(OKIE CHAT) 7/19/11 9:12PM

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(OKIE CHAT) 7/19/11 9:12PM

Post by Rooster on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:09 pm

janicemulvaney (OKIE CHAT): The G.E.T. Team 7/19/11 9:12PM

OKIE OIL MAN[ chat 7/19/11 at 7:30 PM CSTOKIE_OIL_MAN] you guys are sure speaking a lot about okie—-anyone know what their talking about?

OKIE_OIL_MAN] alexdc–i would run and hide if i were you

[alexdc] no need to run

[Agent 007] alexdc please do not disrespect a guest to our room

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] anyone that thinks i helped put the present occupant in 1600 penn ave in washington D.C. Is badly mistaken

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] the imf is ready to pull the trigger if the us doesn’t–it is reflecting on the countries that are waiting to re=value

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] alexdc–what brand of glue are you sniffing tonight?
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] alexdc=you were talking about me behind my back when i entered the room-
alexdc] well i am talking to u now so its no behiund your back

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] alexdc–just look at your last statement

OKIE_OIL_MAN] tonight is the first time i ever heard anyone say if there weren’t any debt their would be no need for an r/v—-boy —are you kidding me??
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] iraq destroyed by a r/v???—-boy where are you guys getting this stuff???

[tomc2485] OKIE_OIL_MAN As I understand, late last week almost every intel provider was stating that Iraq/IMF/European countries had decided to pull the trigger and only informed the US out of courtesey. That was suppose to happen over the weekend. Now, the same people are saying it is either O/UST fault. What gives. Who has the power to initiate or hold it up?

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tomc2485–since the us has 16% of the un voting power which controls the imf sort of–it takes 85% to pass anything–as you can see with 16% it makes it impossible to usurp the usa’s wishes if it comes down to a vote
[sully2781] OKIE_OIL_MAN so how can imf force this rv through then is the usa is not on board?

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] watch what happens when our budget extension is agreed upon
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] sully—now your getting it
[lfrink] OKIE_OIL_MAN Fox news says that the house passes the cut cap and balance bill
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lfrink–makes no difference–senate will not pass it
[tomc2485] OKIE_OIL_MAN Ok, if that is true, then why the outlandish intel saying the US was out of the picture? Only trying to understand what is true and what is not.
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lfrink–makes no difference–senate will not pass it
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tom-a very convoluted situation and to isolate one particular item with out seperating it from the picture in general is nearly impossible
[lukester] OKIE_OIL_MAN Why would the US not be on board. With a multi-trillion dollar debt, I would think our gov wants this more than anyone. Please clarify why our gov would be holding this up. Thanks.
OKIE_OIL_MAN] lukester–beleive it or not——–power
[tigger2629] OKIE_OIL_MAN if they pass the extension does that mean no money
for us?
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tigger–moot point
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lukester–there are certain individuals that thrive on power only—-stalin—-hitler—-mussiline—-tojo—–the man in the white house
[tobydinar] okie a history teacher with masters degree, know about the Marshall Plan and this plan–bottom line i understand what you are saying completely, how much longer can this thing go on?

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tobydinar–not to ramadan–it will occur before that
[janicemulvaney] house passes Cut Cap and Tax 234-190
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] janice–won’t pass senate tho
[perkey1995] OKIE_OIL_MAN then what? what can we do , if anything???

OKIE_OIL_MAN] their will be a mutual agreement at the last minute just like many times in the past
[4change2] OKIE_OIL_MAN What date are Ramadom?
OKIE_OIL_MAN] starts first part of august i think–or is it sept?
[janicemulvaney] OKIE_OIL_MAN wont the IMF do it way before then?
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] yes janice
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] i would think it would show previous to the 29th and probably much sooner

[pjlannen] OKIE_OIL_MAN I have a friend in Iraq who just confirmed the RV….4 to 1
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] pjlannen—thnx
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] i will not comment on taxes–i don’t want the liability
[stargate] The IMF can exercise “firm surveillance” but it cannot compel a country to change its exchange rate. Nor can it order commercial foreign exchange dealers to change the prices at which they trade currencies. It can offer economic advice and discuss how changes in countries’ exchange rates might be in their own interest. It can also provide a forum, such as its new multilateral consultation mechanism or discussion on the IMF executive board, where other countries can urge a country to change its exchange rate procedures. However, in the end, the authority to make the change resides with the country alone. >>>>>>>>>>>>> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ··· 2658.pdf PAGE 2

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] stargate–what you posted is correct—-however you stopped too soon—the imf does have the authority thru the coersion of having the ability to set a countries next s d r rate–so in essence—they do have the power
[stargate] OKIE_OIL_MAN They change the SPR rate according to their currency value, I don’t believe they do it the other way around.

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] stargate–imf determines the sdr rate by what a country owes instead of what they are worth (sounds kinda backwards don’t it?) so when a country goes to the world bank to secure loan it is best to have had friendly relations with the imf previously

[TONI1960] OKIE_OIL_MAN when do you think this puppy is going to pop
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] toni–i hope this week

[Uncle Mike] Well IMO the people that had the power to take the 3.22 rate from them should have the Power to give it back

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] uncle mike–there are much wisdom in what you said
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] maliki is in china to accompolish many things the least of which not being the construction contract for 2 million housing units that previously had been awarded to south korea and had been on an i o u basis that south korea backed out of
[janicemulvaney] OKIE_OIL_MAN thought the UST was bypassed?
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] janice-the authorization for our banks will be issued by the ust
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] gonna put the feed bag on–enjoyed yacking at you guys—cya


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