The Truth about Dinar Forums!!!!!

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The Truth about Dinar Forums!!!!! Empty The Truth about Dinar Forums!!!!!

Post by American Beauty on Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:54 pm

I'm going to let everyone one in on a little secret that most site owners don't want members to know. No one has super secret INTEL! There are a lot of members that know people that are in Iraq, there are bankers on these sites, there are government employees on these sites, and I could go down the list. The best thing people have to go on is the news, true articles about what improvements Iraq is making!

Never believe someone that says my banker said they are on high alert or according to TK "Receive Mode" or Okie "I know really important people." AM "my CBI contact said the CBI knows he's leaking information but wants him to work with the members here to invest in Iraq" I'm pretty sure he would be out of a job, and in prison if he's lucky!!! ANY GURU saying it has to happen by this date, and this rate is making it up, by the way the more dinar members buy the more the Guru's make. "If the RV information got out it would destroy Iraq's economy and wipe out everything the world has invested in Iraq, so it can not get out."

We can watch and read and learn all we can, which we do on this site. I believe in this, but I'm not so arrogant to think I'm going to solve the riddle, because Iraq's a riddle in itself. I'll just cash in when it happens and we all find out. I do believe in learning all you can about what you put your money into.

The reason we started this site, is we saw what was happening to members that follow these site Gurus. There are hundreds that have lost their homes, cars, families etc, because they listen to Gurus. We had became friends with a lot of those members, and they were hurt because of some EGO Maniac telling them it's going to RV, and they would buy more dinar.

I have some questions I think members of all sites should ask themselves about what goes on at the GURU sites!!!

....So you sign up for a hidden section of the forum has it paid off or just cost money?

....Those "Off Shore Corps" they have some reoccurring fees I bet you weren't given time to think about if you wanted to pay for them if the RV didn't happen right away? You had to sign up right then and pay up!!!

....Your paying for text messages, how's that going? You received any news that we all don't already have in our forum? I bet if your phone service provider added $9.95 to your bill for text messages you would not be happy with them, would you?

....You listen to CC, do you know those people? Do you know if what they are telling you is the truth, what proof have they submitted?

They group together and prey on people that feel like they need to be told what is happening, when they could read for themselves. Worse they make members feel like they aren't getting the whole meaning behind the information. The truth is your interpretation is most likely just as good as the GURU's interpretation.

Member's read the news, if you have a question ask it, we will try to answer it to the best of our ability. We will not make stuff up, we only talk facts. You will never see a Donate Button on this site, or be asked to pay for anything to be here. There is no section in this forum with additional information that you get if you pay us. To be HONEST that makes me sick that anyone could charge members for information when so many need this RV to happen, and for a person to charge them is DISGUSTING!!!

I originally wrote this for another site Todd and I were co-owners of, I believe it was different, but as the months progressed the other owner turned out to be just a greedy as Adam Montana, SteveI, and Checkmate he started wanting to have advertising on the site, so the site would earn money. This is something Todd and I were greatly against. Site owners claim the sites cost money which is a total lie. This board is completely free and the forum host places Ads on it, but we do not receive Ad revenue as site owners. Anyone who makes the choice to own a "Dinar Site" also makes the choice if they are going to use and make money off the members or not. Todd and I do not wish to make money off members, the news on theses sites are free, all it takes is research, it's sad if a site owner wants to make money off of free news anyone can get. Some went as far as to tell members the least they could do was click on ads so they could make money. That is disgusting behavior period, members are not prisoners they should be able to come and go at will.
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