Sonny1 DV 8/1/11 9:34AM

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Sonny1 DV 8/1/11 9:34AM

Post by Rooster on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:40 pm

Sonny1 DV 8/1/11 9:34AM

[sonny1] hello
[sonny1] Lively bunch i see
[Dinarkicker] sonny1 morning

[kcw] sonny1 good morning
[sonny1] how you guys doing?
[kcw] sonny1
great and you?
[sonny1] i am great, thanks
[lone ranger] is this lifting
of the zeros a good thing or a bad thing
[Dinarkicker] sonny1 doing good
battling computer issues (stinking new comp)
[pluMmet] Q: for you sonny1?

[sonny1] just got off the phone with the bank, final preperations

[sonny1] pluMmet sure
[pluMmet] in the debate the guy kept saying that
there was 50 trillion or 60 trillion Dinar in M1 where is that info from?

[sonny1] pluMmet cbi
[sonny1] but its my belief they truely have more in
[Nadita] sonny1 what final preparations…?
[sonny1] Nadita just
getting my bank up to speed on how many will be coming, ect.ect
ranger] is that lifting of the zeros just good for iraqis or us too
lone ranger i am not totaly sure of there plan, but it looks they are about to
release the new coin with a higher value
[lone ranger] will it effect our
dinar good or bad??
[kcw] sonny1 there has been quite a few articles about
the coins, which is exciting
[sonny1] a new exchange rate is coming, they
cant have a 25 and 100 dinar coin at 1170
[lone ranger] so sounds likr rv???

[sonny1] lone ranger i think so
[Nadita] sonny1 agree with you… when
we are talking about 50 billion or so..are we talking about the new dinar or
what they have in reserve…?
[kcw] sonny1 and the article about the
parliment pushing the council for the hcl
[lone ranger] cool thanks sonny

[vader] so, todays excuse is
[sonny1] Nadita 50 billion is what some
thought they had in reserve, but they just got 250 billion back from dfi, so
there numbers are off there as well
[kcw] vader too hot, they needed a
[vader] hhhhhmmm
[vader] so whats the latest that we are being
[vader] i believe we have passed AM 10 day countdown
sonny1 wow…they have more dinar in reserve and US has more debts in tow…

[vader] so jan is looking better and better
[sonny1] vader i thought
they were releasing the coins now?
[vader] not another rumor
vader no 17 articles
[Nadita] sonny1 question… from your comment above
that you are preparing your bank etc… I am assuming you are not part of DV or
are you…?
[Nadita] or you are one of the people that we can trust with
[sonny1] Nadita what do you mean
[sonny1] Nadita i havent been
right on any rv prediction, but i try
[Nadita] sonny1 I am just trying to
figure it out..who is who in this dinarland. I was going with your comment that
you are preparing your bank on how many will come… never mind the question…

[Nadita] sonny1 that is good enough for me… thanks
[sonny1] Nadita i
have my group, we have 270 million in dinar between us, i was just letting the
bank know, they call me once a week
[Nadita] sonny1 I see… that is
[yoyo1330] jokes im povo hahaha
[behaviorkat] sonny1 Are you
invested in the VND?
[sonny1] behaviorkat no
[behaviorkat] sonny1 thanks

[yoyo1330] u do know they will bunny-ear the 0′s and revalue
but im not feeling well about it
[Linda Bower] sonny1 how many our in your
investment group?
[sonny1] Linda Bower 11
[Linda Bower] what benefit do
you see in investing together?
[lone ranger] in reference to what
ranger] that it will revalue??
[Nadita] sonny1 I missed your debate
yesterday…can you give me your opinion about this dinarland… are we getting
close to rv..? I just want to hear your opinion alive today if you don’t mind…

[Nadita] lone ranger VND
[sonny1] Nadita i think its a
no-brainer they rv
[lone ranger] well they say more than one currency is
going to revalue
[Nadita] lone ranger I see…why do you pick VND as the
rumor also says Chinese Yuan..
[Linda Bower] sonny1 what benefit do you see
in investing together?
[Nadita] sonny1 it’s just a matter of when and what
[lone ranger] inexpensive to buy in
[sonny1] Linda Bower just
economic professors that got me into this, they are 100% sure it will rv, i just
joined there group, maybe a little better spread, power in number kinda thing

[lone ranger] so if everything is pretty much settled anyone have a
guesstimate of rv
[Nadita] sonny1 so, what does the economic professors
prediction about the time and rate…?
[Linda Bower] sonny1 thanks, just
wondering if that may be an option for us or whether we should stay as is.

