Bondlady chat 9/14/2011: BLC

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Bondlady chat 9/14/2011: BLC

Post by Remo_Williams on Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:08 pm

Bondlady chat 9/14/2011: BLC

[BondLady] maliki is fighting all the most influential people in Iraq

[BondLady] he’s only 1 person

[BondLady] there will have to be a give in here or a failure an lose it all

[BondLady] maliki wants to bring down the cbi wont happen

[BondLady] dont forget who put shabibi where he is today

[BondLady] we did

[player46] BondLady ..right..

[BondLady] malikis mad because shabs turned him down again to borrow money from the cbi reserves

[BondLady] shabibi said no

[BondLady] maliki throws threats

[BondLady] shabibi files a lawsuit against maliki

[BondLady] shabibi asked parliament and federal gov to put maliki in check and to protect the cbi

[BondLady] maliki wants to control the hcl and all it stands for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

[BondLady] barzani will fight

[BondLady] maliki will lose

[BondLady] maliki will fight shabs

[BondLady] maliki will lose

[BondLady] maliki fights allawi

[BondLady] so what

[BondLady] they neither 1 deserve to win

[BondLady] ones a bully and the other is a big meow

[BondLady] no 1 wants to bring the gov down but allawi

[BondLady] but maliki is treading in some dangerous waters when he fights them all

[BondLady] an now talabani too

[BondLady] talabani might lose some but not all

[BondLady] talabani says he will give up what power he needs to to stand with the kurds

[BondLady] kurds says they also want the min of interior

[BondLady] allawi should go for the min of defense for himself i mean i wouldn’t want that clown protecting my back

[BondLady] but it would move the stagnation

[BondLady] well lets talk about that bp

[BondLady] last term

[BondLady] some 1 had to be put into office

[crazydonk] bigpuller – i like the fact that allawai is talking to barzani about joining together

[BondLady] the usa made maliki then

[BondLady] but

[BondLady] it was to fight sadr an his mahdi army

[BondLady] they didnt have the elections on the last term

[BondLady] and maliki was kissin usa tail to be pm

[BondLady] maliki promised the kurds a lot then to

[BondLady] and thats why they put everything down on paper this time erbril agreement

[BondLady] cause maliki lied to them before

[BondLady] now this term was elections

[BondLady] and maliki was close to losing

[BondLady] so he did go to iran an talk to sadr into backin him with the sadrist

[BondLady] which put him neck an neck again with allawi

[BondLady] so there had to b a tie breaker

[BondLady] an kurds stayed strong they said they didnt care which 1 they went with maliki or allawi

[BondLady] just as long as whoever gave the kurds there full demands

[BondLady] allawi said no

[BondLady] maliki said let me think about it

[BondLady] then allawi got a couple more blocs

[BondLady] then maliki said ok kurds ill give u what u want

[BondLady] that put maliki in the lead by a few seats

[BondLady] but because allawi was the peoples choice

[BondLady] it was to close to say no to allawi

[BondLady] then they deadlocked again

[BondLady] with no more blocs to break it

[BondLady] they stagnated

[BondLady] finally biden says

[BondLady] how about u both share it

[BondLady] national partnership

[BondLady] they both said no

[BondLady] biden comes back an says

[BondLady] pm for maliki because secretly maliki had did what we had needed him to before on the last term to shut down sadr an his army and to hit alqaeda hard

[BondLady] so biden says maliki for pm an allawi for supreme council

[BondLady] they talk about it they both agree

[BondLady] and now today we see allawi didnt do the work

[BondLady] an now a bottle neck again as allawi has no right to have power over maliki or talabani

[BondLady] but talabani is willing to give up some of his power to settle things

[BondLady] maliki is not

[bigpuller] well i guess it still comes down to the fact that if they agreed on this it would have to have been put in the constitution somewhere…

[bigpuller] or this would not even be being addresed…

[BondLady] once maliki got his way an became pm

[BondLady] he already knew what the constitution said

[BondLady] he helped write it

[BondLady] an we prolly did too if the truth be known

[BondLady] but then some where along the line

[BondLady] maliki went rogue

[player46] BondLady ..but M is not keeping his promise to Kurds..

[BondLady] an he didnt follow the plan

[BondLady] leaving us to where we are today

[BondLady] maliki doin what he wants to
[BondLady] an fighting everyone to get his way which wasnt part of the plan

[BondLady] let me grab another article

[bigpuller] well why sign the 19 parts of erbil with barzani if its not in the constitution is what i dont understand..barzani is a smart would have thought he would have known whether allawi getting that spot was unconstitutional or not..

