I would like to Thank Larry for alloying us to display his "Beautiful Santa Fe Art"

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I would like to Thank Larry for alloying us to display his "Beautiful Santa Fe Art" Empty I would like to Thank Larry for alloying us to display his "Beautiful Santa Fe Art"

Post by American Beauty on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:56 am

As most of you know I grew up in New Mexico, and I can say without hesitation there is not another place in North America that compares to it. I grew up in a small town there, the only other state I had ever been to was Texas.

Being a small town girl I thought there had to be more beautiful and exciting things out there then what I would ever see in New Mexico. So as soon as I could I went to find them.

I mean Montana is called "Big Sky Country" so I thought it would have a more beautiful sky, but it didn't. So I went to California after all it's the "Sunshine State" but it's sunset's don't compare to New Mexico's. So I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, I thought it would be more beautiful then the Red Mesa's of New Mexico, I was wrong, it didn't take my breath away. I thought surly Niagara Falls would be more breath taking then anywhere in New Mexico. I thought there wasn't any place in New Mexico that would compare to it, I was wrong it didn't even come close to my favorite spot in New Mexico. There is a place in New Mexico where you can stand at the edge of a cliff and see White Sands, The Valley of the Fires, and the snow covered top of Sierra Blanca, and you turn around and watch a water fall flowing down from Sun Spot. I found Niagara Falls and Mt. Rushmore didn't even come close to that place in my heart.

I've crossed the United States, spent time in Mexico and Canada and not one place had the colors of New Mexico. New Mexico's sky is blue turquoise, when the snow is coming the sky turns a ominous gray and pink, and it turns silent. When the night sky is covered in an electric spider-web of lighting it will steal the breath right out of your chest. The colors in New Mexico's sunrises and sunsets are like no other place that I have ever seen. I wish I had appreciated more when I could instead of looking back and thinking I took it for granted.

I'm not cultured and art is not one of my strong points, but I would like to "Thank You" Larry, for sharing your beautiful Santa Fe Art with us, the colors and images bring back a lot of very warm memories I wish I hadn't forgotten over the years.



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