agreed upon the community to become a broker of exchange and store of value and unit of account, the money (legal) issued by the Monetary Authority under the law and with the power of discharge of the receivables and is seen as a social institution Social Institution increases the efficiency of the economy and economic ventures in moving the exchange efficiency of the institution social or money, and vice versa. Has led to high inflation continued currency of No. 23 billion dinars in 1991 to about 30 trillion dinars at the present time, the high currency the largest category of 25 dinars to 25,000 dinars over time. In this, draw the inflation figures of new currency in circulation by adding three zeros, which increased the amount of cash operations in nominal and arranged the production costs of large quantities of them were accompanied by operations, storage, and distribution of promise, sort and check to accompany her and the levels increase, helped to increase the operational risks associated with Operational Risk.

In the light of price stability and optimism in Iraq’s future development, it became necessary to hold a radical overhaul of management system of currency and the re-structure commensurate with the structure of the new price is different, stable and levels of wages and salaries, which differed significantly from the last thirty years, as well as handling the mass of large cash weak components so that become the largest category of currency, but not worth $ 21 U.S. for the time being. Noting that the increase in gross domestic product, Iraq’s $ 140 billion at year-end 2010 to more than $ 300 billion at the end of 2015, will raise the monetary mass exported from the 30 trillion dinars to about 70 trillion dinars. And installation in the structure of the weak currency as mentioned above may take the added cost is called the cost of cash transactions in terms of traded between individuals and within individuals, banks and the banking system.

The demand for the U.S. dollar (in particular the category of $ 100) has become an urgent need for the settlement of cash transactions in the local market beyond the control of monetary policy to the fact that market is looking at the transactions into categories, the largest currently unavailable, but it reflected the category of U.S. currency large for easy carrying and handling. Therefore, the monetary system of Iraq need to reform the administrative order to have a monetary of high purchasing power in the trading easy pregnancy and acquisitions in order to facilitate exchanges cash for the purposes of transactions and trading noting that the imbalance in the structure or installation of monetary units have the depth of the problems of “dollarization”, which impacted undesirable on the effectiveness and performance of monetary policy.

In Sweden, for example, that where there is currently one of the best systems of cash payments in the world, however, the cost of trading cash counting, sorting, transport and storage of the coin cost the national economy gain of 4% of the GDP of Sweden. How can we compare this in a country like Iraq shall be managed so amounts of cash tremendous weak structure, which adds the cost of cash transactions may have up to 8% or more of the gross domestic product, a burden borne by the individual in his dealings, which took reduces the efficiency of the exchange as a social support for the institutions of the economy different, including the market as evidenced by the large cash transactions are limited to the payment in U.S. dollars, which means substituting other country’s currency in circulation for the award of cash transactions because of falling efficiency and installation of the current monetary bloc.

And raises the multiplicity of the zeros on the categories of currency with a lower purchasing power has enormous difficulties, including the difficulty to express the monetary value as well as the difficulties of monetary operations itself and the technical problems in the recording of statistical data and registration in the accounting books and changing the computer systems and settlement systems as well as show price figures for a long difficult sometimes even counters or digital device, read the digit at gas stations or other digital devices.

On this basis, the need to reform the system of cash payments through the following advantages:

- At the horizontal level: delete the three zeroes
- Transfer of 30 trillion dinars to $ 30 billion by deleting three zeros from the current currency and replace it with a new currency making it easier to handle arithmetic with numbers are less numerous on the level of the accounts of the federal budget, budgets of banks and companies as well as balancing family cash (individuals) without arranging any change or change of income or monetary wealth of the people, the natural and moral as well as the lack of impact on the contracts and obligations between natural persons and legal entities all. It generates a so-function sports homogeneous degree zero Homogenous Function of Degree Zero, as long as the amount of new money covers the smaller number in the package of commodity exchange in the same old money with the largest number.
- On the vertical plane, the restructuring of the currency and installed
- As the large category of $ 25,000 a JD alone (two thirds of the amount of securities traded), the biggest issue categories mean reduction of four trillion banknote currently in circulation and converted to a number equal to (2. billion banknotes. Stakhtzel as large groups of the coin about 90% of the total categories exported to the circulation.
Based on the foregoing, the cost of cash transactions between individuals, banks, and between individuals themselves, natural or moral will fall inevitably in terms of the cost of counting and checking. If Maalmana, the banknotes traded eroded the average over a period of five years, which means the replacement of enormous mass weak structure and the consequent costs of printing specifications, a high-security burden is borne by the authority of another version of the remnants of a cash management system cash generated by the economic downturn and the former has become not fit, stability and economic progress desired.