[BondLady] our troops from Iraq would be a formality, according to a secret agreement U.S. ambassador to blow up a surprise and embarrass the government – the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq would be a formality, according to a secret agreement Wednesday, September 14, 2011 04:25 .Baghdad: Informed sources said the meeting sudden foreign ambassadors in Iraq, which was held at the headquarters of the United Nations Mission in Baghdad a few days ago resulted in a peace of mind and face the American side of the Mission International. Sources confirmed: that the U.S. side explained to the United Nations Mission to the withdrawal of the alleged out of Iraq would be a formality, He explained that the U.S. military will pull a number of soldiers whose term of service in Iraq and a number of mechanisms is necessary. The sources said the U.S. ambassador assured the United Nations Mission existence of a secret agreement with the Iraqi side to extend the stay of American troops for another 6 months and that the withdrawal did not The Matruh only at the media level is familiar with the fact that the agreements .. to that discussed the head of the Virtue parliamentary Ammar Tohme and the Secretary General of the Virtue Party and the Agency Jamal Abdul Zahra with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, the political situation in the country, evaluation and mobility mass aspiring to free themselves from dictatorship in the region. A statement on the mass of Virtue: The two sides stressed the need to complete the withdrawal of U.S. troops the end of 2011, and discussed the nature of relations with the U.S. side, which will hopefully be dominated by the side of civil and economic cooperation and trade, scientific and standardization of diplomatic efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. The sides noted the need to overcome political differences between the parties and sustain direct dialogues to overcome those differences .. and on the position of the movement of Arab peoples to change the direction of democracy, he stressed

[BondLady] to feed the need for commitment of U.S. policy standard human standard to the peoples’ issues include support from people liberal and away from the compliment and support for authoritarian regimes according to the statement

[BondLady] ok y’all dont wanna talk about that 1? ill get a different 1

[bigpuller] so something we already knew and that the u.s. is going to stay….

[BondLady] yep bp

[bigpuller] i wish people would quit leaking this stuff to the press

[BondLady] Severe political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil 14.09.2011 Samira Ali Mandi Returned the differences again between Baghdad and Erbil, on oil and gas law and Article 140 of the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas, the looming political crisis heated argument between the KRG and the Iraqi government. and pushed these differences regional president Massoud Barzani to invite all political forces, the Kurdish participation in the governments of the Federal The Kurdistan Regional Government and the opposition to an expanded meeting to get to the position of a Kurdish uniform. According to the final statement, which was published on the website of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the meeting held on Tuesday stressed the need to adhere to alliances and agreements which formed the basis of which the federal government in Baghdad, depending on the initiative Barzani, Although the meeting notice very late in the implementation of important items of the agreements signed and in particular with regard to building the foundations of national partnership and the principle of balance on the basis of the Constitution and the agreement to fill the security ministries

[BondLady] and not the right direction to resolve the outstanding problems with the Kurdistan Region and foot-dragging it, as there are problems real obstruct the march of national partnership and the democratic process. spokesperson of the KRG Kaveh Mahmoud confirmed to Radio Free Iraq that the Kurdish delegation will travel to Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues and ask the Iraqi government to the implementation of Kurdish demands for the 19 approved by the National Alliance. MP Rizgar Cindy member Iraqi Council of Representatives for Kurdistan Alliance was one of deputies at a meeting of Arbil enlarged, explained to Radio Free Iraq that the Kurdish position the final and decisive of the political process in Iraq depends on the outcome of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, pointing out that the meeting also covered the issue of autocracy and the return of dictatorship. MP for the National Alliance Ali Falh denies the existence of any personal differences, but stresses there is a difference in views of both the Kurdistan Alliance and the National Alliance on oil and gas law, pointing out that contacts are continuing to find compromises that satisfies everyone. and about the claims of the Kurds to apply Article 140, confirms the MP Ali Falh that the demands Kurdish need legislation to legally vote in the Iraqi parliament to the government can implement

