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Post by ToddS on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:47 pm

If you don't know our beloved member Larry AKA "Larrythebastige" you will......he is a character.........BUT........he is also an artist. In the coming days we will post paintings that Larry has painted......not only for your viewing pleasure but perhaps you would be interested in acquiring one ....or more....... of Larry's paintings. If you find that, in the future, to be the case simply PM Larry ......or visit with him in the Chatroom and discuss how you can reach him. This transaction has nothing to do with "Iraq Dinar Basics ™ it will be strictly between you and Larry, as we do not accept payment for anything at anytime directly to the we have no "PayPal" or any of that stuff associated with this site.

I will advise you now as to the unauthorized advertising of any kind on this site will not be tolerated ....... I ask you in other posts, and in this one, if anyone tries to sell you anything that I am not aware of .....please notify me immediately and I will deal with it swiftly.

We simply have a venue to display his artwork, and I am willing to help him, as I am quite fond of him and his art.

So, Check back in here in the coming days to see what it looks like.........if you like it say so......right now members are free to post in this forum....if you don't then keep it to yourself as everyone's taste varies, or I will remove member posting privileges in this section of the forum, as he is not looking for critics.

Thank you and I am looking forward to it,


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