PTR 1pm (ET) Wed. Recording 9/7/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

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PTR 1pm (ET) Wed. Recording 9/7/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Remo_Williams on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:51 pm

PTR 1pm (ET) Wed. Recording 9/7/11 ON ANOTHER SITE

dan….things are fairly positive today even though i’m usually the negative one….

didn’t anticipate gold going down
dan…other mods on this call….did know yesterday that there are other things going on…this looks and feels like the perfect storm

maliki in meeting yesterday that was positive

dan…haven’t told us all that needs to take place…erbil still not published

dan…not giving us a whole lot of details…but meetings have gone very well and in the perfect storm…the markets etc.

dan…still going to put a lot of $$$ in our economy…bankers jumpy…waiting…

bankers hearing that it is going to happen and then something stalls it
tony…last couple of times it didn’t happen bankers are as upset as we are…they are waiting and hearing the same stuff that we are… banks getting the same info as we are…someone in our gov. is telling them to have extra $$$ and then something happens to stop it….paying extra peeps to be ready..getting the info like we are too and somebody putting that info out there

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dan…whole thrust ….also heard some other stuff that i’m not bringing up…mods want dan to tell the other side peeps saying it could be one week away…gold fluctuating a lot which seems to be a sign..the dollar going up and down doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the RV… a lot of calls keeping me up at night…but can’t prove anything yet
tony…last piece of info…want you to know…text again…currency exchange dealer…NO NAME…12 locations…called by headqtrs…at 10 am…green light to put on alert … not saying it is happening in the next 30 minutes…but i am really optimistic…but like everyone else out there….at 2 am thought this was going to be over…every green light and go sign in Wash DC saying it was a go now delay for 5 hours but it is still moving forward…someone in iraq bought things today and got more money back than she was expecting interntl. banks telling their peeps to be ready for today something is happening
dave…for every one person that say it is taking a while there are 2 saying that we are in the day…in the month…still think that there is an agenda and everything is not related to the RV…agenda and these peeps have their own timeline…no one with specificity has hit the mark either we don’t know what these peeps goal is…don’t put a lot of stock in those articles out of iraq, but there does appear to be a perfect storm… minister not implemented…erbil not implemented tomorrow taking the vote on the erbil…once done and agreed to the 3rd time…opinion is that is the indicator for the RV those things are the reason for a great deal to remain upbeat…but we don’t know what we don’t know.

Dan: I don’t know when it will happen. I am leary that today would be the day as I have findgers scarred with burns!

Tony: I have fire retardant gloves! I don’t think that the meeting will happen tomorrow, I think it already happend. I know for a fact that there was a meeting last night I think it already took place, not top secret meeting but it happened. They don’t want everyone to know when and where the meeting takes place. This has not changed. I don’t expect them to give us that much lead time on their meetings
New text from Tres. guy saying look for the next few hours.

dan…not trying to keep peeps grounded…think we are as close as we have ever been…lets wait till this afternoon to say some other things but this could drop in our laps today and surprise everyone.

Dan: There are things we are not going to bring to call but will wait until later on toady.

(Not sure who stated this I think it was a Mod): Guys, relize this is not your typical stock market deal or deal in a back room. This doesn’t owrk this way. This involves 100 countiries, 100 preisidents. It just doesan’t happen this way. It changes every hour. Things change with every country. Each country has input. We are getting great info that it is getting very close, closer ewvery hour. Everyone needs to grow up. This is a financial situation that does not work the same way the every day life works.

Tony: Everyone is careful what they are saying. You have to look at everything. Calm down, it is going to happen but it may not happen at the time you hear.

Dan: Got a text….someone just sent a text saying is it going to happen or not?

Dan: We don’t know but we confirm everything. This guy disregarded what we have been talking about. I know this guy is frustrated, maybe has a reserve that is due. There is no tonight or tomorrow. I think we have passed many bumps in the road. I am feeling positive.

Tony:If I know this is done, 100%, I will be at the bank when I make that remark. Besides what the banks have said about today…there isn’t any time that we can confirm…we are closer than we were yesterday.

Gary: watching other boards looking. We want it to happen but we want correct confirmation for all our members.
Gary – hearing from Dr. Todd and higher up organizations they are saying “its happening” but not when

AJ: My sources have been quiet lately. We talked that it could be a great thing. If I have a car built and talk to the head guy putting the motor in and he says I put the motor in and its done. Well, it is not done, his part is done but we need other thinfgs to make the car work.

Dan: That is why we are trying to figure this out. We aren’t supposed to know about this. Good point you just made, the motor is in but the front end needs to be assembled. We sit with this same situation. Something we might not be aware of, it is really close.

Tony: My car is built and pushing down the tracks but I am looking for the key. Let’s find the key!

Don’t panic. Don’t buy based on this phone call. Don’t do it!

Dan: There is going to be a rush as to where to get where You might be able to get to where you need to go to cash in. We are not promoting anyone. As soon as this takes off, we are going provide where to go. Don’t worry we will tell all of you, where to cash out, what to do etc. All in archives. Don’t panic. Next 72 hoiurs stay tuned I do think we are at that point as to what are you going to do first.

Tony: Did get a message from treasury, will confirm info.

Tony: as soon as RV is announced that we will tell our paying members. We are not going over this again so we shut off the free site. THose few members ruined it for the others however they can still sign up and be connected.

They are still part of our team. They won’t get the info as fast.

Dan: Those people will register. WE don’t want to work with thousands. If not a paying members, stay tuned to other site. This is going to happen.

They are thinking of having another call when they get the calls they are expecting…

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