PTR 1pm (ET) Call 9/13/2011 - Notes from Cvfallbrook at PTR

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PTR 1pm (ET) Call 9/13/2011 - Notes from Cvfallbrook at PTR

Post by Rooster on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:52 pm

PTR 1pm (ET) Call 9/13/2011 - Notes from Cvfallbrook at PTR

Tony: Today is the 13th. When you hear that song you know Tony is starting the day off. Giving you fair warning – this will be an upbeat call! Have some great information that will get some people excited. If not up for it or if you have heart problems or a downer, hang up now!

I am going to tell you right now… Dan is not here at the moment – may be in and out.
Said he will try to get on the call.

Yesterday - let’s clear that up and bring in new information. I am in a good mood. Yesterday we had a caller come on in the middle of our call and say it just rv’d in Kuwait …. Got information later that it rv’d in Kuwait then in Iraq. Know it went back and forth on the boards. I will give you a personal experience that happened to me. I was involved in it. Kept hearing this rv story in Kuwait… kept looking at forex and nothing is changing… calls from people on east coast and saying the bank was saying the rate… on the east coast in a bank I got a rate for the sell rate 4.12 buy 4.02 for the Kuwait dinar.

I called the banks on the west coast where I live and they gave me a different rate. Chase on the east coast said 4.12 sell rate on west coast said $3.20. Told them to call the currency department. Came back and said you are right the rate did change to $3.57. I said – I just got $4.12 from Chase on the east coast. That is what happened yesterday. This whole thing is changing the way things are happening.

Look on Forex right now and see the $3.67 there and then call Wells Fargo to hear the rate. Look at the foreign exchange page and will be different amount. Something is happening on Forex right now – hasn’t updated. Something is happening.

Already Blessed: First of all my three letter guy told us yesterday that he could go to the online foreign currency of boa and see the rv’d rate for the KWT. I called my local boa here the bank manager is a friend for 20 years. She looked it up for me and said it was $4.08 on her screen.

Tony: If you go to yahoo or one of the other currency exchanges the rate will be different cause they haven’t updated yet. The god thing is that Kuwait rv’d – at that rate it is an rv of their currency. Hasn’t been broadcasted on the news but it took place. If you were savvy enough you could get on Forex and make $$ today. Not updating throughout all banking systems at one time. Wanted to explain that to you guys. That is what all the confusion was on all the boards. I did it myself.

As far as Iraq is concerned, I got a call yesterday. Said Iraq officially rv’d at 11 yesterday. I heard that on Thursday and Friday as well. Said yesterday they announced it to the people and they were partying in the streets. We actually had someone trying to get us video yesterday – haven’t received it yet.

Kuwait did it at 10 am pst and heard it was 20-30 minutes before that. Wasn’t till 1 in the afternoon that we started seeing it in our banks. Great information. When I got the call later that Iraq had done it thought we should see it 3 or 4 hours later… then got closer to banks closing…. Wasn’t looking for it then. Forex wasn’t updating the KWD yet…

I got no less than 4 sources of information saying that once again every thing was done. Calls from UST saying it is done, sent them everything they need – we’ll see it today or tomorrow and even told me the rate. Got one from a 3 letter guy … this guys was contacted by somebody higher up in his agency that told him officially today it is over with will see it today. Then a govt. source called to say it has been released and will see it today. Have a huge, huge source out of Iraq who gives us something every couple of months, they called to say there will be an official announcement (not someone standing on a podium) so that everyone in Iraq knows it has taken place. Said they have prepared it and it is ready today. Everyone saying sometime today except our resource in the UST saying today or tomorrow.

I feel good. I am excited. Saw the KWD and the confusion yesterday. Went through it myself. Heard time and time again that when Kuwait went the iqd will follow shortly after. Talked to Frank yesterday at DB and he even thinks you guys are crazy. He said he has no indication of it happening. I told him I was hearing things are happening.

Be satisfied with what you have. Don’t do that. Be happy with what you have and let’s go on and live life.

I was excited about those four calls. One verifying the next one. Hard to get that many people together at that time in the morning to form a conspiracy for Tony!
Just like yesterday I don’t think it is impossible. I experienced the scenario yesterday myself.

Somebody else just told me they called Chase and the rate was $4.02 for the KWD.

People are calling and verifying so you can see not just to see on Forex. Getting from all of these agencies this morning that the iqd has revalued and we will see it today.

Already Blessed: When I woke you up this morning with that great information also heard from a pentagon source that it would be announced today. It meant “appeared locally or whatever.”

