Seeker Speaks: synopsis of 'where we are & why' ON ANOTHER SITE

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Seeker Speaks: synopsis of 'where we are & why' ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Remo_Williams on Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:35 pm

Thursday, September 08, 2011 11:32 AM
ToSubject: Seeker Speaks: synopsis of 'where we are & why'

Ok – after keeping fairly quiet on chats or forums for a month now –
I’ve decided to put together a short synopsis of our little adventure in an effort to re-introduce ‘clarity’ –
we are all experiencing stress & frustration over this investment way beyond what most of us are used to –
some of us have been in this a long, long time and have become mostly ‘numb’ to circumstance –
others, not so long and you have dove head long into a crazy environment that seems to be spinning out of control and sending you in many different directions –
first let me say that ‘most’ of those who claim to have impeccable sources and share what they hear are genuinely trying to help the many who don’t or can’t access detailed information on the ‘status’ of our investment –
taking a negative attitude towards them is counterproductive and it does no one any good –
second I will say that there are some who have capitalized on this venture by putting themselves and their own interests first, preying on those who are susceptible and uninformed –
pay sites, pay for Intel opportunities, pre-paid RV notifications, MLM’s slipped in on unwary investors, paid memberships with ‘promises’ of special group discounts or dinar giveaways to the 100th caller/poster or my favorite, ‘if you’ll join, stay or bring a friend I’ll give you a 1,000IQD note & let’s not forget the ‘drama queens’ who twist Intel into some sort of sensational piece of news that enthralls the viewing audience – ALL of these people who conduct themselves in this manner are pure unabated SINNERS and should be ashamed for their actions –
have no fear though, God is watching them and he will deal with each of them in his own way, so it is written in the Holy Book ok, enough of my ‘intentional’ rant – what I want to say is more about ‘where we are right now’ in this investment that doesn’t involve a special translator or super secret source – just logical fact that anyone of us could write down and share–
We have reached a point in this investment that has no precedence – there is no documented plan or procedure for us or the people who are overseeing this complex process called the dinar RV – in fact it’s not just the dinar RV it is a buttload of currencies RV’ing – some up in value – some down in value – the people who are working diligently 24/7 to bring this seemingly difficult ‘event’ to a conclusion are experiencing a ‘trial by fire’ or ‘trial & error’ process that seems to bring ‘Murphy’s law’ into play almost daily –
none of this makes the investment distorted or fictitious but it does frustrate every one of us over & over it seems – well let me tell you the people overseeing this are frustrated too – working oddballs shifts – bukoo overtime – last minute travel – time away from family & loved ones – they deserve our respect, support & patience - people, this is a ‘when’ situation NOT and ‘if’ situation –
the RV WILL HAPPEN and that’s 100% fact – exactly how close are we to the ‘moment’ we’ve all been ‘impatiently’ waiting for?
The RV can appear in front of the world at any moment – that is a fact! – When will it appear? – when the ‘unexpected’ circumstances & ‘surprises’ cease to exist – remember there is NO instruction manual for those dedicated ‘overseers’ to follow –
do I have faith in what I’m being told? – Heck yea & so should you! – I have been privileged & honored by individuals directly involved in this process that I know for a fact this adventurous investment would not come to fruition without, who trust me and share intimate knowledge because they know I would never take advantage or expose them in any light whatsoever –
All I can say is we’ve reached the end of the movie – we just need to sit back, let the credits run out and the lights come on – will it be a few more hours?... Today?... tomorrow? I can’t honestly say for certain because I and NO one else can predict those pesky ‘surprises’ that our ‘friends’ have to deal with –
I do know the show is over and that puts us on a very short timeframe – so make a plan – prepare for their next phase now – when your flipping out over an RV’d rate or pouring champagne down your throats is NOT a good time to try and figure out ‘what’s next’
God Bless & please remember to use your wealth to touch the lives of those less fortunate

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