The Final Stretch – What do we do? ……. FREEWAY BILL (VNJW post at PTR): FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

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The Final Stretch – What do we do? ……. FREEWAY BILL (VNJW post at PTR): FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

Post by Rooster on Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:50 pm

The Final Stretch – What do we do? ……. FREEWAY BILL (VNJW post at PTR): FROM ANOTHER SITE 9/10/11

As I sit here tonight at the midnight hour, I reflect on how we got where we are and what it actually means to the people of the United States and the people about to receive this blessing.

10 years ago, we watched as the towers fell and the whole world changed.

Now, we are sitting and waiting in anticipation of completely different kind of change. This event will bring many things:

1. We will see a balance of wealth that has not been seen in this world for many many years.
2. We will see the opportunity for the United States to become the World Power that it was for most of our lives but had slipped away from.
3. We will see well over a million new wealthy families emerge.
4. Housing markets will soar, automobile sales will soar, Trillions of dollars will be pushed into our economy.
5. Well over 2 million jobs will become available literally overnight.
6. Churches who have been struggling will see the collection plates overflow like never, ever before.
7. Countries from all corners of the world will be able to sit down and bargain and trade on equal levels like never before.
8. Iraq will emerge as the wealthiest country on earth as a democracy.
9. Families will be able to spend more time together like never before.
10. God’s work will flourish as people will be helping people all over the world like never before.
11. Our political arena will change for the better as both parties will have to come to terms with the fact that together we can prosper,

People will be praising God more. This will effect the investors and the non-investors in huge ways. Unemployment will plummet and businesses will flourish like never before.

In order for all of this to happen, we will all have to remember how this happen and why. Christian people banned together and emptied their pocketbooks to buy dinar to help out the Iraqi people in their time of need with taking worthless currency that MIGHT someday be worth as much as 50 cents per dinar if that. Little did we know that we would see it come back at a much higher rate and make some or most of us wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

So, tonight as we sit and wait, please remember this is much bigger than you or me. This is OUR CHANCE to make a difference!

My wife and I plan on making our mark to help those in need ….. How about you?


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