[BondLady] For his part, confirms Iraqi MP Abdul Karim Hattab that a coalition of state law was not in the promises and pledges by the Iraqi or the Kurdistan Alliance, calling on all political parties to dialogue. academic and analyst Kurdish political Jottiar just unlikely to reach the Kurdish delegation who will visit Baghdad soon to quick solutions to all outstanding issues, and is unlikely to be able to any Iraqi government from the implementation of Kurdish demands for internal and external reasons, so it did not come out to deal Iraqi political forces with the Kurdish demands on the scope of courtesy and diplomacy. and about the impact of the current political crisis between Baghdad and Arbil, the Iraqi political scene, whether it is an indicator of the changing alliances in Iraq, political analyst Kurdish Jottiar just that it is difficult for new alliances, but does not rule it out in the next election. Political analyst Aziz Jaber Vest consistent with This opinion is not thought to see the political map change or pressures Kurdish or those of the Iraqi bloc to withdraw confidence from the Maliki government, or dismissal, and believes that the Iraqi arena will continue to move between the political crises that come new elections. more details in the audio file who helped set up Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad, Khalid Waleed, in Arbil, Abdel Hamid Zebari ..

[lightingcslt] to quick solutions to all outstanding issues

[BondLady] they have got to pay for starters to move all the people on the borders

[BondLady] they say they dont have enough money

[BondLady] to implement art 140 even though that point has been settled

[BondLady] rv will fix that

[BondLady] hcl has to be passed

[BondLady] an shabibi will not up any of the cbi reserves to do this

[bigpuller] with maliki controlling the hcl either.

[BondLady] they have to do this on there own

[BondLady] Government adviser: Baghdad will not resort to the reserve bank to meet the budget deficit in 2012 14/09/2011 10:55 14/09/2011 Baghdad, September 14 / Spettmar (Rn) – The government’s adviser in the race Wednesday, said his government would not close the budget deficit in 2012 of the financial reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq. The Central Bank refuses to lend the Iraqi government, Iraqi reserves to cover the deficit or passing trade deals. Salam al-Quraishi, a Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the Iraqi government will not ask the central bank to intervene to raise the deficit of the budget in 2012 but the government will rely on the lifting of export of oil revenues and active sector of industry after the activation of the law of customs tariff beginning of next year.” Both the government and the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives earlier in the budget next year of $ 180 trillion Iraqi dinars will see a deficit of $ 35 trillion dinars. “The budget deficit in 2012 is estimated at 35 trillion dinars in 2012, according to budget projections, and the oil ministry will establish a mechanism to raise the export of oil at the beginning of next year to 2.8 million barrels per day of crude oil to fill the deficit.”

[BondLady] Quraishi and that “the central bank has $ 50 billion in financial reserves, and no right to legally exploit the Iraqi government to support the financial budget, since they are intended to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and balance of the market.” Iraq relies, is a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC, the oil revenues to finance about 95 percent of its annual budget. The Central Bank of Iraq that he agreed with the Finance Ministry to build the 2012 budget conservatively economic prices for OPEC oil.

[BondLady] maliki wants 3 things IMO

BondLady] he wants of shabibi

[BondLady] and shabibi says no to all 3

[BondLady] he wants 7 billon to build the port of fao

[BondLady] he wants money to do the next budget

[BondLady] an he wants money to implement art 140

[BondLady] no no no

[DDF] BondLady so how will they pay for all of this, the RV?

[BondLady] they just got 250 billon from the dfi

[BondLady] cant forget that

[BondLady] where did it go

[BondLady] some went to electric

[BondLady] where’s the rest

[BondLady] bp pull in the art plz

[BondLady] about maliki wanting to bring down the cbi

[tobyboy] BondLady Good afternoon BL- Didn’t they say recently they 90 Billion in reserve

[BondLady] hi toby

[BondLady] yes

[tobyboy] BondLady So Shabbi wants to keep the funds for the RV correct

[bigpuller] BondLady okay

[BondLady] he has to hold the cbi reserves thats used to back the currency in circulation