Finally, that the reasons for changing the currency of the current reflects the fruit of economic stability and success of the policies of the Iraqi Central Bank in maintaining stability and of stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and lower inflation to the level of one decimal place and build reserves of foreign support of the Iraqi dinar at levels not previously achieved during the last thirty years ago, which is a cover Iraqi currency. In addition to improving the system of cash payments and leave him stuck to the past and the actual composition and its imbalances and economic re-construction on the future of economic development and its data in real and nominal.

So, has prepared the Iraqi Central Bank strategic long-term viable future, when the availability of the appropriate opportunity and gradually according to clear instructions and regulations, guidelines provide protection of the rights and interests in line and the stage of prosperity ahead, economic growth is expected in terms will increase the average per capita income in the coming years to more than once and will step steps towards economic progress, which requires a reform of the waste stages of inflation and may require some legislation in this regard.
D. The appearance of Mohammed Qasim
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

JOEY: Can you say go Shabs….Did you notice everything they said what a great job Shabs has done..they have done the long term strategic study..and the currency they have is NOT fit….and thru all of Shabs attempts to dedollarize the country – not getting very far with that because of the simple fact that the highest amt of currency they have is the 25K note…worth 21.00
For the sake of walking around without a huge wallet….people are carrying 100 US dollar bills because it is the easiest thing for them to trade in…They have come to the point that with the optimism and the stavility in the development of that country they have to have a radical overhaul of the currency…..I am good with that…wants that very much.

VIC: Discusses the article regarding the dinars and values….(listen to the recording for the entire discussion)
….Shabs is not crazy – thats what is lifting of the zeroes is all about.
Shabs is a smart man….he is ready to spell the letters RV Immenently as expediently as possible

JOEY: Reads one sentence from a CBI article .. Shabs has been swinging all week….his arms are sore
“delay the draft to delete the zeroes from the currency of iraq is very wrong and we must accelarate the process of deleting of the 3 zeroes for the advancement of the economic reality
Loves that Shabs…

Iraq won’t touch reserves to balance 2012 deficit
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

JOEY: Reads a few sentences from the above article
“The Central Bank has 58.9 trillion IQD ($50 billion USD) in financial reserves in order to keep the Dinar’s exchange rate. The government can’t legally exploit them to balance the budget”, Quraishi said.

Remember all the crap going on about Shabs & Maliki in turns out maliki really wanted a loan or handout…shabs told him to go pound sand….you are not getting any money ..I am not balancing your budget for you.

Interesting statement “a government adviser familiar with the issue, told AKnews, the government would rather rely on raising the revenues in the oils exports, in the industry, as well as through a new law of customs to expand the estimated budget of 180 trillion IQD (152.8 billion USD).

Joey: Interesting statement says Vic….remember the cars

Vic: Every article you read one article is better than the previous one.

VIC Reads:
Construction work discovers chemical weapon in Halabja

Vic: No wonder why Barazani keeps stressing the fact the security ministers very much appointed from the Erbil area….

Joey & Vic: discussion about this article and Suddam and mustard gas etc

Vic: Reads Long article (full article click on link)
Consolidate the dictatorship of the Maliki government is targeting the independence of the Central Bank / net Yasiri
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