Tony: Over there will be announced so everyone will know it. A medium has ben prepared to have it go today. Hopefully we will see that today.

Chris: have a really good friend at Chase… went to high school with him…. Said on his screen that 97.44 would by me 24 KWD – 4.064000 is rate.

Tony: What does it say online?

Chris: he said I could come in and have my $$ tomorrow or at the most 2 days.

Tony: A live rate even though not on the Forex. Sometimes we have to go with faith and say maybe it did happen.

Chris: BOA website showing KWD $4.08 this am.

? Seeing some things on line re tied to GBP?

Tony: Heard from the UST this am that the rate is tied to the GBP. I have to tell you that what I am hearing from the bank verifies that it is tied to the GBP. Numbers I am hearing from the bank verifies that.

Call in pin 399289.

? Thank you for everything. If you are hearing GBP my heart is racing. Have you heard anything on the dong?

Tony: Have heard about it, but if I tell you won’t give me the advantage I am trying to use lol. If doesn’t go right now will go very shortly after. Not as long as you think!
Will tell you after my order is in!

? About a year ago was in another forum and spent $399 on an off shore business and not feeling good about it… will there be help in SF?

Tony: I will make an exception to talk about this. First of all heard that was being looked at by some people. Sorry I can’t believe that people actually did that. You have to be the most trusting person in the world to do that. Heard literally thousands to do what he suggested. People looking at it will go to jail with him anyways. Suppose you get off the plane and nobody shows up and you have put in all your $$ already. Can’t believe that people would do that. Sorry, didn’t mean to be so critical. I couldn’t believe that somebody presented that to people and that they did it. I know everyone is grown and I hate to do that but glad Dan wasn’t here to answer that – would have been much worse.

? Have you received the dinars in for the contests yet?

Tony: Think Dan said on the last call we did receive them and was having the ladies mail them out. This afternoon – will check on if yours has been sent already and will have one of the ladies give you a call.

? I am really excited today. The $4.41 we were hearing yesterday – is that a fair assessment of where it will be at? Tied to GBP?

Tony: That is one of the 2 rates I have been told yes. GBP – that is what I have been told.

Giving you live information – just got a text from UST saying rate will be released after 1pm central today. So we wait. You got it when I got it. We got it from so many sources today. If I get it I am sending it to you today of you are a member of BSP.

If your dinar winnings have not gone out and this happens we will probably send them via courier but will let ou know.

? Concerns over wiring… now banks…. Not basel 3 compliant… flying with dinars…. Etc.

Tony: I actually just solved every one of those concerns. I could say – put all your dinar in a box and send it to me or the other way is…. If I was you would do what I am doing… go to a local bank…or…. Wait Dan sending me a message saying all contest $$ was sent out Friday or Monday.

What I would do is have someone I know here cash in a note and wire me enough $$ to get a private plane to do all my flying cashing in with. No sense millionaires standing in line trying to get the $$ through TSA etc. Get a private plane, share it with another millionaire if needed.

As far as your $$ goes, when you et to the bank, if you are using one, use one that will put it in your account immediately. Chase does. If you are going to a trader they will do it immediately. If you are concerned about the 2 hours for the wire go first thing in am. Get it into account and transfer to another account. Makes no sense for BOA to say laying off 40,000 people when last week Warren Buffet just put in 5 billion to help them do this, be compliant etc… making sure your $$ is secure is one of the problems you have to think about.

San Francisco will have Chase, DB and DT.

Dan sent me a text and wanted me to tell you guys – Just heard $11 GBP $30 USD LOL.

? SF – where there be a recording we can buy of the information?

Tony: I think ALG will have something or have something online. May make the last recording available to you. Other than that I don’t know cause this is their event. As far as Ray goes only doing 500 people a day in his I could be wrong. Dan and I will be there. We will present the cars to the winners. Other than that will be in SF for 4 days and hope to meet some of you guys… have some meals or go out on events with some of you. Will provide the security for you at the event.

? On a call you were talking to Frank at DB re coming to SF?

Tony: I will call Frank after we hang up and see if we can get prepared. Know that the airport is one of his locations anyways. Will see what we can arrange and put on the next call.

? What is Dan feeling – usually more conservative than you…

Tony: Dan is feeling what he always is… saying Tony…just not feeling it. The whole Kuwait thing to him not right. I can understand that cause it wasn’t business as usual. As far as this morning, are people expecting something… he believes it can happen…. But still kind of unusual. What is really good in Dan’s favor is the article that came out that said not doing it till 2012 – that is more in Dan’s favor. The article today saying CBI is under attack – that is the kind of article that Dan is looking for cause there is supposed to be a lot of negative stuff coming out.

