Okie chat - 07/19/2011 - Early Evening ON ANOTHER SITE

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Okie chat - 07/19/2011 - Early Evening ON ANOTHER SITE

Post by Rooster on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:00 pm

Okie chat - 07/19/2011 - Early Evening ON ANOTHER SITE

on GET Team

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tomc2485--since the us has 16% of the un voting power which controls the imf sort of--it takes 85% to pass anything--as you can see with 16% it makes it impossible to usurp the usa's wishes if it comes down to a vote

[sully2781] OKIE_OIL_MAN so how can imf force this rv through then is the usa is not on board?

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] watch what happens when our budget extension is agreed upon

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] sully---now your getting it

[lukester] OKIE_OIL_MAN Why would the US not be on board. With a multi-trillion dollar debt, I would think our gov wants this more than anyone. Please clarify why our gov would be holding this up. Thanks.

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lfrink--makes no difference--senate will not pass it

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lukester--beleive it or not--------power

[lukester] OKIE_OIL_MAN But still, the US gov benefits so much from having the RV happen. How can they possibly be against it. Does not make sense. Power or not.

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] lukester--there are certain individuals that thrive on power only----stalin----hitler----mussiline----tojo-----the man in the white house

[tobydinar] okie a history teacher with masters degree, know about the Marshall Plan and this plan--bottom line i understand what you are saying completely, how much longer can this thing go on?

[OKIE_OIL_MAN] tobydinar--not to ramadan--it will occur before that

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