PTR Evening Call Notes and Replay #’s 9/8/2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE

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PTR Evening Call Notes and Replay #’s 9/8/2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:50 am

PTR Evening Call Notes and Replay #’s 9/8/2011 FROM ANOTHER SITE


Dan: Some things happened today.

Tony: I’ve gotten several calls today…. Calls from mods… a lot of the
stuff you are seeing on the other boards is what I am hearing. Heard anytime
from 2 o’clock on. Heard the rate has been pushed through the ust, and passed on
to financial institutions, forex, banks etc… got that from the ust and from east
and west coast banks as well. Said they actually got the rate from them today.
That they had the live rates. Some people in NY out of the banking system and
the money system said they got the rate today. Got the live rate today. Heard
anytime after 2 est.

Even heard supposed to happen before 6 o’clock but
O stopped it and wanted to do it after his speech. Again we wait. All good news.
The banks always said they saw the rate but never for the live rate pushed to
them. The other institutions never got the live rate. The Forex said live
sitting on the board. They see it, have a green light…

Yesterday really
trying to give you some information about what I heard. Other boards put it out
about what happened between M and A and how S was involved. That is what cleaned
this all up and put us in the position we are in today. I was asked to not put
that out but other boards did. Looking for a positive night. We are within hours
if not days for this to happen.

Looked at yesterday – the things on tv –
said they are putting it out. Today on the net and tv got a couple of calls that
was put out – more and more evidence put out by the minute. Can’t see them
holding this off much longer.

Dan: The reason we never did a call today….
We did get a little more detail on the M and S thing… my info was a little
different but not much. The 4 sources I have been speaking to said impossible to
take place before the meeting… I said yesterday that I didn’t think it would
take place Thursday or Friday, Ministers announced, celebration, A given the
power and then intro Erbil, celebration, people I am talking to swaying not
reasonable to think it would go through in 24 hours and then their holy day
etc…. My information is all positive as well. I think it is some time before
Sunday. There is an announcement by A on Sunday.

What we heard on tv…
the Fox clip…. (fox clip played re all the Central Banks and a global
intervention is latest specdulation)

A Global monetary stimulus…. That
package… they also said this weekend. Imo tied to A’s speech… they are waiting
for a few things to happen. Let’s not get bummed out if we don’t see it Thursday
or Friday…. Before I repeat something I have to research it… have a different
way of looking at the information. This sounds like the play we have been
waiting for.
Gary: I am getting
very excited as I watch the events unfold here. All of our sources saying the
same thing…. Now hearing it on a credible news network saying about a global
stimulus… we have been talking about the dinar being one of the things to impact
what is going on. Will begin the adjustments of a lot of currencies around the
world. Can’t think of what else would do that but the iqd.

Dan: We have
been talking about the iqd rv for years. The Paris Treaty. All of these
countries forgiving the debt. What they can say is where is this package coming
from – coming from under ground the trillions of $ in oil…. A solution they can
define around a currency and aq monetary piece.

Gary: Not just the oil…
per Dr. Todd we have a country with oil, a larger quantity of it, and also the
mineral and agricultural resources in Iraq. When the switch is turned on will be
a lot of support for that in that country.

Tony: I say we are right
there. Tight where we needed to be. Said for the last year that Iraq qould be
used just for this purpose. In the last 10 years Iraq created for that purpose –
stimulating the world’s economy.

They say there is no more land… the
world is the world… for us to go over there… as long as that country has been
over there…. How come we go over there and just discover all of these hidden
pockets of oil…. Gas that was never known before… what part of your country have
you not put your foot on… this is a lot deeper than you think.

Dan: I am
going to look forward to tomorrow’s call. Don’t think there will be anything
announced or revealed about Iraq in O’s speech. I am looking for our call at

Tony: Already did his speech and nothing to do with Iraq at all.

Dan: Didn’t think it would.

Tony: It was job creation, tax cuts,
nothing about stimulating from any other country etc.

Dan: Everything is
always about the rv tonight. I get frustrated with a lot of these guys saying
over done… they never come back and say why it doesn’t happen. To say tonight
they are guessing. Still things that have to be completed yet.

Tony: We
are there one way or the other. Banks looking for it, traders, forex people –
all they need is a go signal or buy signal. I thought when the ust released it -
it is a go – they said nobody has a buy till they get told that they have a buy.

Dan: I know that tomorrow will be a good day. I’ll see you guys back
here at 10 am.

Tony: Have a good evening guys!

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