“the Iraqi Central Bank – that daring in broad daylight, can not be done, but who wants to destroy the foundations of the system Finance and the Iraqi dinar and the banking activity of Iraq, by force of arms and burning the archive center and shook confidence in financial institutions of Iraq,” and other means evil and malicious and evil and immoral, and no one can turn to him fingered only Iranian regime, which had begun to expand its activities in Iraq after the closure of many of banking institutions that were collaborating with him in the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, and exposure of the crime of embezzlement of three billion dollars before the days of the Central Bank of Iran by the person having close ties with symbols system, and before the theft of more than forty billion dollars by bank Iranian-linked and document the institution guards Khomeini – the financial side – which was Taatke on Gulf banks to circumvent the sanctions the international community and sanctions the European Union and the United States and individual countries other committed to punish the Iranian regime against the background of Public nuclear, where he was adopted in the aspect of the financing of this activity on these banks and fund the purchase of prohibitions imposed on him, which it replaced or paired banking and financial activity in the Iraqi arena during the past two years, and really, the facilities .. But the policy of open doors suspicious grown cancerous to the flow of Iranian money to the banks small that allowed it to the Government of Iraq to work in partnership with the private banks of Iraq after the occupation and the fruit of fruits toxic, and the opening of other banks to dominate the workplace banking in Iraq and the removal of government and private banks by Iraqi policy of raising interest rates on deposits and facilities many of the loans and bank credits, guarantees and benefits and to reduce bureaucracy in dealing, and Ala_i_mar direct partnership with Iraqi businessmen gangs are mainly government officials and politicians of the New Testament or they are agents for them or have links to kinship with them or provide for these politicians rates profits (bribes) in exchange for what they offer facilities for illegal projects these banks, for example, the Iranian car import deals being funded under the auspices of these banks, Iraqi government officials .. To that, an emphasis on what we went to him that the Iranian regime is seeking to have Iraq back garden of his suspicious and a back gate unforeseen able from which to escape international sanctions. Have revealed the financial reports of many previous such intentions and this quest without trigger any reaction from Iraqi government officials to prove complicity really .. The only official Fi can be accepted to put its commercial markets, financial and investment fields and its banking sector in foreign hands .. And regardless of the justifications for free surface that does not convince anyone?? Was quoted Anbamajara for expert financial contrary goldsmith saying that there are Iranian banks operating in Iraq supports Iran’s nuclear program outlawed internationally, a charge that serious it Mghaz and meanings and connotations many Atfot appointed reader, which reads the news scandal, detection, carrying a clearly accused the rulers of Iraq, they colluding against the sovereignty and the fate of their country and life pension to its citizens and we Nbrahm if we say they are ignorant ..

Vic & Joey: Have long Great discussion about the above article…and how important this article really is……Joey read it many times today – this article is phenomenal and tells us what has been going on……notes too much for this transcriber to note here (listen to recording)

Diana Reads Two articles:

Iraq Plans 5 Refineries, Worth $30bn

Diana Reads:
Integrity Announces retrieval of more than [100] million registered as a symbols of the former regime in France
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 13:22
[Baghdad - where]

Announced that the Integrity Commission “retrieved more than a hundred million dollars a code registered in the name of the former regime of Iraqi funds in France, in cooperation with the United States.”
A statement by the Commission on Public Integrity Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that “the body was able to retrieve and recover the amount [116] million was registered as a symbols of the former regime of Iraqi money smuggled abroad in cooperation with the concerned authorities at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad” .
He added: “The money recovered was deposited in the banks, French banks, including [106] million dollars deposited in the Union Bank of Arab-French and close to [10] million dollars in foreign currencies of different registered banks other French sporadic,” adding that “the body will restrict the amounts that will be returned to the Iraqi government within two months in the calculation of the Development Fund for Iraq, the Ministry of Finance in accordance with UN Resolution [1482] for the year 2003. “
The Integrity Commission has been able to regain some time ago [100] million was registered as a symbols of the former regime of Iraqi money smuggled to the outside of one of Iraq’s neighboring countries.
The former regime deliberately to turn large sums of public money out of Iraq the names of companies, institutions and people to promote it since his accession to power until his downfall in April 2003, and that most of the money used to fight the Iraqi opposition abroad at the time and the liquidation of its symbols along with system support in international forums . finished.

Deb: Reads the following sentences from another article about the Integrity Commission today

Chairman of Iraq’s Integrity Commission leaves his post Thursday
9/15/2011 3:02 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Chairman of Iraq’s Integrity Commission, Judge Rahim al-Ugeily, who was reported to have resigned recently, has left his post on Thursday, according to a source close to Ugeily.

“An administrative order was issued today (Thursday) for the departure of Judge Rahim al-Ugeily from his post with the Integrity Commission,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding that “Ugeily won’t attend his post with the Supreme Judicial Council and he is on a long leave now.”

