PTR Conf Call Notes Tuesday 1pm (ET): ON ANOTHER SITE 9/6/11

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PTR Conf Call Notes Tuesday 1pm (ET): ON ANOTHER SITE 9/6/11

Post by Rooster on Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:43 pm

PTR Conf Call Notes Tuesday 1pm (ET): ON ANOTHER SITE 9/6/11

Tony Dan and Dave – guest will be on the call –
Tony states I don’t want to go into it if its negative…Dan States…no it
won’t be bad…Dave has same info as my sources and Dan States private serious
meeting in Iraq…told before that Alawi put into some position of authority and
until that was done…no RV …we gather info and bring to call from diff. sources
and we both have a role to play…peeps that I talk to and peeps that tony talks
to…but we still don’t know where we are going…sometimes we both question
what we are hearing

Tony states we do have intel and it is good we try to
put all the pieces of the big picture together and its emotional for everyone –
we get 10 or more calls a day… don’t take sides – the good or bad and take info
and see where we are. GOOD info gets you excited as it should as it is good and
it’s another piece of the puzzle of we are there… we try to get you there… We
try to bring you the best and Dan and I go back and forth and we did have a
discussion of what we have today so you can understand – bottom line is there is
some good things happening both ways …Dan states it’s all for the puzzle to be
put together … trying to bring most accurate info we can but we are two separate
people…our understanding is that no matter what you hear do NOT be discouraged
as it is about to happen this will revalue… .talking about the contention
between their two opinions and we play it out on the calls to show both
sides…this is what you have asked for and we have agreed to do it… you need
to quit trying to silence tony or dan…by requesting to only hear one side.
let’s address this because we are only delivering what we are hearing… Okie’s
name keeps coming up… new person comes to our calls we have to educate them so
they hear what has transpired in the past…they hear it is being done…and
then when it doesn’t happen it shocks the new peeps…if you don’t like that then
we just say what we are hearing but we are not bashing Okie – intel is telling

states .I want you to know that if the rv happened yesterday then I’m mad
because nobody told me…LOL!

Dave states he has
confirming info from last Monday we talked – this meeting scheduled in
Parliament did take place the positive things came about is positive progression
and agreed upon some things and I got called on Sunday early saying that they
had named the Security Minister and then the news publications not controlled by
Maliki had confirmed this on Sunday – in conjunction one of the not so positive
aspects of it is that Mr. M is being contrary and he is being brought under
control – seems to line up with the positive discussions in the meetings where
certain members were there we were not told they would be and Mr. S and A and M
were all there in the meeting…

TONY states remember on Friday’s call
Friday AM that the Defense Minister had been picked last Friday and the one
other thing came out in the paper Sunday – things come out after the fact and we
see things in news articles that have ALREADY happened no matter if the articles
say it’s about to happen it is already DONE. Today we heard that today’s
meeting was told the official announcement of the Iraq currency is to be
announced on Thursday – official final vote is to happen on Thursday even though
we know they are meeting TONIGHT…that is the pattern it follows…

states he heard the SAME INTEL the exact intel – that this is to take place this

Dan these men are not saying at all – there is no way no one
will know the date or rate 24 hours in advance… they will get wind of certain
things happening in the markets …but not specifically to the IQD… NO ONE… this
is a catastrophic event and it will have an effect on the markets (commodities)
stock drops…oil goes up etc…will be indicators

Tony states that he
says Dan is making sense – that there are maybe 100 different events once the
dinar revalues – industries and people and some may be indicators to those
people that some signal show it – maybe they know what to look for r- we heard
that billions and trillions of dollars moved around when we heard it was the RV
day – have they been moved back? The train picked up the de la rue machines and
UPS sent the trucks to bring to banks – we thought that was the time – the stand
by to the bank employees we thought we had it – they all can lead to the even
but those 100 events are signs but it’s not that we can know this ahead of the

Tony says he is hearing some good news and some people are still
expecting this and we heard banks were not ready this weekend for this to take
place – we have an annex over here and the CBI here in NYC was closed and all
should be open and then guys who were working all last week got to go home and
be home and they said they were through and it’s just a matter of time for the
RV now – and their part is finished only so there may be other parts to be done
to make the switch on this be thrown… then we go to the other parts that have to
be done… the Defense minister arguing since January and other ministers are
there, they do have names on the Doors and are working the HCL is agreed upon
and voted on – and no arguing is going on not in the public eye or behind closed
doors where Allawi is concerned… so what are we waiting for? I have no idea…

Gary states he heard what has been covered already – we are a lot closer
that meeting was very critical as soon as that happens they would be ready to
release things and move forward – so we need to see what came out of that
meeting and things should roll faster now – and it will catch us a lot by
surprise… TONY states that that happens every day…

Tony asks Dave – Dave
states you all covered it and this lines up to be our week or should be and I
am saying this as it’s what I hear not because you said I t- lots of things have
turned positive direction – bottom line I can express the sentiments that the
only info we want to hear Is that tits done and we can go to the bank – the
progression and one is indicators and they could indicate that this RV is about
to take place and the events, this is event driven and they have to take place
before this revaluation can be effective – but the question is = is this done
simultaneously or in a progression… Tony states he and DAN spoke of this before
the call.. Indicators are signs it will take place but not necessarily right
then- intel is an art folks – signs and events are taking a progression and we
are in the process and does it happen together or do we continue to check
marking in the box of what has been done?

