8ball Chat post by Red Lily at People Invested: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/12/11

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8ball Chat post by Red Lily at People Invested: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/12/11

Post by Rooster on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:00 pm

8ball Chat post by Red Lily at People Invested: ON ANOTHER SITE 9/12/11

8ball: Big
week coming

6:22 PM [8ball] Big week coming
6:22 PM [8ball]
if they do what they say they are going to do
6:23 PM [dsny2020] sounds good
6:23 PM [dsny2020] lets hope they do the right thing
6:23 PM [8ball]
2nd time the Economists and CBI were in parliament
6:23 PM [8ball] Explaining
what they are going to do
6:23 PM [dsny2020] and hello 8ball
6:23 PM
[dinarfrank] Hello 8ball … Great to see you again Sir!!
6:23 PM [8ball] Hi
6:23 PM [8ball] I have a cold …
6:24 PM [8ball] But we are set for
a good week
6:24 PM [dsny2020] i sure hope so
6:24 PM [8ball] I take these
appearances in parliament
6:24 PM [8ball] as the readings of the RV
6:24 PM [dsny2020]
i have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks
6:24 PM [8ball] since the
CBI really has to explain what it means
6:25 PM [8ball] if a question came up
they wouldn’t have anyway of answering during the reading of the CBI law
PM [8ball] or understanding the reading
6:26 PM [8ball] since it would be
technical finance…..
6:26 PM [8ball] they would probably be better off with
cartoons for the iraqi parliament
6:27 PM [8ball] many laws are poised for
6:27 PM [8ball] Council of ministers …Allawi
6:27 PM [8ball]
6:28 PM [8ball] CBI… and security ministers….
6:28 PM [8ball]
Erbil agreement which is really the outline of how this is coming down
PM [8ball] there is an agreement with Kuwait
6:29 PM [8ball] Maliki is saying
that he didn’t do it
6:29 PM [8ball] sure
6:29 PM [8ball] anyway enjoy
your week
6:29 PM [8ball] this should be entertaining
6:29 PM [8ball]
starting tonight
6:29 PM [dsny2020] thanks 8ball
6:30 PM [8ball] Clinton
rang the New york stock exchange opening bell on Friday
6:30 PM [dsny2020] do
you think we will see it this coming weekend
6:31 PM [8ball] The secretary
state…. operates foreign countries
6:31 PM [8ball] By Clinton ringing the
bell …to me….. signified the start of things to come
6:32 PM [8ball]
foreign country wise
6:32 PM [8ball]
6:32 PM [8ball] She would
6:32 PM [8ball] anyway dinner time
6:32 PM [8ball] BBL
PM [dinarfrank] Thanks 8ball. Outstanding as usual.
6:41 PM [shm925] hello dv
and good evening
6:42 PM [peonyrose] hi shm
6:43 PM [shm925] hey
peonyrose. just seeing what’s happening. can’t stay good to see you
6:49 PM
[Clay] 8ball ty

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