This is how it is supposed to happen. This is what we said a year ago would happen. That we would get to this point with a lot of misinformation then a period of quiet then mas confusion then denial then boom there it is. It is happening as it is supposed to in that respect. The amount of information we are getting and the people we are getting it from – just unreal. I could tell you about the people we are in contact with and the positions they are in and you would say no way they would talk to you and give you the information they are. But this is real life and they are. Not that they feel they are giving out top secret information – a lot of times they are telling their brother or friend something in a conversation and they are telling 2 people who tell us. If I tell you a secret that could affect your brother for his life you will tell your brother… he will tell his best friend etc. Without that process we wouldn’t be here today.

? Know the 15% tax rate tossed around – have you heard anything different?

Tony: Last week got word from UST that not going to do the payout locations but there will be a 15% flat tax across the board. It is less than ½ of what we could have been forced to pay. I will pay that tomorrow. No problem.

? My bull wouldn’t work earlier today. Would you be able to pop a number up on the bull at the start of the call for times the server wouldn’t function?

Tony: We do appreciate it. This whole thing has been a constant change and upgrade, upgrade and repair. We started this a year ago and paid for it ourselves and thought it would only be for a couple of weeks. Never setup to be a business and so we are constantly fixing or changing something. Everyday we think it is over.

When we did away with the free side… and trying to be loyal to our members… when we gave out the #’s would be allover the other boards and they have dialed in before you guys do. That is why we have stopped doing that. Even with texts they got posted on other boards. Guys you are paying for this, why are you giving it out?

Tony: 4.41 bank rate, 5.23 CBI rate to the GBP. Do the math. That’s what the banks are seeing right how. I have gotten that from 4 different agencies.

? Why back to the GBP?

Tony: I have always heard GBP. Always been a debate amongst us. Got from the UST, the Pentagon that way. Now hearing from the banks. If it is wrong it is wrong. A lot of people saying is to USD cause of the oil but the U S knows the problems with our economy… they know it is more stable with the GBP. Blair is involved in this. We control this by fluctuating our dollar. But I could be wrong.

? If it wasn’t for your kindness, you and Dan and the mods, guys like me would be lost in the wilderness. You have really provided the vast majority of people, through your kindness in your heart – all of the hope we could ever have gotten for this happening.

Tony: Everyone is really just trying to help. Ty, Ali etc. don’t pay us. We are trying to pay it forward or even pay it back for what has happened in our lives. I try to bring you guys everything. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is black and white. Yesterday should show you that. Just the fact that the banks have 1 rate for the KWD and the Forex has another one. Shows that all of the things we said could have been said. Just because something didn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t said and wasn’t planned to happen. People cause themselves a lot of undue stress cause they are listening to somebody else say someone is lying, or a pumper etc… this information is all part of the process. This is an opportunity that is very fluid that changed daily, hourly etc… all part of the process. Hopefully over with…. As you go on in your life know that things aren’t black and white… things change…
I certainly appreciate the mods cause we couldn’t have done it without them. All of them from those here today and those prior – we appreciate each and every one of them.

? When will we actually hear it and when will DB post it?

Tony: Yesterday it was 3-4 hours before we heard about Kuwait. The text said after 1 we would see it. So any time after this we should be seeing it. Wish I could give you a time cause I would be at the bank eating hot dogs.

I don’t hold everything on Dinar Banker. You may get a call saying the rate is at the bank. I called Frank yesterday saying the rate at the bank for the KWD. Frank only looked at Forex and said he wasn’t seeing what the bank was. I wou;dn’t put everything on that. My official word will be when I call Chase Bank and they say come on down and get paid. We won’t call you and tell you till that.

I am either going to get it from a bank or we will get a call from Dinar Banker. I am not going to wait on Forex after yesterday that showed me I am watching on the wrong place.

As soon as we are sure, we will send a text and we will do a call. We will do it live when I go to the ban k if anyone is available then.

Thank you mods – they have been working overtime on every rv story that comes out. Please make it easy for them and give them a break. We are all waiting. I hope it is over today;. They said anytime after one…could be late at night.

UST said anytime today or tomorrow. Others said today. Please don’t go buying reserves or dinar today. Not what we are here for.

Have a great day!

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