AndieZ (SEP 14 – 6PM – BGG CHAT): OOM 9/14/11 ANOTHER SITE

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AndieZ (SEP 14 – 6PM – BGG CHAT): OOM 9/14/11 ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:32 pm

AndieZ (SEP 14 – 6PM – BGG CHAT): OOM 9/14/11 ANOTHER SITE

6:10 PM [bgg] chickenplucker topoftemountain – I have said earlier – this
probably won’t go on much longer. Forget all the crazy rate/date “intel” – look
at the big picture. They are currently operating under an artificially low,
pre-programmed rate (1170) that doesn’t reflect the true value of the

6:12 PM [bgg] They desperately need buying power – not
later…they need it NOW!!

6:12 PM [DeliverTheWord] Then why
not continue using the USD
6:14 PM [bgg] DeliverTheWord – They are
still using USD (for some things)…that won’t likely go on forever

6:12 PM [jam777] Do you think Shabbibi had to get
attorneys involved to push this through ???
6:14 PM [bgg] jam777 -
That was some very interesting lingo – if you ask me.

6:15 PM
[DeliverTheWord] Yes I guess so lol but I am just looking at what they are doing
because it’s so opposite of what they say lol
6:16 PM [bgg]
DeliverTheWord – they have to pay bills, but can’t do it in Dinar just yet. They
really want to use their own currency.

6:16 PM [capt crunch]
In your opinion what’s the hold up now?
6:17 PM [bgg] capt crunch -
Don’t know that there is one. I’m still looking for this thing to happen
sometime soon.

6:18 PM [smabes] Where do they keep getting
the dinar to sell? Also there are so many reserves placed it is taking over a
week for your confirmation. How are they going to fill all those orders if the
rv happens soon?
6:19 PM [bgg] smabes – electronically, especially
if you “cash-in” with TY.
6:19 PM [bgg] Should not be an issue.
6:21 PM
[bgg] smabes – Also – regarding the actual money supply, that will come to an
end in the near future.

6:19 PM [hbhockeydad] Are you going
off of speculation or are you going off of facts that you really cannot share?
ty sir.
6:20 PM [bgg] hbhockeydad – I plainly said earlier – MY
OPINION. As far as “facts” go – how’s that working out so

6:21 PM [smabes] OK…so they will print dinar out of
thin air like our fiat money? I thought they only had so much dinar that could
be available. bgg ….I am not being negative…just trying to understand the
process. Thank you.
6:23 PM [bgg] smabes – I don’t think they are
printing more (of the same) – and doubt there will be a different variant, if
they don’t want trouble.

6:21 PM [footforward] We really are
grateful for you coming to share with us. I hope you know that
PM [bgg] footforward – Only happy to help, if I can.
6:22 PM [footforward]
Sir, you do. i pray for you, Okie and team and that God will bless you above and
beyond because of what you have given up for us in terms of your

6:23 PM [Beefjerky] Sing it out MARINES for bgg!
6:23 PM
[topoftemountain] ooh rah!!
6:23 PM [bgg] topoftemountain Beefjerky – Thanks

6:23 PM [capt crunch] Its just frustrating to get our
hopes up time after time to find nothing happening. This is why I hate
expectations. Hopefully soon. Amen
6:24 PM [bgg] capt crunch – Amen
here too.

6:23 PM [kuta] I have a Q! Do really believe Maliki
is really making demands to the CBI and Shabibi and do you believe that Maliki
is trying to remove Shabibi? Reason for asking… All this news reads like a
fairy tale, not true to me! Your thoughts. THX
6:27 PM [bgg] kuta -
I kind of doubt it. If it is – in fact, true that Maliki is gunning for Shabibi
it is some last desperate attempt at a “power grab” (and therefore good news for
us)….Dr Shabibi is universally respected (even in Iraqi circles) – a fight
with him spells the end for this “blue collar thug” they have in power right

6:29 PM [bgg] Here was a great question just sent to me:

This is my first ever question and I believe the most important one
.”who is the person who has the power to push the button”
[bgg] Dr
Shabibi. Period

6:28 PM [mountainman] Are we still looking at
being able to cashin this week?
6:30 PM [bgg] mountainman – We will
cash-in when we see a rate at the bank, live with no “UST Hold” on it. Period.
No sooner…and I doubt anyone will know way ahead of time.

PM [raidernick] You think if I sent Maliki a carton of Ben and Jerry’s “Schweddy
Balls” that would cool him down enough to let Shabibi do his
6:31 PM [bgg] raidernick – Better off to rectify the lead
deficiency in his diet – that would help.

6:31 PM [footforward] I
dont mean to be a pain, but would you mind giving us your opinion on the range
the rate will be in when it comes out?
6:32 PM [bgg] footforward -
JMHO +/- .20 of the KWD…
6:32 PM [bgg] footforward – JMHO +/- .20 of the

6:32 PM [smabes] Thank you for your answers to my
questions. I had too reboot so late on the TY.
6:33 PM [bgg] smabes

6:34 PM [jaysie] Thanks BGG, I wish ya’ll would have
another call, I sure enjoy them
6:34 PM [bgg] jaysie -

6:34 PM [nowisgood] BGG – are Okie and Poppy ok?
6:35 PM [bgg] nowisgood – They are great.

PM [cacky] Do you know when the dong will be going
6:36 PM [bgg]
cacky – I have no clue. No lie.
6:36 PM [bgg] cacky – I only bought some so
as not to miss the party.

6:37 PM [marinemomcee] Have you
heard anything about Russia getting ready to RV?
6:37 PM [bgg]
marinemomcee – No clue.

6:38 PM [ASN] It seems Maliki does
not want to give up any power. We he ever be stopped?
6:39 PM [bgg]
ASN – No one is invincible.

6:39 PM [bgg] OK – I’m done for a while.
Great seeing you all!!

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