The Chairman of Iraq’s Integrity Commission, Rahim al-Ugeily, had presented his resignation officially to Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, “due to pressures by certain political parties he had charged with having exerted efforts to cover up the stealing of State funds,” according to local media sources.

Prime Minister Maliki had told a local TV Satellite Channel recently that the Integrity Commission had failed to fight corruption in the State Institutions.

Noteworthy is that a source to al-Daawa Party, led by Maliki, had stated recently that Prime Minister Maliki “had been planning to replace Ugeily by a person, close to the Party, called Ala’a al-Sa’edy.

Ugeily had stated that Iraq had been suffering from a serious corruption, charging more than 500 director-generals with having been involved in corruption cases.

Vic: Discussion about the French, Rothchilds and corruption and ties it to Iraq……………transparency and says GO SHABS
Someone has to have decency in this world

Advisor: expectations of the official declaration of the government’s position from the port of Mubarak in two weeks

Reads several sentences only (full article below)
Baghdad (news) .. adviser in the House of Representatives Farooq Abdullah, the government announces its official position from the port of Mubarak in two weeks.
He did not specify Abdul Rahman specific date for the announcement of this report, expected to be announced the report during the next two weeks.
It was scheduled to announce the government in its meeting yesterday…
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Hani Ashour: Allawi, specialists and experts have put plans to build the Iraqi state politically and economically
On: Wednesday 09/14/2011 14:04

Baghdad (news) .. An advisor of the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour, the leader of its list of Iyad Allawi, studying with experts in strategy, economics and development, education and law project at the state of Iraq a modern democracy free from corruption, based on stability and economic advancement.
Ashour said in a press statement on Wednesday: that a committee of experts, senior Iraqi at home and abroad with teachers specialized in the areas of strategic, economic, educational, social, legal, completed a study of 400 pages under the supervision of Iyad Allawi, leader of the Iraqi List, continued for several months and has plans to build the Iraqi state on the basis of stability and the promotion of political, economic and national sovereignty of real He continued that the plan includes several phases of time will be able to Iraq, which after many years to turn into an economic power players in the region and will be the industrial center and a major political, beyond the failure of recent years and suffering and compensation for Iraqis from the deprivation they experienced.
Ashor noted that the launching of this project was made ​​after the elections under the supervision of Dr. Ayad Allawi, after the formation of a working group dedicated to Iraqi experts known inside and outside Iraq, to address cases of relapse and failure in Iraq was, was completing the project, which is over 400 pages with scientific data, shortly before, was presented to the research centers and the development of a global specialist conducted some observations upon and ready with all its accessories statistical charts and illustrations.
said Ashour Allawi asked him to follow up the project for several months has been to utilize its global experience (such as Malaysia, China, Singapore, Spain and Brazil) and was planning on building an Iraq free of unemployment, corruption and waste of public money and the failure to the government’s performance and professional and the lack of sovereignty.
He Ashour that Allawi began his project after the elections and he wanted not to be accepted in order not to be part of the electoral propaganda, but part of a planned and realistically, as a delay it was announced until the approach of U.S. withdrawal in order to be efforts to build expertise Iraq purely in the atmosphere of national sovereignty and a clear, has been selected the best specialists and Iraqi experts from home and abroad, to be done with the help of research centers and a global specialist with experience in a number of countries in the world, and is now ready.
Ashour said that the project in if applied, would make Iraq a global economic power to benefit from its wealth and industrial center, the world will support the economic power, regional, and Iraq AFTER the implementation of the project in phases will be free of unemployment are final and will witness a qualitative leap in independence and justice, development, education and health, will be the next stages of the life of Iraq leap amazing to the ranks of the developed countries / End / d. n /. .

Joey: so he has delayed this program but they have been doing this research all along
Remember the Working Party Deb….WTO…UNAMI
hes ready to launch this….as soon as he does they will take their rightful place in the economic Global Powerhouse
Doesnt sound like he has been doing nothing huh?

Joey: Reads another very interesting article that came out about the Kurds

“The Kurds in Iraq and the U.S. will remain partners”
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Joey: So I saw that the Iraqi Kurds and the US are seeking to keep their alliance for a long time
So the US has a brotherhood with the Kurds
and who is asking the US to make sure that their military is allowed to stay
thats a nice relationship don’t you think……good 50/50 partnership
Tells you alot…..