[BondLady] ty bp

[bigpuller] *****A reliable source for (people): Maliki is planning to overthrow the Iraqi Central Bank Governor***** A source oby Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki***** for the overthrow of the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq *****Shabibi on the back of refusing a request by the government earlier *****borrowing from the financial reserve of Iraq to cover the expenses of government.***** The source, who asked not to be named in his interview for the “people”, that “there is a serial in Iraq run by the ruling party and the will of the party leader al-Maliki, *****who is serving fabricating charges *****against opponents regardless of the consequences of political and legal*****,” adding that *****”the Central Bank of Iraq would be a target for the owners after the completion of the issue of Commission on Public Integrity. “***** The source added that***** “Maliki will move in the coming period***** for the purpose of overthrow of the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq Shabibi,***** which declined in the past for lending to the government***** of the reserve bank to cover some expenses depending on the Bank Law,”***** pointing out that ” Shabibi will be the next target after the Commission on Public Integrity, which resigned its president against the backdrop of political pressure. “***** rejected the CBI’s efforts government in 20,009 to borrow from the Reserve Bank funds to meet the shortfall in the budget, he promised the bank step in violation of the law, and a violation of the independence of the Bank. Called on the government and then to resort to the application of economic policies, long-term, rather than relying on the easiest ways to bridge the budget deficit. accused the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, the past government agencies to block the idea of monetary reform in Iraq, while stressing that it will retain the right to legal defense of his being , loaded the bodies responsible for endangering the interests of the country’s financial risk.

[bigpuller] The bank said in its statement that some government officials are waging an offensive media is unprecedented on the bank, considering that there is work outside the law mar the idea of monetary reform carried out by the Central Bank. and has the Central Bank of Iraq four branches in Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Irbil and Mosul, which was established as a bank independent Iraqi under the law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued on the sixth of March 2004, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and the management of foreign reserves and the issuance of currency management, in addition to organizing the banking sector.

[BondLady] so you all see why maliki got mad

[bigpuller] the cbi is a separate entity and maliki cant touch it

[lightingcslt] BondLady darn your good

[BondLady] so he threatens shabs

[tobyboy] BondLady So he gives up funds to Maliki this will screw up his plans for RV that is needed for back up I sure that Maliki realizes this

[BondLady] shouldn’t have done that shabs wont play

[BondLady] he’ll not have a fight of words either

[BondLady] he will respond but not like maliki wants

[BondLady] maliki is used to bullying people to get his way

[BondLady] shabibi wont be bullied

[BondLady] Central Bank of Iraq is suing the government and accused of obstructing monetary reform Posted 13/09/2011 02:53 PM Bamonetary reform in Iraq, said while he would retain the legal right to defend his being, according to a statement the bank. According to the statement received “world,” a copy of it, that “some government officials are waging an unprecedented media attack on the bank, cmonetary reform carried out by the Central Bank”. The statement noted that “the Bank has already received an official letter from the Committee on Economic Affairs in the cabinet in 2007 when the bank is appealing to study the draft of the Iraqi currency reform by restructuring and deleting three zeros from them.” He noted that the purpose of the letter “to facilitate trading cash and reduce the cost of cash transactions in the context of a reform strategy for the system of monetary management in the country, like what was done by the majority of the countries of the world, particularly those that left the turmoil and economic decline, which seeks to rebuild the cash.” He stressed the bank that “will retain the right to legal defense of his being, and download those authorities responsible for endangering the interests of the country’s finances to the risk of prejudice to the irresponsible,” saying that “these actions are meant to expose the centers of legal and international central bank to the risk of moral hazard to the public in various forms.”

[BondLady] The statement noted that “the Bank finds that such irresponsible acts in the launch of the charges baseless and motivated by an unknown direction contrary to the rules of behavior that should be adhered to by state officials in tackling the issues of different countries, especially sensitive of them.” He was Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs said in a earlier time, lifting the zeros from the currency is the biggest corruption in Iraq if it was during this period, the economic promise in vain, warning of “mafias currency” is preparing to rig the trillions of dinars

[bigpuller] okay maliki see ya in court

[BondLady] so u see how shabibi plays hard ball

[BondLady] yep

[BondLady] so then we move on

[BondLady] to talabani

[BondLady] talabani is a honorable man

[BondLady] he does love Iraq

[BondLady] an he wants all this settled so the people can have some peace

[BondLady] he dont want all this dirty stuff for them to see

[BondLady] he wants to protect them

[BondLady] but maliki an allawi have wars in the media

[BondLady] an scares them

[BondLady] where they feel they have no hope or dreams left

[BondLady] an talabani knows

[BondLady] the erbil agreements have to be met

[BondLady] allawi will have to either come to some diff terms an take a diff position or he will have to accept being an advisor or walk away

