Adam Montana 8-17-2011 ON HIS SITE

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Adam Montana 8-17-2011 ON HIS SITE

Post by Rooster on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:09 pm

7:03 PM [Adam Montana] I think that's clear!
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] ok official chat going right now - I know we only do this once a week
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] and many of you are new
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] but many of you aren't
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] so I hope you clued in the n00bs before chat started!
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] the "official chat" goes for a few minutes
7:03 PM [Adam Montana] I'll say what I have to say
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] and then I will open the floor
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] anyone typing before the floor is open gets booted
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] nothing personal
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] just a swift boot in the rear
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] so here is what we have
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] despite a few rumors - HCL is not completed
7:04 PM [Adam Montana] the groundwork is laid
7:05 PM [Adam Montana] and the GOOD rumors I am hearing is that they are using Ramadan as a nice little buffer zone
7:05 PM [Adam Montana] to get everything in order to ACTUALLY PASS things
7:05 PM [Adam Montana] I'm a little worried that I'm not hearing much about Chapter 7
7:05 PM [Adam Montana] that's not a horrible thing
7:05 PM [Adam Montana] just the only thing I am hearing is HCL
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] and I would really like to be hearing about HCL AND CH7
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] it'
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] s ok though
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] because sometimes "no news is good news"
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] I told everyone for months that if it didn't POP before this month....
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] don't hold your breath during Ramadan!
7:06 PM [Adam Montana] because it aint going to happen during the Holy month
7:07 PM [Adam Montana] however... that's almost over
7:07 PM [Adam Montana] there is serious talk that HCL could be finalized
7:07 PM [Adam Montana] and the GOI is STILL 99% seated. There is major news coming out right now that it will be 100% seated, effective, and financial combat ready by the 15th of September
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] combine that with the steady progress we are seeing on HCL
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] and heck, I hate to give a date...
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] but September sure does look like doors are opening!
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] my opinion remains the same on Ramadan though
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] if you're thinking about joining VIP
7:08 PM [Adam Montana] please wait a week
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] more VIPs means more work for me, and although I am 100% ready for the RV to happen at any time
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] my plans are 100% in place
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] everything I have lined up is ready to go at the click of a phone
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] we don't need more VIP members
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] and I need a break lol!!!
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] so don't join VIP for a week
7:09 PM [Adam Montana] thanks
7:10 PM [Adam Montana] closer to end of Ramadan, I would strongly encourage you to research it and understand why you want to be VIP when it RVs
7:10 PM [Adam Montana] just not this week
7:10 PM [Adam Montana] Very Happy
7:10 PM [Adam Montana] the other questions in the weeklyl question thread had to do with a few old topics
7:11 PM [Adam Montana] l0p is one of them - my friends, it could happen. I don't know why they would do it, when they can make some money by implementing an RV
7:11 PM [Adam Montana] so in my opinion - they will not do it
7:11 PM [Adam Montana] the other related question was to redenominating
7:11 PM [Adam Montana] and my answer is the same there
7:11 PM [Adam Montana] of COURSE they need more denominations if the value goes up
7:12 PM [Adam Montana] they can't use 25,000 dinar notes forever if they want to raise the value
7:12 PM [Adam Montana] so YES you can expect to hear news about new denominations
7:12 PM [Adam Montana] and NO they will not advertise the fact that they want to make money on a Redenomination !!!!
7:12 PM [Adam Montana] then too many investors would pile on and drive DOWN the value
7:12 PM [Adam Montana] my advice to you is DO NOT tell people about this investment!
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] the more people that know, the worse the value will get
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] several hundred thousand people own dinar right now
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] this is fine
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] when it hits several hundred million, our odds get lower
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] you might know 5 or 6 dinar investors
7:13 PM [Adam Montana] and it might seem like there is a lot out there
7:14 PM [Adam Montana] but when you do the math and put it in perspective - it's not that many people
7:14 PM [Adam Montana] ok friends that's my update on HCL, the RV, and CH7. Also GOI and a potential l0p. I'll open the floor and take a few questions. THANK YOU for keeping it respectful!