Abadi, deputy warns journalists who criticize the state of law article 4 of terrorism and the formation of a committee to monitor the government’s critics
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Measures to facilitate the examination of imported goods
The Ministry of Planning link the results of the examination of the goods imported by the offices of the two Swiss and French, with computers in the ministry run by a committee in the Office of Inspector General and the Integrity Commission to prevent manipulation by some importers in the certificate of origin.
and announced the Inspector General of the Ministry of Planning Hassan Alqrgoula in statement to the “morning,” said the ministry found that the time staff supervisors of these works over 24 hours during the day turns to facilitate the examination of imported goods, stressing that not granting any grace period of another of goods not conforming to specifications after making sure there are no goods stacked in the border points.
He noted that the ministry is called the Central Agency for Standardization and quality control of it to examine samples of all imported materials in the stores within the border crossing points that have not received a certificate of origin received for the very first of September, to ensure compliance with the standards of Iraq before it is introduced to the country.
revealed Alqrgoula for the specialist teams set up by the Office of the Inspector General, in coordination and cooperation with the Integrity Commission carried out field visits to a tenth outlet border in the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Al Anbar, Diyala, Wasit, for the functioning of the examination before delivery, stressing that this difference was discovered goods not conforming to the specifications , including coolers, air, refrigerators, washing machines, as it was told Customs not to allow the introduction of these materials have been her lap, with the inform importers to bring it back where it came from.
and added that the committee discovered materials suspected of being not carry specifications, and was referred to the relevant ministries to consider the suitability such as the Ministry health, transport and trade.
He called on the Inspector-General of the Ministry’s contribution to the importance of Iraq’s imported goods in the provision of goods and shoddy service to the citizen and the national economy

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Q & A follows with discussion to name a few..PLUS SOME GREAT INTEL
Callers asks whether Iraq is a member of the WTO..great discussion between Joey & Vic
Cars and the importation……3.9% etc
Port Mubarek
Import Taxes….Tariffs
Forex Site explanation
HCL – discussion about Shabs & Maliki
When will this RV happen?

Listener shares some good intel……today he was a chauffer driving some investors to Wall Street destination for a big meeting with UN officials all about the Iraqi Dinar – they were discussing the Iraqi Dinar RV the whole way there and they were meeting with UN officials…..very exciting All the way back they were discussing financial preparations – GREAT INTEL..

Vic1….Also shares some intel

Another listener shares about a relative leaving Iraq and being sent to Kuwait early…

Another listeners shares a personal bank story from today about Citibank

(listen to the full recording for the discussion)

Diana: Answers a questions about any press on The 2011 London Mining Convention
There were 2 different interviews in the Iraqi Business News:
Reads a few sentences from that interview……(full article in the link below)
Dr Sami al-Araji Speaks with Iraq Business News
Following his address to the Iraq Mining 2011 conference in London, the Chairman of Iraq’s National Investment Commission, Dr Sami al-Araji, was interviewed by Padraig O’Hannelly for Iraq Business News:
IBN: Iraq has clearly made a lot of progress in recent years … where do you see Iraq in 3 to 5 years from now?
SA: Let me tell you that all the indications say that 2 years from now Iraq will be one of the fastest developing nations in the world, and this is a fact. And if we are going to be among the fastest developing nations worldwide we have to move on all fronts, on all the economic sectors of the country, on oil and gas, on industry, on agriculture, on infrastructure and so on.
IBN: Dr Sami al-Araji, thank you very much for speaking with Iraq Business News.

Deb: Signs off for the night with a special story she wanted to share
Iraqi Orphan With No Hands Wows X Factor Audience
PUKmedia 06-09-2011 14:03:42
There are many sad, and tragic stories on the X Factor, but this story really tugs on your heart strings. Emmanuel Kelly was brought to an Iraqi orphanage with no hands, and not even a birth certificate when he was still a baby. He and his brother was adopted by a wonderful Australian woman who brought them to Australia and gave them a new life.
Emmanuel may be missing a hand and a birthday, but he was blessed with a strong heart and beautiful voice. He worked up the courage to try for the X Factor, and sang Imagine by John Lennon. The moment he begins to sing, the crowd goes wild.

Next Call SUNDAY Sept 18, 2011 8 PM EST

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