Bond Lady Chat: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

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Bond Lady Chat: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

Post by Rooster on Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:53 pm

Bond Lady Chat: FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

[BondLady] remember several months ago

[BondLady] in the cbi articles

[BondLady] where the smaller banks were asking the cbi to put an umbrella around them

[BondLady] and shield them from money laundering and money and criminal activities

[BondLady] and from huge transfers and exchanges

[BondLady] and the cbi had came back out like 2 days later

[BondLady] saying they were enforcing a tax code

[BondLady] which is like our social security number

[BondLady] where they would be able to track huge amounts of dinar

[BondLady] and how there was a lot of concerns about terrorists and funding for them

[BondLady] and if u stop and think about how huge of a concern that would be

[BondLady] when the dinar revalues

[BondLady] how the concerns were that terrorist and criminals

[BondLady] who were holding large amounts of dinar

[BondLady] waiting for a revalue

[BondLady] just think how much funding that would give these terrorist even at a 1-1 exchange rate

[BondLady] if they had 100,000,000 dinar

[BondLady] that would turn into 100,000,000.00

[BondLady] that would go a long way to funding terror

[BondLady] so i could see how this could be a huge concern especially to us here in the united states

[BondLady] and especially as we are on the anniversary to 9/11

[BondLady] huge loss for us as us citizens

[BondLady] because of terrorists

[BondLady] so i can see concerns in this

[BondLady] and i can see how the cbi and the usa and other countries who fight terror could be alarmed and
concerned with a dinar revaluation

[BondLady] and then yesterday

[BondLady] when i was doing my news searches

[BondLady] i ran across this article

[BondLady] and it just jumped right out at me

[BondLady] and i knew how huge the implications of this article could be

[BondLady] let me grab it

[BondLady] it is long but to me this is so important

[BondLady] and i haven’t seen or heard of any other sites even seeing how huge this is or the true significance of it

[BondLady] let me grab the article

[BondLady] U.S. Treasury Secretary: we have succeeded in drying up the sources of funding al-Qaeda

[BondLady] do u see even by this title how big this is

[BondLady] U.S. Treasury Secretary: we have succeeded in drying up the sources of funding al-Qaeda Voice of Iraq) – Obama aide: Saudi Arabia, UAE pilot models in cooperation with the United States to combat terrorism and Washington: the gift of divine experienced combat the financing of terrorism symposium hosted by the U.S. Treasury Department focused on the methods of terrorist organizations in the search for new sources of funding, by kidnapping tourists for ransom and bank robberies, drug trafficking and human beings. The seminar focused on the political aspects to cut funding for organizations, the United States considers terrorist, like Hamas and Hezbollah, funded by Iran. Participants said that changing the political system in Iran and the fall of the current system is the only way to cut off funding to Hamas and Hezbollah. while the participants welcomed the cooperation between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of control of funds and the establishment of a committee to monitor the Zakat funds and cut the road for the arrival of charitable donations in the hands of terrorists , and the participants welcomed the efforts of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef in this area, pointing out that both Saudi Arabia and the UAE was a model leader in the field of financial transparency and cut off sources of funding for terrorist organizations in the field of rehabilitation of the radicals, while calling for both Kuwait and Qatar to issue laws and legislation to criminalize money grants terrorist organizations

[BondLady] The U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that the attacks of 11 September 2001 was a brutal, sophisticated and weus understand the complexity of the al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, and to combat terrorism more effectively, because it is different from traditional military threats , so by disabling the ability of terrorists to finance their operations ». The strategy of the Office of impeding the financing networks of terrorist organizations in his ministry, which was established after the attacks of atheist th of September, saying: «It depends on four things a principal intelligence work and the imposition of sanctions, and cooperation with partners and international allies and the involvement of the private sector to identify the donors, financiers and brokers involved in supporting terrorist organizations, in order to disable their ability to fund these organizations

[BondLady] Geithner said that the team led by David Cohen and Danny Glaser and Leslie Ireland and Adam Zubin and C. Freese develop a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism and disrupt terrorist financing networks, and restrict the activities of those who finance terrorism and the imposition of sanctions them, these sanctions have been successful in deterring donors of terrorism all over the world. Geithner and used the proverb Greek historian Thucydides, who said: «The war is not about weapons as they relate to money», stressing the importance of discussing how to cut off sources of financing of terrorist organizations. He pointed out that a senior al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan have said that without the money depend «Jihad». The Geithner effectiveness of international cooperation and intelligence from allies and partners in the fight against terrorism, and said:

[BondLady] The international cooperation enhances the effectiveness of this work in addition to cooperation with multilateral institutions, including the Group of Twenty, to focus on combating the financing of terrorism; either through the adoption of new standards or through public support for increased financial transparency ». focused and U.S. Treasury Secretary on the importance of the role played by the private sector in combating the financing of terrorism as a partner for national governments, and said: «The vigilance of financial institutions in identifying and blocking of funds for terrorist activities enhances our ability to eliminate terrorism ». Geithner stressed that «thanks to the implementation of this strategy over the past ten years, the entities that finance terrorism has become restricted in movement and to facilitate the financing of terrorism,

[BondLady] and it became difficult to get away, and the funds are directed to diminish terrorism». He explained that «However, the al-Qaeda is struggling to secure stable funding, and will continue to look for ways to gain access to funding, we will continue to develop innovative and effective strategies to stop them and search for the best ways to defeat them. Have demonstrated our efforts over the past decade the value of a strong focus on finance, and became the Treasury Department is an integral part of the structure of U.S. national security, and expanded the options available to the president to respond to threats ». The adviser said the U.S. President for Homeland Security and counter-terrorism, John Brennan, that «after the killing of Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda leader, has organized many of the pimp, was arrested on a number of leaders, and the liquidation of units of the organization, but that will not stop threats (base) and attempts to carry out attacks in the Middle East, Africa and Asia through other terrorist groups independently, but follow the agenda (Al Qaeda) ».