[sonny1] Nadita anytime, and articles support that, and the rate in there
opinion will be anything lower than $1.00
[Nadita] Linda Bower in fact, it’s
kinda nice if we can get a group so that the planning after rv..will be a good
[lone ranger] less than adolar for how long???
[Linda Bower]
sonny1 how do they propose to fight dollarization, in their opinion once it RV’s
at that rate?
[Nadita] sonny1 that is fair enough… I can
[lone ranger]
a dollar
[sonny1] Linda Bower i really dont know what to tell ya, if you
know alot of dinar holders join up with them and try to get a better bank spread

[Nadita] I can’t see more than 1 dollar…if we think there are as many
people as we thought holding the dinar… rv more than 1 dollar will bankcrupt
[lone ranger] if that be the case those coins are not going to have
much value
[fishing] Linda Bower VIP
[Nadita] sonny1 I don’t know where
you are but what bank are you talking about…?
[lone ranger] nadita why
think so small
[Linda Bower] We have 9 of us friends doing this, getting a
better bank spread together might be advantageous
[sonny1] i will not say
were, but my group and i are going to wells fargo, a member on this site is the
vp of wells fargo, and 6 months ago he contacted me and closed me down on going
to wells fargo, dont ask for who i will not say…..privacy
[sonny1] Linda
Bower play different banks, even if you get a penny more its worth it
Bower] sonny1 Thanks
[lone ranger] i have a bank right where i live that
will give u just what the thing is going for
[Nadita] sonny1 understood…
thanks that what I thought
[richgirl] sonny1 so how much longer do you think
it will take to rv?
[lone ranger] just a small home owned home operated bank

[sonny1] richgirl not sure, they stated in articles all weekend that the
coins are ready now so we shall see
[Nadita] lone ranger this type of
currency is called exotic currency.
[lone ranger] bought it there and will
cash in there
[Straightshot] sonny1 … dont you think they would have to
complete redenomination before they RV?
[richgirl] thank you you
think it can still happen during ramadan?
[lone ranger] not for long

[sonny1] Straightshot they will rv then rd, rd is called smaller notes, it
makes no sense to rd first, unless they dont want to build the private sector,
and keep the whole country broke. imo
[Doug_W] sonny1 I agree
lone ranger did you buy circulated or uncirculated..? I guess it will not make
that much difference with banks…?
[gp49] thanks sonny1 !

[Straightshot] sonny1- ala RD to facilitate RV etc… (?)
[Doug_W] if U
RD before U RV the smaller denoms are virtually worthless
[sonny1] did you
guys know thatevery kuwaiti citizen is given 50,000 us a year just for being a
[lone ranger] both you have to ask for what you want if they can get
it it is yours
[richgirl] sonny1 do you think it can rv during ramadan?

[Straightshot] sonny1 – I see that backwards from the way you see it… I
think RD first will help to make IQD more attractive for RV… IMO
and iraq produces just as much as kuwait, and will be at 8mbpd in 2 years

[lone ranger] ordered VND one week got it the next week
[Linda Bower]
sonny1 United Arab Emirates pays for every son born
[behaviorkat] sonny1
that is good money ~
[sonny1] iraq will follow kuwaits blueprint, not
turkey, were the rd devalued the currency
[sonny1] see we dont know how much
iraq has in dinar, the numbers from the people that think rd is 50 billion, i
find that number is wayyyy off, in fact the just got back 250 billion from there
[lone ranger] what about ramadumb can it happen during ramadumb

[sonny1] lone ranger your guess is as good as any
[sonny1] plus iraq can
rv to 1.00 lets say, get alllll the dinar back and rv again, like i have been
saying, and i have berkeley phd’ d professors, and middle east economic
professor’s that say iraq will make trillions off of this rv.
sonny1 did you know when and what rate did Kuwait do their rv at…?

[sonny1] Nadita not off hand
[lone ranger] i like what your saying sonny

[Straightshot] Adam said that lower denoms would have to be in place before
RV… I agree
[Nadita] sonny1 I am sorry if I ask you too many
questions…but this intriques me…
[lone ranger] well they are on their
[Linda Bower] Nadita there used to be a guy in here that was in on the
Kuwait RV- Ronin
[bobbidoll] Straightshot define in place … 1 ready to go
out or 2 in the hands of the people?
[Linda Bower] He claimed it floated up
to 9 before it settled close to where it is now.
[Straightshot] bobbidoll
thats all adam said was in place
[Straightshot] in circulation I presime

[RDP_62] I’m in place to be a millionaire,just not there yet
Straightshot hmmmm…… something to think about
[sonny1] since this is
almost over, and articles are supporting that fact (coin articles) i wont be
coming on much anymore, its time to finally enjoy summer, and stop looking at a
computer screen. if you tend to believe the people that say they cant
rv…great…..this rv is a no-brainer, they have plenty to cover it, and make a
huge profit…….be safe

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Re: Sonny1 DV 8/1/11 9:34AM

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I have nothing to say.

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