[BondLady] Talabani’s party: We will not hesitate to give our share to the positions of other nationalities Kirkuk to solve problems 09.14.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) – Alsumaria News / Kirkuk, said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by the president, Jalal Talabani, Tuesday, that he would “not hesitate” to give any position of his party’s share to other ethnic groups in Kirkuk to solve its problems, in When The President of the Council to maintain the existence of political differences can be resolved only through a “genuine dialogue and constructive.” said a leading figure in the party (Alikiti), and the official in the whole political, Mullah Bakhtiar, during his visit to the President of the provincial council in Kirkuk, witnessed by “Alsumaria News “,” The principles that work in light of the party required to file grievances, especially for the components of Kirkuk and withheld, and foster a spirit of brotherhood and coexistence between the components. ” and expressed “concern the party’s to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and coexistence between the components of Kirkuk principals,” noting that “look great optimism for the future of this province will not hesitate to give any managerial position of the share of Angels Alikiti to elements of other nationalities if they found that it contributes to addressing the problems at least in part, “as he put it. stressed Mullah Bakhtiar, that “it was, among other things resulted in his meetings and interviews by President Jalal Talabani, during his visit to Kirkuk recently, a service to its people.

[BondLady] A source in Alikiti, said “Alsumaria News”, the sixth day of September now, the Taliban arrived in the province of Kirkuk to visit unannounced, and held expanded meeting of the leaders of the party in the province, noting that he had discussed during the meeting a number of topics of political and economic concern and the reality of the city of Kirkuk as well as other topics related to his party, as well as on the issue of restoration of the rights to their owners, and emphasis on the promotion of co-existence between the components of the province. to the said Chairman of the Kirkuk provincial council, Hassan Turan Bahaa El Din, in a statement issued by his office had received “Alsumaria News,” a copy of it, that “for visits to the preservation of particular importance because they looked forward to their reality and their problems.” He said in the statement that “all parties in the province stresses the need to unite for the advancement of their betterment service, “noting that” the good relations between the provincial administration and council being the complementary to the other. ” The statement that “the problems and political differences exist and can not be resolved only through dialogue seriously,” noting that “there is a need to agree a real all areas. “

[BondLady] He called Bahaa El Din, “the need to seek to reform the security situation, which is a major factor for the development of preservation and stability,” the statement said. The delegation, visiting the governor of Kirkuk, a number of Politburo members and the working of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, including addition, Mullah Bakhtiar, Omar Fatah, raised Abdullah and Nermin Othman. Among the most prominent subjects of sterility in oil-rich Kirkuk, how the application of Article 140 of the constitution, and the sharing of powers between the components. Article 140 of the constitution on the normalization of the situation in the province of Kirkuk and disputed areas in other provinces Kninoy and Salah al-Din Diyala, and set a time limit ended in the atheist and the thirtieth of December 2007 to implement all provisions in the said article of the action, also left for the people of those areas, freedom of self-determination of both survival and independent administrative unit or attached to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by organizing a referendum, but obstacles: the delay in the implementation of some essential items in the above-mentioned article,

[BondLady] for reasons the politicians say the Kurds are politically motivated, while Baghdad says the delay is deliberate, knowing that he had of the Ministerial Committee responsible for the enforcement of article, that carried out some paragraphs, as compensation of those affected, as have not been implemented mainly a referendum on the fate of the city. is the province of Kirkuk, 250 km north of the capital Baghdad, a mixed population of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Christians and the Sabians, of the most disputed areas, while pushing Arabs and Turkmens towards demand management joint of the province, seeking Kurds to annex the territory Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the suffering of Kirkuk, the vulnerability in the security situation in the light of violent incidents almost daily targeting foreign and local forces and civilians alike. supports the Kurds strongly the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution, while showing a section of the Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk and other areas, in protest at the implementation, for fear of the possibility of incorporating conservative oil-rich Kurdistan region of Iraq, after being accused of Kurdish parties to bring in hundreds of thousands of Kurdish population of the city to change the identity of the demographic, which was the former regime, have others also bring hundreds of thousands of Arabs to it, in the seventies and eighties of the last century, within the Arabization policy applied in these areas at the time.

[BondLady] so talabani is gonna go right in this

[bigpuller] so talabani is saying he will give his bloc to the kurds to get this solved??

[BondLady] an he will stand by the kurds

[BondLady] yes

[BondLady] he will do what ever it takes to do art 140 an hcl also the rest of the points

[BondLady] allawi is diff

[bigpuller] watch out maliki cause they are a coming

[BondLady] but the kurds will stand

[BondLady] and by the 100′s of thousnds bp lol

[Bondlady] so now you can all see what the fighting is over

[Bondlady] and what is still left to do imo…

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