Freeway Bill PTR Chat 9/8 11pm EST ON ANOTHER SITE

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Freeway Bill PTR Chat 9/8 11pm EST ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:45 pm

Freeway Bill PTR Chat 9/8 11pm EST ON ANOTHER SITE

11:13 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have been in high gear since about 3 p.m. this afternoon. Things have been rolling in all afternoon and they just keep getting better!

11:17 PM FREEWAY BILL: I think it is already scheduled for when the BUY SIGN will go up. I have heard everything from tonight to Saturday night (our time) but Dan made a few good points and it could be Sunday.
11:19 PM FREEWAY BILL: Just give out what you get in and I have heard 6^ for a long time and the math makes sense.

11:19 PM FREEWAY BILL: nav, anytime with the back day being Sunday

11:24 PM FREEWAY BILL: jevpam, before the call, I was absolutely certain that it would be no longer then tomorrow afternoon, but after listening to Dan’s reasoning, I could live with Sunday just fine

11:25 PM jevpam: FREEWAY BILL thanks for the answer. I am really trying not to get too excited. We have heard before shouldn’t go past a certain date but it feels so different this time.

11:25 PM FREEWAY BILL: it is different this time. If it wasn’t already clear, FOX NEWS let the Cat out of the bag.

11:27 PM FREEWAY BILL: Nobody expected the news to get this out like this…

11:27 PM FREEWAY BILL: I will bet there were turbans flying everywhere when they saw that.

11:27 PM dinarfaith: FREEWAY BILL I have had this dream for 5 years and the numbers 645 always are there in that order I think it will be 6.45

11:28 PM FREEWAY BILL: They have done a good job in keeping the media quiet for such a long time. It had to happen sooner or later

11:29 PM FREEWAY BILL: It might make it go quicker. I will bet that Dinar Banker’s computers have been ultra busy tonight.

11:32 PM FREEWAY BILL: Being that we have a time out kind of, please sit down and write down all of the promises you made at the beginning. You may need to so you remember, God doesn’t need to write it down, he remembers.

11:33 PM FREEWAY BILL: justuntin, the rate is going to be higher than you imagined and certainly enough to make you smile for a long time

11:34 PM FREEWAY BILL: I actually have a huge list and my wife and I keep adding to it

11:35 PM FREEWAY BILL: Just get up tomorrow, hug your spouse, kiss your kids, pet the dog and go say hi to your neighbors and then hit your knees and Thank the Good Lord for those things first. The MONEY is secondary….

11:36 PM FREEWAY BILL: Tony probably gave an oath not to quote it. I have heard for a long time and more today and yesterday than ever that the rate should be over 6

11:39 PM FREEWAY BILL: Well folks, I am going to bed. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Relax and don’t chase the money, it will come to you….

11:39 PM FREEWAY BILL: god bless all of you

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