[BondLady] and Brennan added that the activities of these terrorist groups tended to kidnap tourists, and criminal activities, such as drug smuggling and trafficking in human beings in order to obtain sources of financing, and «has issued in June last, a strategy the administration of President Obama to fight terrorism in order to defeat Al Qaeda, and one of our means to cut off funding for the organization and to impose sanctions on organizations that engage in the provision of funding, and cooperation witit difficult for al Qaeda to stand up and move and brings funds for the attempted attack on the United States », he stressed:« (Al Qaeda) are financially weak ». The Brennan to the successful cooperation with a number of partners in the Arab region, and said: «our cooperation fruitful with both Saudi Arabia and the UAE in drying the sources of funding al-Qaeda, but unfortunately, not all governments in the region with the same commitment, and we are with these governments to do Adapted decisively against the financing of terrorist organizations

[BondLady] The Brennan to the discussions by a President Obama with a number of leaders of countries on the terrorist networks with the kidnapping and drug trafficking for the means of financing the financial. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence, David Cohen: «The Office of Intelligence Finance (TFI), has succeeded in depriving al Qaeda and terrorists all over the world from the financial means to work, working with the international banking community ». Cohen said that al-Qaeda and faced the worst financial crisis in 2010, and became the financial position for the «base» is stable, affecting the ability of the organization to work, and emphasizes the intelligence that al-Qaeda devote attention and effort to raise funds and manage the budget and the costs of running the organization in terms of weapons, fuel and salaries ». Cohen said that «is provided by the intelligence of al Qaeda include good news and bad, which is that the global efforts to disrupt al Qaeda’s funding is beginning to bear fruit, but the enemy has the ability to adapt and innovate, and we started seeing sought by terrorist groups to raise money

[BondLady] through kidnapping and ransom demand », the Deputy Minister of the Treasury that the U.S. pressure on al Qaeda and the disruption of network management and track down and kill leaders adults, such as Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed last month, and Younis Mauritanian who was arrested by Pakistani authorities a few days ago. The Cohen that «the strategy is also meant the line of funding financial officer for al Qaeda, which runs from Kuwait and Qatar through Iran to Pakistan, and depends on the agreement between the organization Al-Qaeda and the Iranian government to allow the network to operate within the borders of Iran ». accused Cohen, Kuwait, Qatar, they become permissive environment with fundraising to fund extremism, and said: «Although the Qatar enacted a law to combat the financing of terrorism a year ago, it lagged behind the implementation, while Kuwait remains the state only in the Gulf that did not criminalize the financing of terrorism, and that the approach taken by Kuwait and Qatar, a threat to them and all of us, and will continue to work with Kuwait and Qatar to take the necessary steps ».

[BondLady] The Cohen’s increased efforts in the fight against networks of financial support for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al-Qaeda in Morocco and the Islamic Youth Movement in Africa. And control of use increased for the kidnapping and ransom, and soon became a source of funding for an important al-Qaeda and its branches, and said: «We have information that al Qaeda received tens of millions of dollars since 2008 through kidnapping and ransom operations in Africa. Middle East

[BondLady] now

[BondLady] what i saw right off the bat in this article

[BondLady] was who was saying this

[BondLady] the united states treasury

[BondLady] does that not seem just a little bit odd

[BondLady] the united states treasury is saying the united states has successfully cut off funding to the terrorist group alqaeda

[BondLady] so this to me was almost like they were saying

[BondLady] there’s still some groups that cause terrorists acts

[BondLady] but alqaeda was the biggest

[BondLady] there will always be some

[BondLady] but for now we’ve stopped the biggest ones

[BondLady] who could actually wreak havoc worse on the revaluation of the iraqi dinar

[BondLady] so doesn’t it make sense that they be stopped before iraq could be allowed to rv there currency

[BondLady] since alqaeda is in iraq also

[BondLady] and have u noticed in the last 3 months how many alqaeda leaders and alqaeda soldiers have been arrested in iraq?

[BondLady] do i sense a kind of Bourne conspiracy here

[BondLady] Smile

[BondLady] well kind of

[BondLady] but common sense does tell me before iraq could rv it would be wise to put these people in check before such an rv would happen

[BondLady] if not it could be very bad at a huge huge level for us and for the world

[BondLady] as we face the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow

[BondLady] this article was huge to me

[BondLady] and it was like the us treasury was speaking right to shabibi or the cbi or the goi or to parliament

[BondLady] the us treasury says its ok Smile

[BondLady] my words not theirs

[BondLady] but i do feel like this was a huge bit of news for us

[BondLady] and it went unread or not discussed yesterday when it came out

[BondLady] and i could be totally wrong also

[BondLady] but i dont really think so

[BondLady] i think this has and will play a huge part of this currency revaluation

[BondLady] anyways i wanted to say this stuff about that article that flew right over peoples heads yesterday, or was never read

[BondLady] hope u all enjoyed our saturday morning chat and i hope I’ve been accurate

[BondLady] god bless America,god bless us, and god bless Iraq

BondLady] and God bless the families of our fallen heros

[BondLady] remember this

[BondLady] Courage is not the absence of fear , but its the strength to do what’s right in spite of it, in loving memory to all our fallen heros of

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