Topic: open floor

7:15 PM [Miss Peg] thank you everyone
7:15 PM [rico] Are you 99 or ever 100% sure of an RV ... eventually??
7:15 PM [InItSince05] 2012 go rv!!
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] rico define RV
7:15 PM [That Bingo] does anyone have te beggining of that chat? i came late
7:15 PM [Ridewithme38] What do you think about delta's rumor about the RD being approved
7:15 PM [shunshine] What is 10p
7:15 PM [whitelions] thank you for your opion
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] revaluate the dinar? YES.
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] 100%
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] I have no idea what the rate is
7:15 PM [Straightshot] what about a potential demonetization (l o p ) .. what about it ... ?
7:15 PM [rico] cashing in = RV
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] I hope it's in the $3 range
7:15 PM [preston] When does ramadon end? Date?
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] but I think it will be lower
7:15 PM [average joe] thank you is the meeting in jackson hole that big of a dealthanks for all you do
7:15 PM [Adam Montana] that's my opinion :twocents:
7:16 PM [howsoonissoon] Thank you Adam
7:16 PM [Money Pit] how is that even possible ?
7:16 PM [jon29] that yellow is too bright.
7:16 PM [That Bingo] hey adam have you herd the rumor of the iraq parlimant and shabbi making a deal today about lifting the zeros?
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] preston I can't read the yellow font sorry
7:16 PM [Ridewithme38] do you believe Delta is correct that the Re-denomination was passed today?
7:16 PM [Mommyof3boys] Do you feel September is when everything willl be complete? or do you think that it will RV in september as well?
7:16 PM [alan_coaks_3] the yellow is blinding
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] That Bingo yes, almost every week
7:16 PM [bigdogg] Adam if they do no work during their holy month, then how are they working on HCL?
7:16 PM [Adam Montana] Mommyof3boys I am hoping for the whole enchilada in September, but I've learned to be patient here
7:16 PM [That Bingo] yea i figured!:}
7:16 PM [wpsmit] hey adam thx and you can rekax in Belize
7:17 PM [Mommyof3boys] Gotcha thanks Adam
7:17 PM [wpsmit] relax
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] bigdogg they do work, they just don't launch any huge projects or implement any huge changes
7:17 PM [Money Pit] 24 Trillion Dinars, and if it hit to 1 Dollar, they would have to repay 24 Trillion US dollars ?
7:17 PM [joedee2004] adam ty and ill keep my fingures crossed for september..oh yeah i made chicken spagittie tonight maybe thats why all the good newss..just kidding..peace and love my friend and ty..Smile
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] wpsmit indeed!!!1
7:17 PM [That Bingo] well acording to okie hes expecting the rv tonight
7:17 PM [Hopeful_Investor] have you ever felt this confident before that the RV was this close?
7:17 PM [Adam Montana] joedee2004 Post your recipe! I want to try it
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] Hopeful_Investor I've been more and more confident since about February this year - we're inching closer and closer all the time!
7:18 PM [joedee2004] Adam Montana you got it honey...Smile
7:18 PM [bigdogg] thanks Adam, that makes sense
7:18 PM [claytonb] do you have the official chat every week same day??
7:18 PM [Ridewithme38] do you believe Delta is correct that the Re-denomination was passed today?
7:18 PM [preacherman] with all the intel from people that supposed to know, we do go on alot of chats and speculations. Thanks Adam for all your work in this. When is Ramadan over?
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] claytonb yes sir 7PM CDT
7:18 PM [Miss Peg] Adam Montana you really missed some good recipe discussions earlier
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] preacherman I think the 28th, but that's a wild guess
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] I know it's towards the end of the month
7:18 PM [gakman] claytonb Yes
7:18 PM [preacherman] roger that.
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] 2-somthingth
7:18 PM [jon29] neopolitan 3-tiered cheesecake with a different flavor on every level.
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] oh!
7:18 PM [Adam Montana] Listen up real quick
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] two items
7:19 PM [Adam Montana]
7:19 PM [Straightshot] Ridewithme38 .. the sooner the better on that redenomination... get er done!!
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] there is some movement happening on the VND
7:19 PM [don1164] so were thinkin strongly in sept then
7:19 PM [edbeach] Adam Believe Forex & Yahoo is live now with IQD
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] we have a sister site,
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] you can post and discuss the VND there
7:19 PM [bigdogg] what is the vnd doing?
7:19 PM [chess] will all of the instability (bombings!) effect our cause?
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] next
7:19 PM [Ridewithme38] redenomination is good straightshot? i thought it was the same as a l0p
7:19 PM [Adam Montana] we have a VERY cool contest coming up
7:19 PM [Weapon X] joedee2004 how do you see millionaire with bunny-ear+15 or 35% + state tax if appliable???
7:19 PM [Miss Peg] shush
7:19 PM [cisole] QUIET
7:20 PM [Money Pit] VND ? are you kidding me
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] keep an eye out for the PINK PIGGY on the forum -
7:20 PM [Straightshot] not at all... L O P different thing altogether
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] you know who I mean
7:20 PM [nannab] thank you Adam and Mods Good night all!
7:20 PM [jon29] pink piggy? ok.
7:20 PM [Weapon X] Straightshot your theory is crashing and burning
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] ok I'm going to go now so the mods can post this chat
7:20 PM [joedee2004] Weapon X im talking about pies not money honey...
7:20 PM [jon29] thanks Adam.
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] and I will go address every question posted in the thread
7:20 PM [djgabrielie] Thanks Adam
7:20 PM [Straightshot] L O P would be = demonetization... not what they are saying
7:20 PM [Bumper64] Adam Montana thanks you!!
7:20 PM [paydirt] Thanks
7:20 PM [edbeach] Thanks Adam
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] sorry if I missed your post here in the chat!
7:20 PM [Mommyof3boys] Thanks Adam!
7:20 PM [Mommyof3boys] Thanks Adam!
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] thank you all
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] go rv!!!1
7:20 PM [Priscilla] thanks Adam!
7:20 PM [Adam Montana] night


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