Tony states it’s a catch 22
position – Tony hears they will be done simultaneously – there will be
an RV after ministers are announced – same day same hour IMO – I can
rationalize this and if they give us Allawi and Defense Minister then they can
let the world know the money can be changed – they won’t give the word 72 hour
notice as hedge funds can go out there and buy - Dave states that rational is
not in this process in some elements of this – common sense is not in this as we
thought they could not even go this long without t an rv and that’s a great
issue – but the articles have turned positive this past month and most came from
the CBI and one of the indicators is the naming of the security minister
is apparently is agreed upon – that means they are in the final stages of this
process… that makes its process…and the HCL was announced in the news last week
it was agreed upon so this was the two significant parts that are DONE - THE
AGENCIES TOLD ME AGAIN TODAY WE ARE THERE -the banking US systems are looking
for it – political people are looking for it and the citizens on the Iraq
streets think it’s going to happen Thursday saying the young people are
planning a protest on Thursday all about M and what he is NOT doing – the young
people can’t be controlled when they protest like they can the adults.. the
Mosque reported things this past weekend so we feel that a formal announcement
could be tonight or tomorrow morning about their progression…DAN states with the
conclusion of the meeting Saturday….i wasn’t told who was there but just that
it accomplished what was needed.

With the info coming in are we really at
a point we are moving forward or in line with Okie that it will happen this week
– so will it happen this week…Dan states he likes Okie and likes him and when
you ask what we think of his opinion and who has wisdom and I think you should
leave Okie’s opinion over there e= disagreement is not bashing and I am not
arguing about what he is saying.. not sure what exactly he is saying – he has an
opinion we do too… CALLER states there is a lot of conversation out
there…talking about that the rv is this week…a huge week…and tony talks to
other peeps some respected some not…. a lot of the intel gatherers saying the
same things that it is pointing to this week… Dan says I get call negative cause
I say it’s not and they say it is and then it doesn’t….]

Tony states – 3
people in these agencies are saying the same things we are all getting it cause
the other guys have people who are in the same agencies and they tell us both
separately – We all don’t talk to Okie’s or Poppy’s or Dust’s info and we all
have our resources and use as many as you can to try to figure this out… one of
my sources in an agency and 3 sources saying the same thing…i may talk to only
2 of those,,,but other intel gatherers will have other sources in that same
agency cant’ say it is a conspiracy as all saying the same thing….best
conspiracy ever put together…they are all either telling the truth or are all
given false info – they all say we are heading in that direction – many of our
sources are diff. and some the same but all are giving the same thing….even
Dave is getting the same intel as i have gotten

Gary states we get info
from out intel we are NOT Crossing over info from the copy catters – take a look
at this what we are getting from reliable sources directly …we don’t get it
from other intel gatherers but directly from the source we do take the reliable
sources as a whole…get out of these intel battles

Tony states i talk to
poppy and okie to see if they are hearing what i am hearing…and when they say
“YES” then it all fits in… some peeps call me and give intel and say…”I
don’t know where this fits in but it is what i am hearing” then later we see
where it fits – we .try to give you our honest opinion of what we are
hearing…dan…sometimes question what he is hearing and he questions me and we
question it till it makes sense…Dan states that we ask each other questions that
you would also ask if i didn’t know what i know i would ask this….sometimes we
ask …and we already know the answer.

Gary states it’s really important
that you have opposing views is helpful. May not be the most popular but it
gives credibility to what you do hear… a lot easier to listen to you guys
because it keeps peeps grounded and thinking for themselves…and if it is
reality then it is what it is .Dan states i know that it is easy to say it is
Not happening but you have to tell me WHY it is not happening – I want Okie and
Tony to be right with their info and last week i kept praying that my peeps were

Tony states he hears there are still 35 UST offices
scheduled to open across the land and he was told they did some things over the
weekend to position things and position people at the locations and Tony says
YES we hear that there will be UST offices – Dan agrees withTony he hears the
same thing.

Dr. Todd who is the REAL Dr. Todd who has
hands on with the Marshal Plan said there are LOTS of things happening other
countries were recently downgraded and some are facing major critical issues and
in the masses on a lot of fronts – thought the dynamic answers from Jackson Hole
would come out from Bernake but none did –no one is addressing it – and he
believes that all are focused in the ME of what is going on and will see lots of
other currencies 90 + that will revalue here in the first basket will RV and the
IQD is the TOP currency to be revalued in this basket… It’s not going to last
forever – we will see this come to fruition… Tony states that if we
look at Japan Germany an Switz being downgraded and out own country news
yesterday can’t pay with their payments are in the postal service – and at 8:30
this AM out the dow dropped into double dip recession signs by dropping 270+
points down first thing and a decision has to be made as we are sinking into an
abyss.. we can’t lose as we are running out of time and the good things we are
hearing is that it’s truly about to take place… DAN says he agrees

Tony states The banks are frustrated and mad as they hired
new people as they were told to gear up and the people are sitting as Friday the
lights were GREEN TO GO with the RV and no one is saying GO and we are ready to
go…Dan says he agrees..

Caller asking about
taxation…Tony states he was told 15% for 45 days then 18-22% after that then 36%
at 6 months cash out and higher and we got this DIRECTLY FROM THE TREASURY
DEPARTMENT and if we cash out at the UST offices they are opening we would be
guaranteed NO AUDIT if we cash out with a UST office and this is exactly what
they are telling us from our sources in the UST… if i tell you that you are not
getting audited for 3 years and it goes into the computer that way you will not
get audited…they can do that.. they need the money ASAP and so they are saying
that to get you to come in and pay your taxes ASAP… Tony did tax audits when he
worked for them and he is speaking from experience…

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